Make Working from Home a Success! 6 Simple Steps to Balance: Work: Health & Happiness

Balancing Steps for Working from Home
Make Working from Home a Success! 6 Simple Steps to Balance: Health: Happiness & Productivity

Working from Home!

6 Simple Steps to Balance Health & Happiness with Productivity

How to Make Working from Home a Success!

It is about “balancing, juggling”, “prioritizing”, “planning” and “structure”.

As the COVID-19 outbreak started approximately four years ago and continues in Australia. It placed many restrictions on lifestyle and daily habits. It dramatically changed everyday activities in just a few weeks.

Everyone was busy getting adjusted to a new normal. Just a day or so previous to these changes, many people were busy at the office trying to meet their deadlines, then the next day it was to turn on your laptop while still in your pyjamas. Then just to add interest to this new day, people who had children were now at home with needs and wants of their own. For many people over these four years, this has become the “norm” way of life.

If you are one of the many people who have been and are still facing some of the challenges that come from working from home. In this article I will help you to find a healthy, balance with these 6 Simple Steps.


Gaining perspective

“Working from Home” is equally, if not more, Challenging at times than heading off to the office. You are talking with someone who has done this for many years. I began working from home some 34 years ago, when I decided to study Naturopathic Medicine, bringing home my Massage and Beauty Therapy skills to commence my Business Natural Therapies clinic, combining my studies to provide a range of multi-disciplinary techniques to assist people in becoming well, ageing well to “Live the Best Quality Life”.

This was necessary for two reasons one to keep up with my already acquired Professional skills as a massage and beauty therapist, also to earn money to pay for my studies in Naturopathic Medicine. At the time I had two sons being 6 and 4 years old and had taken on full time studies in Naturopathic medicine and working two days a week with massage and beauty treatments.

After completing my studies in Naturopathic Medicine, I continued to work from home, adding Naturopathic consultations to the services I was providing. During the next 16 years, my practice grew, and I moved out into premises for the next 12 years. June 30th, 2018, I closed the doors of my clinic to continue what you now have the pleasure to engage with my online business.

The changes come with their own set of challenges, however, rising above these challenges is about learning how to be happy, productive and balanced with the changes. Fortunately, I continued to remind myself the importance of balancing the various elements of my life.

Balancing your Health, Happiness and Vitality is the Key to Living an Amazing Life

Balancing-Reality-Perception-Intuition - Being True to Yourself

6 Simple steps

To Balancing – Physical, Mental, Spiritual Health to achieve Happiness & Vitality


If you had a schedule that you worked to in your external office, then use this schedule can be applied to working from home, this will be helpful in remaining focused. However, if your work was flexible hours, then I would recommend you set a start and end time. To follow this strategically each day. By implementing this structure, you will avoid overworking yourself, balancing your mind and body by allowing time to relax. Working from home can be every bit, if not more productive than working in an office, by having a disciplined structure will help you to stay productive and focused.


It is important to schedule frequent mini breaks, taking yourself away from the computer to take a walk outside, breathe in the fresh air, maybe sit and meditate for a few minutes, go for a walk will help you to stay energized and will improve your intuitive powers when writing or implementing any material for change or direction.


One of the difficulties found when working from home, especially if you are living alone, is feeling lonely and often isolated from human conversation and contact. Stay connected to your work colleagues using video or phone calls and chats such as phone chats, set up WhatsApp groups this is great for these chats. Remember that everyone is going through the same anxiety and uncertainty that you are and will be glad to connect.


Something that can be a problem for some people when they come to work from home initially, is that you are in an enclosed space together with your spouse and as mentioned often with your children in this case of the (COVID-19). Many of you may not be set up to work from home and aren’t used of spending so much time together simultaneously.

Having this extended time together, then to be working can put a test on relationships, causing anxiety and tension. It is helpful then to make space in different areas in the home for each of you to carry on working, then having alone time with your spouse or partner, then of course to have time as a family together for meals, watching a family movie or playing board games.


Hygiene is an important part of your daily routine, more automatic when you are heading out or off to work. As you will get up, have your shower, preparing yourself for the day ahead. It has been echoing advice from the Department of Health to keep consistent with these habits, as it will help in preventing you getting the virus.

It can be easy to neglect this regular routine of hygiene when working from home as you may well been suffering from emotional imbalance and uneasiness, so you may well neglect having that shower and following your normal hygiene steps. This will make you more susceptible to getting the virus, not to mention that it will create further emotional imbalance. So, get up, have the shower.

You may not want to dress in the regular attire that you wear to the office, but put on a clean, nice pair of jeans, a top and shoes. This will help you to feel better, improving your state of mind and emotional balance that will in turn improve your immune system.

Aside from the personal hygiene steps. Also take time each day to clean your surroundings, bathroom, toilets, bench tops, phones, computer keyboards, doorknobs and switches. Simple methods of soap and water with some added tea tree or eucalyptus oil are enough for your house to remain well sanitized.


The COVID-19 situation is all over the news and social media. The unending stream of bad news, negative, toxic comments and constant updates will have a significant impact on your mental and emotional health. This will have detrimental effects to you creating a positive, harmonious environment within your home and family.

It is said that the ABC news is the most accurate, however, you still only need to keep updated with the latest updates, not the all-consuming opinions and conversations. Social media blocked or delete any negative comments and information. This will all be supportive in maintaining emotional balance, getting a good night’s sleep and eating properly.

The Corona Virus outbreak has changed the lives of each one of us, significantly, there are ways in which with Positive Changes –

  • Embracing and appreciating your family
  • Staying in Contact with Friends, extended Family by chatting on the phone, social media
  • Appreciating the Simple things in life – You still live in a country where you can feel confident that things will get better.
  • Self-Care – If nothing else the pandemic reinforces the importance of – Taking positive steps to caring for your Health with Fresh, Whole foods, Positive Thoughts and Love for Each Other.

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