Learn Why Self-Confidence Does Not Just Happen & How it is Built!

Self Confidence is Built Believing You Can

Learn Why Self-Confidence Does Not Just Happen & How it is Built!

Learn Why Self-Confidence Does Not Just Happen & How it is Built!

Beginning with Understanding the Life you want to Lead & Believing that you Can!

Let the Building begin by learning new skills, overcoming road blocks and challenges that help you to achieve your core desires and dreams each day. 

Being Confident is not something that happens naturally it is Built with the Life You Lead: The Decisions You make and most of all by Overcoming Your Challenging moments. The More Challenges you Overcome so Your Confidence Builds and the Harder it is to Go Backward.

A secret to building self -confidence begins with becoming interested in other people and sharing life events and challenges, learning that everyone has their challenging moments and moments when confidence can be depleted. The not only helps with your confidence, it also helps with building stronger, healthier, long term relationships.

Begin building your confidence in doing that next assignment, task or work commitment with the “Belief that You Can Do This”. 

Self Confidence is Built by Believing you Can!

Building Your Self Confidence Helps to Improve

  •  Relationships
  • Strengthens your abilities and talents as a Parent, Co Worker, Partner,
  • Friend, Husband/ Wife or as a Family member.
  • To recover from setbacks with less trauma and tragedy

Changing Labels – How You See Yourself

How you speak to yourself can either make or break your day. Change your self-talk for a Brighter & Happier Day

  • Remove Self Doubt & Criticism: When you criticize yourself or others this breaks down your inner spirit all that is good within you. Whereas praising yourself and others builds inner respect, self-confidence and self-esteem. Acknowledge and praise yourself for the good that you do and the accomplishments you achieve each step of the way no matter how small they may seem. It is with each small step that greatness is built.
  • Change your Self-Talk: Always to Remember whatever you tell yourself you are Right and your Brain will Believe. In order to improve your confidence isn’t better to tell yourself that you can do this rather, than you can’t.
  • Bring Positive Thoughts into the forefront of your Mind by seeing the positive in a situation, no matter how dim this may seem. As the saying goes there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even though the tunnel may seem a long way to go.
  • Changing your Body Language: No matter how you feel inside, wear clothes that give you a sense of confidence. For example: If you are going for a job interview wear a nice pair of trousers/pants/skirt with a blouse or shirt, polished shoes and have your hair clean and nice. If you are going to the gym, either shorts, track pants, t-shirt that are clean and in good maintenance. This will help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your surroundings and remember to have good posture, head held high and SMILE!
  • The Tone of your Voice: Communication is important have a strong, clear but gentle voice.
  • Listen and engage: Listening is a major key to understanding what is going on and in learning about other people. If you are unsure always ask questions. People are always keen to explain themselves or to talk about their interests. 
  • Now your head: Yes, your head will get you into trouble with building confidence and positive relationships, if you only engage from your head and not to bring things into perspective from your heart. An example: If you are going for an interview, talk about your passion toward the work and why you will love doing it.
  • Empathy: Most of the time the people whom you are engaging with are not thinking negative thoughts about you. They may well be nervous and just wanting to understand you better, to engage in your thought processes. So, come from a place where you can help them to feel comfortable, non-threatened by sharing similar experiences or if you have no idea, then say “I have no idea how that must feel, but it must have been  –  exciting, exhilarating, daunting, upsetting traumatic or devastating.
  • Allow your Personality to Shine: Again, this is about becoming more comfortable with yourself, appreciating your skills and what you have to bring to the table.
  • Ask questions: There will be times when conversation and engagement with people can be very difficult. Most of the time people love to talk about their family, their children their hobbies or their work. So, either to start or keep a conversation going asking questions about these areas can help. There will be people that no matter how hard you try, you just won’t be able to engage with them. In these scenarios it is important to just realize that you aren’t on the same page as this person. Gently, in a kind manner with confidence, find a reason to leave. For example: You have another commitment or appointment. You don’t have to explain.
  • Dreams and Goals: Never to lose sight of these to always ask yourself – What do I need to do to achieve these. Begin with understanding what is deep in your heart – your core desires.
  • Take Action: The Best way to build confidence is to do things. Take Action – Overcome something that you believe is really difficult for you. This builds up a repertoire in your brain so that each time something may seem difficult, it will go back to the time or times that you have overcome difficult things.
  • Ask Yourself Questions: As to how can this be done. Who can I ask for advice or support. Always to remember you aren’t alone. Everyone at one time or another has and will lack confidence. It is a normal part of the human being. Building is like building a house – One step at a time. 

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