“Why Can’t I Give Up Smoking?” 4 Keys to Take Back Control: Quit for Life

Why Can't I give up Smoking Not to be Robbed of an Amazing Life
"Why Can't I Give Up Smoking?" 4 Keys to Take Back Control: Quit for Life

“Why Can’t I Give Up Smoking?”

4 Keys Take Back Control: Quit for Life

Why Can’t I Give up Smoking  is an easy to read eBook that I wrote from the many years with supporting people that wanted to “Quit Smoking. I discovered throughout this experience that in order to fully support people in quitting permanently, that it was necessary to uncover the hidden elements that seemed to make this decision such a difficult one.

Writing the Book

When I was asked to write a book on the elements necessary to quit smoking,. I knew that, it wasn’t enough to just give people the reasons and steps to “Quit”. Because let’s face it that knowledge is well documented, researched and known. It was important that in order for people to become successful at “Quitting this Habit”, that I guide and support them, with understanding the hidden elements that make it such a difficult habit to quit.. This was the success element that enabled my clients to become Non-Smokers for the rest of their life. A decision that so many people have told me, was one of the “Best” decisions they had ever made. I know personally having been a “Smoker” in my early, years. That I “never have regretted the decision I made to Quit.

Struggles with Negative Addictions

Do you or do you know of someone who struggles with negative addictions. Then you will find this book very supportive in turning the corner and letting go of them. Empowering you to believe in yourself to build the life that you deserve eliminating habits that will sabotage your dreams.

I firmly believe that no-one wants to deliberately sabotage their health or their life. But can fall into the trap of feeling powerless to do what is needed to make the necessary changes.

I know that in the early days of my life my negative addiction was Smoking”. With a strong passion to live a healthy, happy life, I did not want to include anything that was going to sabotage that, so I had to somehow get my head around letting go of this habit that I knew would only lead to distress, unhappiness and ultimately to ill-health, disease and premature death. But more importantly would deplete my Quality of Life.

An Insight into “Why you Can’t I give up Smoking”

Whether smoking is your negative addiction, substance abuse or alcohol this book will give you a deep understanding of why you are continuing to sabotage yourself with these destructive habits. Giving you the necessary knowledge that will provide you with the support and structure as to how to let go of these destructive addictions.

You may well find this hard to believe but you do not have to be a genius or in any way super intelligent to Quit smoking. Whilst quitting smoking is actually a relatively simple process that anyone can manage to accomplish. It is about bringing yourself to make the decision, that to quit smoking and to stay free from smoking is as simple as telling yourself, that you are a non-smoker and never want to see another cigarette.

Quit Smoking  for Life by Understanding the Why

4 Keys to Take Back Control & Why you could be Struggling to give up Smoking?

1: It seems such a simple thing and yet you just can’t seem to get your head around it. If you want to quit smoking all you need to do is to never light up another cigarette and see yourself in the world of non-smokers. There you have it-a change of mindset for breaking away from one of the deadliest habits to ever to plague mankind. Nearly five- ten million people a year die from smoking related illnesses and disease. If that isn’t scary enough, it is the years of life previous to dying that it robs you.

2: Leading you to being the subject of an array of examinations and treatments for which there is no cure because the damage that smoking has inflicted upon your body. So many of you know the dangers and want to quit but don’t feel as if you know how to break away from what seems to be a complicated and powerful addiction. Letting you in on a secret the truth: It is not such a complicated addiction as you are led to believe. It may seem powerful but in actual fact is not.

3: Why wait until it is too late. I know there are a lot of people who continue to smoke until they come to suffer the disease that years of smoking has caused to their body. It is not so much that they couldn’t quit, it is more the lack of understanding of what they needed to do to quit and to stay a non-smoker for the rest of their life. A roadmap so to speak to get them off the treacherous path that smoking was taking them on. This happens because of a lack of knowledge and understanding of how simple it can be to make that decision and to stick to it.

4: It is OK to Quit. This is one area of your life that it is OK to quit. In fact it is a must if you want to have a healthy and vibrant life. I fully believe if you have downloaded this book that you are already there and committed to being and staying a non-smoker. You will hear this term right throughout the book so as to empower your decision each step of the way. I will also refer to other addictions as well because basically the principles are the same when it comes to making a decision that you want a life of health and vitality.

Throughout the Book I provide you with a series of thought processes, psychological responses and various issues that surround smoking. These come from both personal and professional experiences that I have encountered over 30 years or more. So, be relieved this is not a book on “How to Give up Smoking” or even “Telling You to Give up Smoking”.

It is a book to give you the understanding behind why you may or may have felt that you couldn’t give up smoking. It is composed to empower you with the necessary tools to join the world of the non-smokers. As you read through you will understand the very reasons behind why you smoke and why it is imperative that you quit and the very fact that you can.

I will bring forward to you the vision of how your life will change with the very decision to quit. As you spend time reading through the various segments there will be areas that touch on some aspect of smoking relevant to you.

Something will resonate or speak to you in the Book to help you make the decision to Quit. There will be a sentence or section that you are reading through that will cry out to you, giving you what you need to become and remain a non-smoker today. As you make it right through to the end of the book, you will have all the understanding with the necessary tools in place to support your commitment in becoming a non-smoker.

Gain a sense of Sanity & Take Control back in your Life To NEVER again want to Smoke another Cigarette
Decide to take the journey to become non-smoker!
Never to return to the world of smoking again

“End the Struggle & Dance with Life” 



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