Why Can’t I Become Well? 7 Steps to Changing your Health by Taking Charge of your Mind!

Achieve the Level of Health you Desire by Taking Charge of Your Mind
Why Can’t I Become Well? - 7 Steps to Changing your Health by Taking Charge of your Mind!

Why Can’t I Become Well?

7 Steps to Changing your Health by Taking Charge of your Mind!

Do Struggle at Times with making the changes necessary in regards to becoming healthy and well, asking yourself “Why can’t I become well”?  I don’t think anyone deliberately wants to be sick and live a life of ill health and disease.  However for many there seems to be a great difficulty when it comes to making the conscious decisions to make changes necessary that are going to support you in becoming well and improve your level of health. In this article I will help you in understanding the struggles, providing you with – Seven practical, easy to follow steps to changing your healthy by taking charge of your mind.

Beginning with Understanding your Conscious Mind

Your conscious mind, your thoughts occurring each and every minute of the day are fuelled by  your subconscious mind. These thoughts then are responsible for the actions, and understanding as to how you see the world and  how you see yourself. This is your recording studio of every event, activity or moment that has occurred within your life. It is the recording studio that programs your beliefs, thoughts and actions. So what is happening is that when you behave or do something in a certain way this comes through from your subconscious mind, your programming.

Changing your Thoughts to Achieve Positive Changes 

I know you must be thinking OMG, is there nothing I can do to be, think and feel better. The good news is yes there is, together we have just made the first step in recognizing where your behaviours, actions and thoughts are coming from. Of course these are not all bad, god forbid, that you have had no happy, positive or constructive experiences within your life to date.

The Power of Change Begins in your Mind
The Power of Positive Change begins by Understanding your Conscious and Subconscious mind. Click on Image to Learn more…..

7 Steps to by Taking Charge of your Mind!

  • First it is about Filtering: Here it is important to recognize the behaviours and actions that are not favoring you well. There are two ways of recognizing this firstly is the action or activity going to do you or someone else harm, pain or distress. The other way is your internal intuition, if it is something that is not going to favor you well, you will feel anxious with a deep pit in your stomach that is really your body saying NO!
  • Your Thought Processes: Often held deep in your subconscious is the thought process of that you are not worthy. Hence why you go ahead have another drink or smoke that cigarette. It is a lack of self-love a lack of belief that you deserve to feel well or happy. So a cycle begins whereby you continue to do things that even though you know that they aren’t right for you, why does it matter because no one cares about you. This thinking has come about by holding onto old hurts and pain. As a child you may well have suffered from continually being told that you were naughty, continually scolded or treated badly by your peers. Without the belief or understanding of how you could improve these things so as learn positive ways to behave or handle situations. So only having the scolding and maybe emotional or physical procedures, for some quite possible cruel, abusive ways of dealing with life. Then this becomes your truth within your subconscious.
  • Moving through life from Childhood, to being a Teenager to Adulthood.  There have been and continue to be situations that are not always positive. There will be times of grief, emotional pain, at times trauma and upset. These times often move throughout your life without having learnt positive ways of working through them and even to understand them.  This can often make it  difficult for you to understand your true self, your desires, dreams and aspirations of how you want your life to be. Making it difficult to set goals and therefore to reach them. Leaving you with the belief that things just won’t work out, or that you can’t do this, or that there is something wrong with you. Each one of you  have a different story, a different background. There are very few people, if any that have lived a perfect childhood protected totally and taught every aspect of coping as an adult. So you can breathe once again, you can have a successful life no matter what your background or your subconscious programming. It is recognizing where these unwanted thoughts, feelings and actions are coming from. Now to learn how to change them so that you can achieve the positive outcomes that your heart desires.
  • Overcoming Fear to Implement Changes: One of the aspects that is necessary to overcome, so as to assist you with learning and doing work needed to set these changes into place is – “Fear”. Fear of losing what you have or who you have in your life. Fear of what will happen if things don’t work out. In order to rise above this “Fear” it is important for you to visualize how you want things to be different. Now making a decision that nothing is going to stop you putting these changes into place. As they are vital for you to live a life of health, happiness, peace and vitality.
  • Activating your Subconscious: By implementing the previous steps you are fueling your subconscious with information that is going to serve you well.  So that your conscious mind is now activated into supporting new, positive ways of dealing with your life choices. Breaking free of these harmful habits, activities, sometimes people in your life that bring about a sense of uncertainty or even insecurity. By picturing a better story for you and your life. This will give you the mental ability to follow through with your changes.
  • What If I Decide that I Am Fine: Sometimes when the Fear creeps in you will go into a thought process of believing that you are fine just the way things are. That there are no changes needed to improve your health or your life. Sometimes it is possible to fall into a false sense of belief that some attention is better than no attention. So that whilst you are say unwell or not coping as well with life as you might like to. There is a sense of belonging, being cared for even loved because you are sick or not coping. This may well have been something carried forward into your adulthood from your childhood. When you were a child and was sick. You were treated special, even got special treats maybe. Once again in recognizing this you can move forward by beginning to care for yourself. Making the “Special Treats” things that are going to be good for you in the long term. It may be a Massage treatment, Facial, Bubble bath at home, cooking a meal yourself with lots of fresh produce. The trick here is not to fall back into your comfort zone because you feel a little agitated with making these changes. A suggestion here is to eliminate anything in your home or life that is unsafe, harmful or that you know will not serve you well. For example, those potato chips, chocolate, lollies, and cigarettes: Anything that you are likely to turn to for comfort. Instead fill your fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables. Easy snacks like Greek yogurt, nuts, even popcorn just the general popcorn that you can cook in a pot. Makes a great comfort food and is good for you. If you love chocolate then to make it a healthy treat, keep it to dark chocolate and good quality. Chocolate coated strawberries, oranges are a great choice.
  • Disease Programming: Yes I know this sound ludicrous, but believe it or not every day in every way you are programmed that during your lifetime you will more than likely acquire some dreaded disease. The only way to overcome this is to not watch television commercials, be selective what you read in newspapers and magazines. Anything that is likely to program your subconscious in believing that you are likely to acquire a disease do not read or listen to. By taking control of what you read, listen to, watch on TV or Social Media. Limit your time with television and social media. Programs such as reality shows are definitely detrimental to your psyche. Only engage with information that is positive, that is not leading to harm or that is going to be detrimental to you, your life or your relationships.
  • Taking these steps to change, refuel your subconscious mind with positive information that will serve you well, that is encouraging and empowering supporting you to eat well, become active and implement positive emotional responses to situations. That will take you in the right direction for a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality. Building positive relationships with the people in your life including YOU.
  • The Subconscious Mind can be Reprogrammed: Every single day your subconscious is being reprogrammed. In this article I am sharing with you about taking control of that programming. Implementing healthy, happier plus more positive ways to live and think. Believing that you are worthwhile and deserve a great life. This is the only way to bring about True changes into your life

 “Every day that you work on Improving Your Coping Mechanisms and Improving your Life – It all gets a  Little Easier with Each Step You Put into Place


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