What People Are Saying About Julie – How To Unleash Your Full Potential & Transform Your Life

Discover What People Are Saying About Julie - How to Transform your Health & Life. How her Memberships, Courses and Lessons provide a clear and trusted path to Transform your health and your life.

Discover What People are Saying about Julie

How her dedicated work, commitment and dedication, the development of this site with Memberships, Courses and Lessons, have been instrumental providing essential strategies for people to Transform their Health and Life.

Julie Doherty (Julieanne Doherty), a visionary pioneer and leading authority in men’s, women’s, children’s, and family health, focuses on interconnected aspects of achieving optimal health well-being. She begins by emphasizing the importance of building a brilliant mind—the foundation for physical health, emotional balance, intuition, and self-knowledge. Internationally recognized as one of the world health leaders for her empowering approach, Julie guides individuals in taking control of their health and life through carefully designed memberships and courses, enabling them to thrive at every stage of life.” 1

Julie Doherty has an impressive background, and her commitment to holistic health shines through her work. If you’d like to explore more about her teachings, consider checking out her course on “Building a Brilliant Mind: Foundation for Life,” where she shares evidence-based strategies for enhancing mental capacity and overall well-being 1Additionally, Julie is recognized as a world health leader in naturopathic medicine and has over 35 years of clinical experience 2. Her insights can truly transform lives!

How you can Learn from Julie’s Teachings

To learn from Julie Doherty’s teachings, you can explore her courses, books, and online resources. Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Online Courses and Resources:
    • Julie provides online courses and resources related to holistic health, nutrition, and natural treatments for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as prevention and recovery from illness and disease. You can find her official website, juliedoherty.net (Mastering Your Health), through any URL channel.
  2. Books and Publications:
  3. Social Media and Blogs:
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    • Where Julie shares health and lifestyle insights, guidance, and strategies that address everyday and serious health issues, which people have brought to her over the years seeking advice and actionable steps. Join Here to Start your journey of health and life transformation today!
  5. Connect with Her Community:
    • Unlock your full potential by joining the Membership of Choice or enrolling in one of her courses, which provide a trusted, path to follow.

Remember that Julie’s teachings are based on holistic approaches, to empower and provide you with strategies to take charge of your life and health. It’s essential to be open-minded and explore various aspects of health and how to live your best life. Enjoy your journey of learning! Thousands of people have implemented her strategies to make positive and successful changes in their lives.

Memberships: Online Courses and eBooks

Connect with Julie's Community and unlock your full potential, by joining the Membership of Choice or enrolling in one of her courses, which provide a trusted, path to follow.

Optimal Health the Key to Ageless Aging

Optimal Health the Key to Ageless Ageing

“Reading Julie’s book “Optimal Health the Key to Ageless Aging” has given me a balanced perspective on being a woman without all the hype. But simple, yet tried and true ways to Age well and stay looking good. Steps that I have found easy to put into place with my own life. Thank you, Julie,” (Cheryl)

Why Can’t I Give up Smoking?

Great Insight Overcome the Challenges of Quitting!
eBook - Why Can't I Give Up Smoking

Julie I am so glad that you wrote the eBook – “Why can’t I give up Smoking” you have explained the whole concept around the manipulation and deceit that surrounds keeping people into the negative realm of additive behaviours. I enjoyed the book it made giving up so easy. Thank you. In appreciation (Amelia) 

Eating to Live – Unlock the Power of Healthy Eating

eBook: Eating to Live

Eating to Live – Healthy Eating is Happy Eating

“What a great book, chock full of information. I love the recipes”. (Di)
“Love the Book, just helped to Clarify and Simplify the whole food thing”. (Lyn)
“Just what I needed to help me to implement healthy food for myself and my family”. (Zane)

Transform your Health and your Life. Your Fresh, Whole Food Guide & Recipes for Optimal health.

Transform Your Health, Transform Your Life – Learn and Embrace the Power of Fresh, Healthy Food to support Optimal Health, Prevent and Overcome Disease.

What People are Saying about Julie

You are a wonderful woman Julie and so deserve every joy that comes your way, as you’ve given so much of yourself to so many! Your kind grace and healing helped me, help my family in time of need and for that I am truly thankful. You are a great inspiration, all the best for a superb 70th birthday, live long dear lady. Love you 🤍💛 Julie Vee

“I felt a sense of loss when Julie left her clinic to embark on a journey—creating a platform where her knowledge and expertise could reach anyone, regardless of location. It was bittersweet because, as one of her many clients, I understood it was her way of saying goodbye. But true to her nature, Julie worked tirelessly over the past decade to establish this site. It not only continues to support her loyal clientele but also reaches people all around the world. Julie, thank you for your unwavering commitment to our health and well-being.” “Lee Johnson”

Julie has truly extended her knowledge and experience to people in an extraordinary way with her Memberships, courses and eBooks that I have found really capture the True essence of how to improve every area of life, so as to become and not just be well, but happy and vital. “Amelia Johnson”

Great Lady, Great Mentor, Great Friend and Great Coach. I love the work that Julie has provided with so much knowledge that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Thank you, Julie “Kristy White”

To anyone wanting to transform their health and in turn you will transform your life. “Julie helped me to restore my health and my life beginning with rebuilding a Foundation, I then went on to learn the Keys & the Tools that went on to help me make the Transformation to a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality” Lisa Stewart

Hello Julie

I have been taking the medicine you prescribed me, for three weeks, in only two weeks I have felt really great no dizziness or depression and anxiety Sheree Armon recommended you and I am so glad she did. Thank you, Julie “Sandra Ivy”

Hi Julie,
“I can’t thank you enough for your continued help and information after seeing you. You didn’t need to do this, but you have. I am so grateful for your continued support and easy to follow steps to gaining perspective on my health. You rock Julie”. “Rob

“After working with Julie, I feel on top of the world, I love the continual support this helps me to remained focused, especially with my hectic Lifestyle. Julie has an incredible way of communicating her knowledge.” “Sarah”

“Julie has a wonderful way of caring for you as an individual, whereby I felt very comfortable and confident to move forward with my Life.” “June Duncan”
“I would highly recommend Julie not only for her understanding, but also for her easy, clear and precise way of communicating.” “Mark”
“I’ve had a lot of therapists over the years, but believe me, Julie is the best one I have worked with” (Tricia)

“Julie herself is an amazing person for helping you to look at your life, while mapping out what you want and then putting the processes into place to move forward.” “Donna”
“I didn’t know very much about Naturopathic Medicine, but Julie explained her way of treatment and processes that made becoming well so easy. Now I feel great! (Linda)

Thank you for giving me back control: “I have tried many different avenues of Natural treatments, therapists and so on, but none made me feel like I had control of my health, but Julie did. It has taken some work with Julie, but now I not only feel great, I also have control of my life. Thank you, Julie “Jane Thompson”

“Julie’s warmth and understanding has been so beneficial to helping me with relationships with my family and friends” “Olive”

“I was seeking support when my wife passed away, I didn’t find regular counselling helpful at all, I saw Julie’s Cognitive counselling advertised.
“Wondering what this was, Julie explained it is about helping you work through your emotions and issues with life to move forward”. “Geoff”

“Julie also helped me to see how I use these challenges in a constructive way, also supported me through some not so good relationships to now I have a wonderful relationship.
This did not happen overnight it has taken 4 years; over this time, it was making incremental steps forward.” “Daniele”

“Julie has every skill a great therapist needs– the abilities to support, confront, persuade whilst challenging to not allowing you to deny the ability you have to making positive changes within your life.
“What is truly remarkable is that Julie doesn’t come across as a therapist, but as a person who has become a keen observer of what works in living life well.” “Sandra

” I have been a client of Julie’s for many years and later to become a great friend, if you were to ask me what I admire most about Julie is that she has this great ability to be incisive whilst remaining warm and caring”.: “Bob”

” I highly recommend Julie to anyone who is struggling with health issues, or just wants to get their life on track to be healthier, overcome challenges. Her knowledge and commitment are truly “amazing: “Susan”

“5 star Amazing! Julie took time and consideration to help me out. I felt welcomed! Will definitely be coming back!” “Kirra”

“What I have found truly Amazing with Julie over the years, is that she doesn’t only: Talk the Talk, but she Walks the Walk. So sincere and honest.” “Brenton”

“Julie has been an has been an enormous source of strength and insight for me both personally and professionally.” (Gavin)

“Both my Life, my family’s life has changed to be able to overcome our enormous grief and move forward to a wonderfully positive life” “Carola”

“Julie goes beyond the realms of a Naturopathic Practitioner, she is so much more embracing and encompassing life to the full. This is magnetic having this great influence on you as her client.” “Amanda”

“Without Julie, I feel positive that I wouldn’t have got on top of my issues, I didn’t think that I would be able to work. I am now working and enjoying a wonderful Life.” “Amy

Hi Julie,

“I have been reading through your blogs and inspirational guidance, basically saying: “Do it Now”, with much other support that I have found necessary and just wanted to say, thank you so very much for your dedication, guidance, wise words and continual support with dietary and lifestyle changes, health advice that you put into print for us on a regular basis. I do find it most valuable and easy to follow, my whole family are benefiting for which I am so grateful. I refer to it all on a regular basis and am truly most grateful for your honest, candid approach.  Truly Grateful” “Mary”

Professional Recommendations

“Julie’s naturopathic care is first rate. I would highly recommend Julie’s services for both therapeutic and relaxation.” (Andrew Worrall Business Development at Maxima Group Inc)

“A highly skilled, kind & caring Naturopath with a strong focus on holistic healing techniques, Julie’s dedication to her work will help you gain the required physical & mental wellbeing you are seeking. (David Johnson)

Julie has a passion and dedication to her clients and respect for her Profession that I truly admire. I can highly recommend Julie.” (Ilona Solinska – Business Adviser, Educator and Presenter)

“Julie has been looking after me and my family health and wellbeing for years, I am the healthiest I have been for years. (Uwe Kruger)

I recommend her skin care range as my daughter and myself both have sensitive skin but have no problem with these products as they are made to suit your needs. Both our skin and face are looking great.

Julie and her staff are all very friendly with great knowledge to help in all health care needs.” (Susan Worrall – Maxima Employment Services)

“Julie is a sincere, dedicated and highly qualified Naturopath with a holistic perspective and focus on both the individual and the big picture. (Ben Richards)

Julie is highly regarded by peers and customers alike and has given national presentations on various topics in her field. (Marlene Morris)

Her services would be beneficial not only for individuals but also organisations wishing to be proactive in fostering employee wellbeing” (Peter Schwarz – Project Officer at SA Health)

The International Association of Health Care Professionals Recognizes

Julie as a Doctor of Excellence in Naturopathic Medicine and a Life Long Diamond Member of The Leading Physicians of the World

Stanford Who’s Who – Julie has also been recognized as a Lifelong member to Stanford who’s who for a Woman making an enormous contribution and difference with supporting people with successfully making healthy and positive changes