What is Therapy? – Do I need it? 5 Keys Getting Perspective on Life: A Sign of Strength

What is Therapy? Helps to Build Clarity of Mind and Emotional Balance

What is Therapy? - Do I need it? 5 Keys Getting Perspective on Life is a Sign of Strength

A Question on many people’s minds is –
What is Therapy? And Do I need it?

Therapy helps you in Getting Perspective on Life!


Life has many twists and turns from childhood experiences right through to your adult years and beyond. Personally, I have found that during my 45 years, plus as an adult, I have engaged in many different types of therapy that I will explain further in this article, to bring balance, understanding, clarity to my thinking and emotional balance. This has helped me in understanding, following and staying committed to my core desires, my dreams.

Therapy for many people seems to bear a resemblance of weakness with one’s character or personality. Many a famous person have engaged in various forms of therapy throughout their lifetime. Once again to help them to remain balanced, grounded enabling them to follow their desires and dreams.

Engaging in therapy is a sign of strength, admitting that you don’t have all the answers, life isn’t perfect and you have a strong desire to succeed not just at a physical level, but emotionally and spiritually.

To Rise above the stigma of the word “Therapy” it is now being referred to as Life Coaching.

Why Choose to have Therapy?

There are many reasons people choose to have therapy it can be just simply they feel that they aren’t coping with a situation. loss of a loved one. Or it can be that they feel “stuck” that there is a blockage or something ‘Stopping” them from achieving their dreams or goals. Or something more serious and debilitating, depleting them of being the person they want to be and living life they way in which they would like.

Therapy is About!

  1. Getting Perspective about Your Life,  What You want to Achieve & How you want to BE!!!
  2. Clarity: Over the years, I have helped thousands of people work through Step by Step any underlying emotional upsets or deep seated trauma bring clarity and understanding as to where and how these have caused blockages, emotional unbalance to where this has stemmed from. To bring those experiences to a level of being able to let go these past experiences, to looking at what it is now that they would like to be different. Going about changing thought processes to positive, empowering ones that will support how and what you want to be different with you and your life. 
  3. Exposing your Inner Core: Being able to express what is in your very inner core, without prejudice is what is significant for bringing about positive changes.
  4. Family and Friends:  Will often distance themselves, when you are continually talking about your problems and issues. Especially if you don’t seem to be finding a solution. By engaging with therapy outside the family is often beneficial in mending family relationships and issues that have stemmed from your own issues. Once you begin to work through your issues this makes it much easier with re-building, building positive relationships with family and friends. Choosing external support to work through your problems, concerns and issues will be beneficial for you in preserving your valued relationships and building new ones by receiving non-biased support. It’s interesting as well, because a family member might suggest something that you will ignore, but when a stranger suggests the same thing, you will often take notice.
  5. Positive Outcomes: The therapy you choose will be positive for you and your loved ones because you will be working  through these problems and issues without involving them in your innermost feelings that at present you may want to keep close to you, but feel the need to share them with someone to bring about balance.

How Therapy Supports and Speeds up your Success 

The most important thing is that you are able to openly discuss your concerns, fears and insecurities that may well be a huge roadblock to your moving in the right direction with your success.

A great example to this is that you may well have this great goal to say eat healthier and each time you start, you go well, feel better then all of a sudden go back to eating badly. Why might this be, because somewhere in the back of your subconscious there is a little voice saying that this isn’t going to make any difference? So that until you actually speak with an impartial person such as a therapist, counsellor or coach and they ask you a series of questions, this will unfold and you will be able to change that subconscious thought.

There are times throughout your Life that you seem to have Blockages or Times when you seem to hit a brick wall not being able to put the things in place that you want. This could be due to an emotional cause or base to why you can’t seem to move forward. This is where therapy can be very helpful, talking out your concerns with someone who is not emotionally involved but able to help you to bring perspective to what is happening.

These blockages may well be within your subconscious having been things you experienced as a child. It is important for therapy to be successful is that you are Honest: Have a clear picture of how you want things to be different or how you want to be different, what is holding you back and to not go into the “Blame” mode, but into a mode “That you are Taking Charge.”

Some of the events that can be the base of these blockages are:

  • Divorce
  • Neglect by a caregiver
  • Abuse – physical, mental, sexual abuse, verbal abuse
  • Death of a parent or sibling
  • Addictive care giver
  • Abandonment
  • Emotionally disconnected parent(s)
  • Bullying
  • Negative reinforcement from person of authority
  • Volatile/unsafe/unstable environment
  • Extreme poverty
  • Parent(s) with mental health issues
  • Traumatic or violent attack

It is unfortunate but for most people will experience at least two to three if not more of the events mentioned in a lifetime.  You may have experienced some of these and at the time, coped quite well. Then out of the blue something will occur that will trigger a subconscious memory tucked away cause unbalance in the way of despair.

Do you need Therapy?

I am not going to answer this question for you as the decision is yours. As I mentioned over the years I have utilized many different areas of therapy, with an understanding the importance of Building my Mind, my Emotional Resilience and to bring Clarity of who I am and enabling me to follow through with how I wanted to be as a person and how I wanted my life to be. Not to allow distress, trauma and difficult times to steer me away, but to build an inner strength, knowing I can cope and I will rise above whatever life experiences I encounter.

Types of Therapy!

There are a myriad of different types of therapy that have been and are still used today. The most successful model has been that of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a form of therapy used to treat all forms of mental and emotional health disturbances.

The main focus of Cognitive Therapy entails supporting you in getting a clear picture and understanding of how you are thinking, behaving, and communicating, both with yourself and others. I have embraced and expanded this into supporting people with Building a Brilliant Mind, Overcome Health Problems, Change Negative Habits to Bringing Happiness, Fulfilment and Success into their Lives.

I found in my early years of practice if I was going to provide the best support for my clients return to health, that this began with understanding the barriers, blockages and underlying cause of their health problem.

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