What an Awesome Day when you Realize Your Parents are Human – 3 Keys to Reconnecting & Restoring Healthy Relationships

Embracing One Another's Differences Is the Key to Happy Families
What an Awesome Day when you Realize Your Parents are Human - 3 Keys to Reconnecting & Restoring Healthy Relationships

What an Awesome Day when you Realize Your Parents are Human 

3 Keys to Reconnecting & Restoring Healthy Relationships

No matter whether you have the best parents in the world or the worst. They are your parents. You can learn as much from their differences, in fact more than you can with the things that you have in common. Building a Positive Relationship with your parents is vital for a Happy, Healthy and Balanced Life.

The Breakdown of Families Saddens me: Hence why I would like to bring some light to the repair and reconnection to families. The parenting of children does not end once they become adults, you are still the parent with all the love and memories that you shared throughout their childhood.

Throughout the years a major part of my work has been supporting people to reconnect with family members. Seeing both sides of parents and children becoming disconnected. Good people missing out on sharing each other’s lives together.

This article highlights some simple suggestions that you can use in – Bridging the Gap: – Reconnecting with Parents & Adult Children

3 Keys to Reconnecting and Restoring Healthy Relationships

Building a Healthy Relationship with your parents and family
Is two way Relationship understanding & supporting one another when possible whilst respecting one another’s differences & decisions

If you are looking to reconnect with your parents or parents looking to reconnect with your children, then you have come to the right place. There is a phase that as children, moving through teenage years to Adult years can become quite difficult.

Depending on each individual person will depend on the length of this time. A couple of significant things that I learnt when going through this phase with my children was to always look for something positive, no matter how slight it might be and to –




During this difficult phase it is easy for children to become quite agitated, annoyed and even angry with parents. Attempting to find fault wherever possible with their role they have played as parents.

2: Understanding a Sense of Normality

There is a sense of normality, to push you out of the parental nest so to Speak. As you and I are meant to go out there and build a life that you can call your own. But not as a meaning of disconnectedness but to embrace your own individuality and path. Make your mistakes and learn from them along the way. From both my experience as a parent and of a practitioner the majority of parents love their children deeply and just working on doing their best.

There is a release of your responsibility to your children for their behaviours and outcomes to cease once your child turns 18.

However, for the majority of each of us as parents  still feel terribly responsible. This comes about from pressure from society and the fact that in Western society there is not significant tradition or ritual to make this a clear cut process.

During this transition stage it is important that the maturing adult child looks upon their childhood years as a foundation as to how they want to build their life. There will be areas of those years that you will want to embrace and their will be areas that you want to be different. It is about moving forward to make decisions for yourself as now the maturing adult child with acceptance that you will make mistakes that you will learn and grow from these being your very own consequences. Not to impart blame onto one another.

Learning to love your parents as you become adults needs to be nurtured and found with the realization that they are Human: People just like you. To make No judgement but to just love for them being your parents and bringing you into the world. Now to go out and build your life one step at a time.

Families Connecting for a Happier and Healthier Life

3: Connecting with your Parents!

My parents have both passed now, like most people: They definitely weren’t the Worst Parents and were they the Best Parents (if there is any such thing). I have come to realize that they were the Best Parents for me. The importance here was the realization, that they were my parents and they did their BEST. And it was up to me to build from this.

After listening and speaking with thousands of people over the years regarding this delicate subject. For Better or Worse, your parents, are your parents and you are born to them for a reason. The reasons unfold as does your life. Fortunately,

I never cut myself off from my parents and I am so glad that I didn’t because throughout the years I grew to know them, not always to understand them. But to know them and have a relationship with them. So that when they passed I felt grateful and comfortable within myself.

Realizing that I had become a very Strong and Independent Woman whom they could be very proud of. Did they do an Awesome Job of raising me or Did I do an Awesome job of Learning from Life’s experiences? I think a bit of both. 

Life’s experiences come in all the various areas within your life, it is learning, adapting, understanding that life isn’t perfect, people aren’t perfect (None of us).

It is all about how the Journey of life is shared together!


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Love is Embracing One Another's Differences

“Love one another: Not Because of Your Similarities
But because of your Differences”
Build Love, Warmth, Compassion & Most of All Forgiveness


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