Vitamins Vs Painkillers – Natural Treatments & What you can do for Common Pain Problems

Vitamins Vs Painkiller Medication - Pain Killer medication causes harm Vitamins help restore

Vitamins Vs Painkillers - Natural Treatments & What you can do for Common Pain Problems

Vitamins vs Painkillers: What are the Best Natural Treatments for Treating Common Pain Problems

 What the most important thing in the treatment of pain is to discover the Primary Or Underlying cause of the Pain. This is of vital importance when it comes to long term pain prevention, repair and restoration of your physical health. Having treated a great many people over the years suffering all various types of pain, my primary concern has always been to discover the underlying cause of the pain. This article discusses the intricacies of the adaptive response to pain and how you be best relieve the pain and prevent further problems or complications.

The Function of Pain

Pain sends a signal that your body letting it know that it needs protection and healing. However, if the physiological changes triggered by it persists, harm will ensue, and acute pain may become chronic, so pain must be taken with the intent that it is given that your body is crying out for help to support the healing process. The mechanisms through which pain interacts with the body provide health professionals with support with the what can be the underlying cause or causes of the pain. 

Underlying Causes:

Physical – overuse, overexertion of body part, poor posture or an accident. Pain, that is caused by a physically harmful or destructive incident or stimulus, is a stressor that can threaten homoeostasis. The body’s adaptive response to pain involves physiological changes, which are useful and potentially life-saving in the initial stages. If the adaptive response persists, harmful and life-threatening effects may ensue. Pain is harmful and can be destructive making it a powerful protective force: indeed the inability to feel pain is associated with a shortened life expectancy (Shin et al, 2016). After an injury, pain encourages you to adopt behaviors that help the healing process; for example, resting the painful part of the body. 

Initial Treatments of Common Pain Problems

If you have sustained an injury or an accident pain will be inevitable. Remembering that it is the communication system to your body.
The first thing to do if you have had an accident or injury is to STOP! Whatever it is you are doing and get immediate first aid assistance until definitive medical treatment can be accessed, or until the illness or injury is fully dealt with. .

Depending on the extent of the accident or injury then further Professional Health medical investigation needs to take place to ensure full extent of injury. Pain killers during this time will blocked the pain allowing your body to rest and begin to recover from the initial shock or trauma.
Vitamins such as curcumin otherwise known as turmeric is a wonderful antioxidant and will help as will vitamin C supplements.

Vitamins are safer when it comes to long term treatment. Once the Painkiller medication has subsided the pain to a bearable level, then begin with the natural forms of treatments such as your Curcumin, vitamin C and if there is a degree of nerve pain chamomile, Passiflora or lavender is helpful.  If the pain continues to be there every morning, every night and throughout the day this is a strong indication that something more serious is wrong and needs to be investigated further by a Health Care Professional. 

If you have been dealing with the pain using medications like ibuprofen, there is a strong warning that –

“If you take it three or more times a week, that’s a danger sign on two fronts,” he says. “Not only does it indicate you need further investigation into the cause, the use of repeated ibuprofen destroys the stomach lining and puts pressure on the liver as well.

Self Help Common Pain

Overcoming Migraines Naturally
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Headaches or Migraines if these are suffered from on a regular basis, then it is important to seek once again Professional help. A major cause of headaches is dehydration not drinking enough water, inadequate nutrition, excess alcohol consumption or drinking of caffeinated drinks also an overload of highly processed foods with high sugar content.

Overcoming Neck & Shoulder Pain - Causes & Self-help strategies
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Neck and Shoulder pain symptoms are often associated with headaches and migraines. These can occur from stress either physical, emotional or long term eating of harmful foods.

Muscle & Joint Pain - Uric Acid Build up
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Arthritic and Joint pain – can be prevented and well managed by becoming mindful of our diet – and also engaging in regular exercise each day.

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