Unlock Over 85 Exclusive Health & Lifestyle Guides to Live your Best Life!

Unlock Over 85 Exclusive Health & Lifestyle Guides to Live your Best Life!

Unlock Over 85 Exclusive Health Guides to Live your Best Life

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My mission is to empower you with Professional, Evidence-based Knowledge for living your Best and Healthiest Life.

I present to you a comprehensive series that delves into eight key areas of life, encompassing Health Insights across over 85 topics. These insights serve as a guide, empowering you to overcome health and life challenges without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. As you explore these strategies, they will empower you to take control of your health and well-being. Remember: a healthy life leads to a happy life. Achieving and maintaining optimal health is a daily journey of discovery.

Living your Best Life Possible - Is Making Positive Decisions about your Health & Well Being

1: Empowering Lessons to Cultivate a Healthy: Happy Body & Mind!

  1.  Bringing Back the Joy in Your Life – No Matter What Stage or Age – 9 Easy Steps 
  2. How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep: 8 Steps to Improve Your Sleep for Optimal Health
  3. The Dangers of Refined Carbohydrates & What you Can Do!
  4. How Sugar Harms Your Body & Mind! 6 Harmful Effects & How to Reduce them!
  5. The Secrets Behind Good & Bad Fats – Eliminating the Confusion 4 Simple Exchanges
  6. 9 Important Facts about Harmful effects of Processed Foods – The Good & The Bad
  7. How to Lose Weight Easily by Eating “Catabolic Foods” & Improve Gut Microbiome!
  8. Coping & Overcoming Anxiety& Panic Attacks with these Techniques
  9. 3 Easy Steps to Begin Getting Your Head into the Right Space & Developing a Beautiful Mind
  10. Dementia & Alzheimers: Prevention: Natural Treatments & Supportive Care

2: The Power of your Thoughts:

Change your Day & Ultimately your Life

Change your Thoughts: Change your Day Making each day a little Brighter

  1. Restore the Love in your Heart with the Power of your Mind
  2. How to Overcome Negative Thought Patterns: 5 Steps for a Healthier & Happier Life!
  3. Restoring Focus, Emotional Balance, Strength & Emotional Resilience
  4. Enjoy Growing Older: Ageing Well with Dignity, Grace & Quality of Life!
  5. 5 Steps to Nurture & Empower yourself with Positive Self-Caring Thoughts!
  6. 4 Easy Steps to Improve Cognitive Brain Function: Memory & Brain Performance!

3: Family and Children’s Health for a Happy Life

Healthy Families are Happy Families
  1. 3 Steps to Healthier Food Choices! To achieve Optimal Health: Energy & Vitality
  2. Are You Allergic to Dairy? 11 Signs & Symptoms – Learn How to Go Dairy Free!
  3. Dealing with Difficult Behaviour in Children: In Positive & Constructive Ways!
  4. Discover 13 Helpful Steps To Raising Healthy, Happy Children
  5. Keeping Your Relationship Alive After Baby Has Arrived
  6. The Ultimate Guide to a Win/Win Relationship

4: Empowering Health Insights Toolbox:

Providing Evidence-Based Guidance to Prevent or Overcome Ill-Health & Disease

Using Food as Your Foundational Medicine

Health Insights Toolbox to Prevent or Overcome Disease to Live a Regain a Healthy & Happy Life

  1. Don’t Be a Statistic to Cancer:  16 Vital Steps to Preventing & Overcoming Cancer
  2.  Intermittent Fasting Improves your Fight Against Cancer
  3. The Revolutionary War Against Cancer Begins in Your Kitchen!
  4. How to Fight Liver & Lung Cancer by Using Food as Your Medicine!
  5. Food your True Medicine! Prioritizing Nutrition for Prevention & Fight Against Cancer!
  6. Benefits of Ginger 10,000 x More Powerful Than Chemo
  7. Why Vitamin C is Cancer’s Worst Enemy! 3 Powerful Reasons for its Success!
  8. Why Hypertension is a Symptom: Not a Disease!
  9. Are You at Risk of a Heart Attack? Discover 7 Risk Factors & How to Restore a Healthy Heart!
  10. Reduce your Risk of Stroke, Heart Attack & Blood Clots
  11. Living the Best Life Possible with Heart Disease
  12. 7 Easy Ways to Reduce Cholesterol “Naturally” The Way to a Healthy Heart
  13. The Key to Healthy Detoxification & Cholesterol! 19 Ways to Healthy Liver & Kidneys 
  14. How To Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally: Causes: Prevention & 5 Effective Self-Help Solutions
  15. How to Dissolve Gallstones Naturally in 3 Days: Safer & More Effective than Surgery!
  16. Risks Associated with Statin Medication: Could be doing “More Harm than Good”!
  17. 12 Risk Factors Edema: Fluid Retention: How to Restore a Healthy Heart & Immune Function!
  18. Elevated Cholesterol – 12 Foods to Reduce Cholesterol! Improving Liver & Thyroid Health
  19. The Truth about Your Thyroid: Thyroid Dysfunction Causes & Natural Treatments
  20. Diverticulitis the Hidden Truth & 15 Steps to Become Well
  21. What is Thrombocytopenia?  Low Platelet Count! 7 Steps to Regain a Healthy Count!
  22. Vitamins Vs Painkillers – Natural Treatments & What you can do for Common Pain Problems
  23. Coping with Fibromyalgia: 12 Steps to Achieve Long Term Relief “Naturally”
  24. Understanding Ankylosing Spondylitis: 7 Steps How To Relieve & Master Pain “Naturally”
  25. Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis: 4 Effective Ways How to Prevent & Restore Quality of Life!
  26. How to Relieve Joint & Muscle Pain: Discover the Causes and 4 Effective Remedies
  27. What Is Polymyalgia Rheumatica? 6 Surprising Dietary & Lifestyle Changes to Alleviate Pain
  28. How to Treat & Prevent Muscle Cramps “Naturally”- 5 Easy Steps for Muscular Health
  29. Learn How to Treat Systemic Lupus “Naturally” 13 Signs & Symptoms
  30. Kick Starting your Weight loss Again! 6 Easy Steps
  31. Unlocking the Healing Powers of Herbal Medicine
  32. Homoeopathy! How it Works & 5 Major Benefits for Restoring Health & Healing! 

5: Strong Women: Strong Minds – To Live a Healthy & Balanced Life

Love the Woman you are to Become the Woman you Want to Be!

  1. Love the Woman You Are! 2 Major Steps to Become the Woman, you Want to Be!
  2. 5 Known Causes of PCOS: Your Ultimate Guide to Reverse Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Naturally!
  3. 4 Steps to Balance your Hormones – Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar!
  4. How to Manage Gestational Diabetes Beginning with 4 Healthy Food Choices
  5. Detection of Breast Cancer: Safer Diagnostic Methods: 6 Steps Breast Self-Exam!
  6. 11 Steps to Prevent Breast Cancer & How to have Healthy Breasts!
  7. Acupressure Points – 11 Important Points to Improve Fertility in Women
  8. 4 Key Steps to Enhance Fertility Naturally – Enjoy a Healthier Pregnancy & Healthier Baby!
  9. Are you Getting Adequate Folic acid (folate)- Pre Natal & Pregnancy
  10. Breastfeeding & Beyond Pregnancy: 5 Steps to Healthy Eating & a Healthy Life!
  11. 8 Signs: Symptoms & Solutions of Oestrogen-Estrogen Dominance in Women?
  12. Happy Hormones “Naturally” – Using Traditional Herbal Medicine & Diet!
  13. A Secret to Ageless Ageing is Hydration! Simple Secrets to help your Skin to Age Well
  14. Discover Alternatives to Hysterectomies! 3 steps How to Restore Health “Naturally”
  15. Are You at Risk? Endometriosis – Complete Guide 8 Causes: How To Prevent & Treat “Naturally”

6: Men’s Health: Men’s Minds for a Optimal Healthy Life

Build a Life of Optimal Health Not just for Today! But for your Tomorrows.
  1. Life After Trauma or Crisis! 10 Guiding Steps How to help Someone Recover & Restore their Life!
  2. Estrogen/Oestrogen Dominance in Men: 8 Signs: Symptoms & Reversing the Condition!
  3. A Man’s Fertility Eating Plan: 2 Key Insights Healthy Eating for Fertility & Beyond!                
  4. 5 Steps to Healthy Prostate: Positive Dietary Changes – Prevention & Recovery of Cancer!

7: Ageless Ageing: Balancing Mind & Body: Living a Positive Life

Ageless Ageing - Bringing Peace, Happiness, Harmony, Balance and Vitality to a Life Well Lived.

  1. Learn How Massage Helps to Heal Depression – 5 Easy & Effective Steps to Self-Care!
  2. How to Heal from Depression without Medication 7 Steps to Restore Mental & Emotional Health!
  3. Start Dancing with Life Again! 11 Secrets to Self-Care & Self-Love
  4. What Happens When You Hit Rock Bottom? 8 Steps How to Transform A Brighter Future!
  5. Understanding Adrenal Fatigue! 5 Easy Steps to Restore & Renew Energy
  6. Discover Easy Steps – How to Restore Health after Loss, Grief, Trauma & Tragedy!
  7. A Practical Guide to Healthier Food Choices for Optimal Health, Energy and Vitality!
  8. A Comprehensive Guide to Healing Depression! Understanding the Hidden Symptoms & Causes
  9. Restore and Reignite your Passion: 4 Essential Keys you need to know!
  10. Creating Healthy Boundaries for Optimal Health! How this benefits Positive Relationships
  11. Learn How to Move from Toxic Relationships. Understanding the Difference between a Toxic vs Negative Relationship
  12. Life After Trauma or Crisis! 10 Guiding Steps How to help Someone Recover & Restore their Life!

You’ve reached the conclusion of the Living Your Best Life Series—

There’s more to discover!

Taking Charge of your Health is the First Step to Taking Charge of your Life

Remember: Prioritizing your Health

Is Crucial for Empowering Independant Living!

A major step to taking charge and prioritizing your health and wellbeing, involves securing private health insurance, which ensures access to the best health care, choice of specialists should you become ill. Beyond safeguarding your physical health, it provides you control, not only for your health, but for your life.

Proactively managing your health, leads to improved health outcomes, whether you’re dealing with acute illnesses or managing chronic health conditions. Most importantly, it empowers you to advocate for you own needs, conduct thorough research, and explore all available options. Ultimately, this informed decision making contributes to obtaining, maintaining your health, recovery and improving your overall quality of life.

Remember, your health is your greatest asset, and making positive changes to your life and habits, informed choices will have a positive impact for your future health and well-being!

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