Transformation of your Health & your Life Starts Here with these 3 Steps!

Transformation of your Health & your Life Starts Here with these 3 Steps!

Transformation of your Health & your Life Starts Here with these 3 Steps!

Transformational Membership is your Master Membership that will provide you with more in-depth Guidance, Understanding and Support to either continue on from our Community and Founding Memberships. Furthering your knowledge to enable, equip and empower you to Building your Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality.

To Build, Maintain  and Master a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness And Vitality is A Pretty Tough Job. But it is much Tougher if you do not have Someone To Trust and a Guided path to follow. 

I have designed the Transformational Membership with Courses and Lessons that will further enable you to “Take Charge” of your Health and Ultimately your Life.

Three Key Steps

1: Building your Foundation: if you have come from Community or Founding Membership, you may have already commenced this process. This will now be extended in your Transformational Membership to Learning –

  • How to get a clear picture of your Core Desires. Identifying what Life Balance means for you.
  • Developing Clarity of mind to build positive outcomes
  • How Reprogram your mind to support your Dreams. Essentials for Building Clarity of mind
  • How to Identify, Recognize and Overcome your Fears to prevent Blockages
  • Changing your Perception. Transforming your perception to see a better life.

2: Key Steps to Making Positive Changes: Understanding the keys necessary for positive change.

  • Flexibility the Key Element to Successful Change.
  • 7 Steps to Learning how to develop flexibility without losing site of your core desires, dreams and goals
  • Changing habits to bring about positive change
  • Successful Steps to Changing Habits           
  • Learning the 5 Elements to Successful Change
  • Your Change Toolbox: Highlighting the Key Elements to Personal Change

3: Taking Charge: One of the most difficult elements that has led me to creating these memberships is in supporting people to move past the vulnerability that lies ahead when you do not “Take Charge” of your health. No-one can support your return to health, if you have not supported your own health throughout your life. I have seen people whom have abused their health throughout their lives come to the crossroad, where they lose total quality of life and any specialists ability to support them in becoming well again.

Taking Charge is about learning how:

  • Overcoming Challenges to achieve long term results in positive and constructive ways.
  • Getting Specific about options to becoming well
  • Building Self-confidence and self-esteem to stand up for what is Right for You
  • Key Elements to Preventing or Overcoming Disease

In in essence, Transformational Membership is a Training Ground for people wanting to Build Happier, Healthier Balanced Lives. To have a clear understanding as to how your body functions, how to best support your body to function optimally to prevent or overcome disease. To have a clear picture of how healthy nutrition works, the food to eat, the food not to eat, how movement and exercise supports your body and your mind.

The power of your mind when it comes to either making positive changes or remaining in negative destructive habits. Most importantly how to move away into a positive lifestyle. It is designed to Bring Clarity and Guidance to the “Delicate Balance between the Thoughts you Think, the Food you Eat and the Lifestyle choices you make”. Each day you are giving the opportunity to either make a choice or decision that will either be of benefit to you or of detriment. To help with making these conscious decisions begin with the end in mind, does it fit with your core desires, values, and dreams.

Do Not Wait until it is Too Late to make your Health and your Life Better

Transformational Mastery Membership