Transformation of your Health & your Life Starts with 7 Key Areas!

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Transformation of your Health & your Life Starts with 7 Key Areas!

Transformational Membership is your Master Membership that will provide you with more in-depth Guidance, Understanding and Support to Take you Beyond the Way you and Feel Right Now!

To Build, Maintain  and Master a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness And Vitality is A Pretty Tough Job. But it is much Tougher if you do not have Someone To Trust and a Guided path to follow. 

Transform your Health with these 7 Areas of Transformation

The Transformational Membership is Designed to guide and support you to “Take Charge” of your Health and Ultimately your Life

Learning the 7 Areas of Transformation

  1. Building & Maintaining a Strong Core Desire: Your Core Desire is the driving force that propels you to achieve your goals, to put in the hard yards and make the necessary changes.
  1. Changing your Perspective [Transformative Learning] Transformative learning is about changing how you think, how you perceive situations, people, life events and your thoughts towards them. It involves changing your perspective and acting from a new, more empowering perspectives and thought processes. It’s about learning to live in the world but not becoming a part of the areas that are harmful or destructive.
  1. Building Clarity of Mind: Have you asked yourself, “Who am I?” That deep inner sense of the fact that you are more than just your name, your job and the feeling that your body is your carrier that there is something deep inside that you feel you will like more clarity and a better understanding. What are your thoughts toward yourself? These are deep questions, and they are great questions because when you begin working through these this will change the way you think and feel about who you are. Giving you clarity of mind as to the way you want to build your life.
  1. Eliminating Overwhelm and Confusion: You may have heard others say that you create your reality. Really? We do not create anything. We are co-creator, and we bring things into existence together with God and others. We co-create both good and undesirable things and events for ourselves and others. If you understand some basics of the co-creation process, this will help you to transform your life.
  1. You Are Not Alone: After you understand some basics of the co-creation process, take the time to plan your life. You can develop a strategic plan for your life. A strategic plan outlines where you are now, where you want to go, and how you intend to get there. It includes things like your mission, vision, and your major goals for the key areas of your life.
  1. Identifying Fear to Remove Blockages: Once you begin to identify fear this helps to remove any blockages that are preventing you from moving forward, making changes and decisions. To start your journey to Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality you must start thinking, talking, and acting differently. 
  1. Gratitude: You will have like most of us, many things to be grateful for, but for the most part we often take these things for granted forgetting to be appreciative and show gratitude. Gratitude is the levelling field for anxiety, the lead to happiness and moving away from depression. 

Transformational Membership is for You!

If you are Serious about Living Your Best Quality of Life

Building a Strong Foundation: Making Positive Changes:

Taking Charge of your Health & your life

Transforming your Health will lead to Success in making Significant and Amazing Changes to your Life

The Quality of your Life is Dependant on the Quality of your Health

You will Gain Improved Quality of your Life as this is Dependant on the Quality of your Health and the Clarity of your Mind!

Your health is at the core component of your life. Every area of your life relies on you having a Great Quality of Health

Mastering a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality Core Components

The Transformational Membership Gives You have Access to Building the Eight Key areas of your Life to Build Balance, Energy, Vitality and Success-Building your Best Life

  1. Building Positive Relationships, Expressing love, kindness and empathy
  2. Engaging and supporting your family.
  3. Consciously parenting your children, right through to their adult years
  4. Performance at work, will be affected if you are too tired to be productive.
  5. Having fun with family and friends, is difficult if you are dull and lethargic.
  6. Your capacity to learn and grow, if your mind and body are tired. Affecting your moods and emotions.
  7. Having a charitable mindset and the ability to contribute is affected if you are suffering from ill-health.
  8. Quality of Life is depleted and a loss of independence, relying on others depletes you of self-confidence, self-worth and self-value leading to mental health problems.

If you are depleted of Optimal Health every other area of your life will suffer

How Optimal Health is Measured by the Optimal Communication between each these Four layers

Optimal Health and Wellbeing is measured by how well each of the four layers of your body communicate between one another . The energy you have, allows for you to achieve more with your day and your life. Each of us have the same amount of time in the day, so the difference between what can be achieved is reliant on yes your physical energy, but also on your mental or emotional energy.

What is important to remember is the symbolic relationship between your health, the four layers or energies and the seven areas of your life.

3. Emotional:

Transforming your Health will lead to Success in making Significant and Amazing Changes to your Life