Transform your Health – Transform your Life – 9 Easy Steps to Restore Health & Happiness!

Transform your Health - Transform your Life - 9 Easy Steps to Restore Health & Happiness!
Transform your Health - Transform your Life - 9 Easy Steps to Restore Health & Happiness!

Transform your Health – Transform your Life

9 Easy Steps to Restore &

Master Your Health, Happiness, and Vitality

By transforming your health, you can have a profound impact on your life in so many ways. Learning important healthy lifestyle strategies will benefit you in many ways, and help you become the master of your health, happiness, and life. It all begins with focusing and building on your core desires, dreams, and aspirations. By doing so, you can experience remarkable changes that will help you live your best life. This article will guide you through 9 easy steps to get started.

  • Having a clear understanding your Core Desires and Dreams
  • Preventing and overcoming ill-health and disease by knowing underlying causes.
  • Learning the Keys of How to make positive changes, giving you the motivation and determination to “Take Charge of your Health”. Where you are in the Driver’s Seat.


Transform your Health & your Life. The way you want it to Be!

2 Keys to Building the Life you Want begins with –

  1. Implementing Changes everyday that support your inner most needs and desires, is the very Foundation and Key to Building your Health, Happiness, Vitality and Endurance.
  2. Building Positive Relationships, commencing with you.  Building positive relationships with family, friends and work colleagues can be tricky, if not downright difficult to the feeling of impossible at times. If these areas of your life are not dealt with and worked through, then you become open and susceptible to a life of ill-health, unhappiness, and disease.

This is where my Speciality has come to fruition, I guess you would say. Because what I have found over the years working with my clients to become well, especially from Chronic ill-health and Disease. If I did not support them in understanding the core essence, knowing why they wanted to become well and what this meant to their life. Then to support them with to believe whole heartedly that this was possible.

NOTHING – No vitamin pill, no food supplement, medication was going to be of benefit. There will be just a great deal of money spent without any positive outcomes.

“What you do Today!

Will either have a Positive or Negative Influence on What Happens Tomorrow”

Transforming your Health and your Life: 7 Keys to Building a Brilliant Mind

Begin your Journey to Transform your Life by Transforming your Health

Taking Charge of your Mental Health

9 easy steps to improve your

Mental & Emotional Health

Most people struggle with their mental health at some point in their life. It can be more challenging for some people than others depending on their particular circumstances.

But here are some simple steps and positive habits that you can put into place daily that will help. It is also important to eliminate any habits that may contribute to upsetting your mental health and emotional balance.

1. Walk tall: Be proud, Be Kind & Smile

A study has found that by making a conscious effort to walk tall with your head held high and shoulders back, you are more likely to experience good moods and feel better about yourself.  When you walk with your shoulders slouched, you are more likely to focus on negatives rather than positives.

2. Enjoy the Moment: It is always the Best Place to Be!

It is easy to allow your thoughts to go backwards or forwards, but this creates anxiety and stress. Allowing yourself to enjoy where you are and the people whom you are with, the things that you are seeing and learning brings love to your heart and peace to your soul.

3. Exercise improves your State of Mind, as well as your Body

By exercising three times a week, this will decrease your risk of being depressed. Because when you exercise, the body releases endorphins while it decreases the stress hormones like cortisol. Endorphins are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, and when released during exercise, they trigger a positive feeling and naturally boost your mood, ease and help relieve depression.

4. Stop Procrastinating: Just Do It!

Do what you have to do to make your life Healthy, Happy & Balance

Procrastinating is a normal emotion that you feel when you are afraid to do something, maybe because of lack of knowledge or fear of making a mistake. It is causes increased anxiety and can be debilitating and prevent you from realizing and accomplishing your full potential.

The longer you put off a task because you are afraid or anxious about doing it, it will increase your anxiety and stress. Ease your anxiety and stress initially by listening to music or exercising, then go about making that appointment, paying a bill, enrolling in that class or whatever it is that you have been putting off and really want to or need to do.

5: Eliminate Toxic Behaviours & Do Not Engage with Toxic People.

It serves No benefit to them or yourself.

Toxic behaviours and habits that will bring harm to you such as taking drugs, excessive alcohol, eating unhealthy foods and smoking. These are important to eliminate as they cause damage to your brain and your nervous system.

Being involved in a toxic relationship with someone who engages with toxic behaviours and habits, constantly puts you down and is not interested in you building a positive life, will cause you to have low self-esteem, making you continuously anxious and can lead to severe depression.  Engage with people whom are honest with you, but who have your back and do not engage in.

6: Get Enough Sleep: Lack of Sleep causes Emotional & Mental Unbalance

Sleep is essential for restoration, repair and renewal of every bodily function. To Get a good night’s sleep or day’s sleep if you are a shift worker, spend a half an hour to an hour preparing for sleep. Take a nice warm shower, clean your teeth have a cup of chamomile tea and most importantly turn off television, shut down your computer and turn off your phone. Pay attention to the things that you achieved and let go of the things that you did not.

7: Take Time to Care for You:

It is impossible to Care for Others if you aren’t Caring for Yourself

Between friends, family and work, keeping a happy balance can often take its toll where you will neglect your own needs, rest and time out. You need “me” time. Time to spend on your own, a nice bubble bath, reading your favourite book, watching your favourite movie, catching up with a best friend or just taking yourself on a shopping spree for that special item of clothing that you have always wanted to buy. Make time for self-care each day this will help to keep anxiety, negative thoughts and depression from creeping in.

8: Take time Away from your Digital Devices

Smartphones, tablets, watches and laptops have a way of overstimulating your brain. If you do not make it part of your planning to take time out from them, your mental and emotional health will suffer. Each day make a point to only work a certain time frame, ensuring that you have regular breaks throughout the day. To a complete break for the evening.

Each week take a digital detox day, where there are no phones or tablets and so on. Find hobbies such as gardening, playing a sport, swimming, visiting family and friends who are also have a digital detox day to just spend time with them.

9: Stop Multi-Tasking: It is “Not Productive” & Creates Stress

I know it seems very efficient when you can work at more than one thing at a time. However, this is a “myth”. Have a plan for one thing to work on each hour of the day, ensuring that you take regular breaks away from the task you are working on. Go for a walk, go outside or in a completely different area to your work to eat your lunch or have a cuppa.

These are just a few things to start you on your way to Transform your Life for Optimal Health, Happiness, Balance and Vitality.


Becoming and staying healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive it can be as simple as making some simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

Transform your Health and Transform your Life

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