Working Fear to your Advantage: Overcoming Fear

A necessary step to Overcoming Fear is Working Fear to your Advantage

Moving Beyond your Fear

As you are learning Fear is a part of everyday life. Sometimes it is necessary to respect and take notice of the Fear. But in general for the most part it is important to yes, respect it, acknowledge it, identify and understand Fear. These are the steps that are going to help you in working through the Fear and now learning how to put fear in a place where it is an advantage.

One of the best ways to use your fear is by allowing it to exist for a short period of time, taking a break from the pressure to beat it, and using the time to reflect. This may not eliminate your fear immediately, but it will give you time to clear your head, to bring your focus to a point of where you are able to move beyond your fear.

Your emotions are the communication between the thoughts you think and the way you feel . When you feel fear, your soul is trying to tell you something, so it is important to listen. If you feel overcome by stress or distracted by a subtle-but-persistent anxiety, it is likely to be a subconscious fear that needs your attention. Rather than avoiding it, overcoming fear requires leaning into your anxiety. In the Community Membership there was a lesson dedicated to Coping with and Overcoming Anxiety. You can revisit that HERE! 

To work using Fear to your advantage, view the fear as advice to be respected, instead of what can appear at first to be a threat to your survival. When you use fear and anxiety to your advantage, it is not able to block your potential from achieving the life you want to live.

Previously, you learnt in understanding your Fears that there are rational fears and irrational fears, putting it simply. Going back to becoming mindful and identifying your fears, when these lightening thoughts of Fear come upon you, go back to this exercise. To STOP: BREATH: IDENTIFY. Now I want you to go one step further and use this Fear to propel you into taking action to give you an advantage to achieving your goal.

For example: The Fear might be that you are saying to yourself – “I am never going to learn this”, but knowing that if you do not learn it, you are not going to be able to move to the next step toward achieving your goal. This might be something you have to learn for an assignment, a job you have to do or it could be a Fear of hanging on to a negative habit, that you are afraid of letting it go.

As Fear is such a strong emotion. Overcoming Fear and learning how to use it to your Advantage  minimizes the strength and power that this emotion has over you. Changing the function of your brain, that will support healthy function of your organs, enabling you with positive behaviours and actions. Giving you the ability to achieve the level of success that is in alignment with your core desires, dreams and goals. A favourite book I read many years ago, that helped me working my fear as an advantage was “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” by Cheryl Richardson

The exercise for you to do in this lesson is that when you start to doubt yourself, identify the fear, allowing it to mentally fuel your desire to take a positive action step that will get you closer to achieving your desired goal . Rather than allowing the feeling of anxiety to incapacitate you, take conscious action to realize that once you take the active step, this will begin to dissipate and dissolve your Fear. For example: Make that phone call, begin that assignment, contact that friend etc.

Taking Control of your Fears as you see, takes some doing, but believe me it is well worth the trouble. Now another important step is to learn how to Caress your Fear that will enable you to take control of your fear.

Overcome: Caress & Take Control of your Fears for Success

Now you are Learning How to Caress your Fear: Taking Control your Fear