What is Motivation? The Driving Force to Activate Positive Changes

What is Motivation? The Driving Force to Activate Positive Changes

When we talk about Motivation, what exactly is Motivation?

Many a time I have fallen into a slump, where my motivation, just seems to have disappeared. Where did it go and why! I guide you through this by helping you to understand what motivation is. How and why getting a clear understanding will be, the Key Driving Force to Activate Positive Changes and Determination.

Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains the path to achieving core desires and heart felt dreams and goals . It is underlying factor of what causes you to take action. Whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst, reading a book to gain knowledge, eating healthy food to lose weight or enrolling in university to work in the field of your choice.

The Key Elements to Motivation involve the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behavior to making positive changes. In everyday terminology “motivation” is frequently used to describe why a person does or does not do something. It is the driving force behind human actions.

It is not Motivation that activate changes in behaviours, habits and lifestyle: Motivation involves the factors that direct and maintain these actions that are associated with your core desires, dreams and goals. (These underlying significances are rarely noticeable and can be hidden from your conscious thoughts ). As a result, we often have to assume the reasons why people do the things is due to what is currently visible, with the conscious thought process. It is about providing your subconscious mind with the “right” fuel, to support your motivation.

5 Sparks to Fuel your Motivation

The Keys that I am providing you with in this course: “Building a Brilliant Mind” will provide the fuel to spark your Motivation. I want you to have a really “clear picture” of all of this, hence the repetition.

  1. Understanding your Core Desires: These are not “Whims” or “Wishes”, but your heartfelt desires, that make you want to sing.
  2. Developing Clarity of Mind: Emptying out the blockages, negative internal talk, from the “could be’s”, maybe’s to one simple phrase: “I can do this!”
  3. Identifying and Overcoming Fears: Now fear can fuel your motivation. However, it probably is not the most positive way to bring about positive change. It is best to first acknowledge and address your “fears”. Then they can be used as positive fuel.
  4. Changing your Perception: Perception affects motivation because you will decide how to react to a situation based on how you interpret it. Sometimes you may want to do something, because you perceive it as beneficial. However, if your perception is misinterpreted you may lose or gain motivation according to how you perceive the situation or outcome. At times your perception may not always be accurate, that will cause you to miss out on an opportunity, or to go after something they may have negative consequences. I talk to you in more depth about, “Changing your Perception” in another lesson. For now it is important to yes, trust your gut, but to also look at what it is that you are wanting to do from all angles. Ensuring that it is in alignment with your Core Desires, Dreams and Goals.
  5. Staying on the Path: This can be ‘tricky” at times with the many obstacles that present themselves along the way. The fuel for your motivation here is to, “make the desire to change, greater than the desire to stay the same”.

As I mentioned I will be going into these “Sparks” are all designed to support you in Building a Brilliant Mind.

There are many theories when it comes to Motivation, the important aspect that I want you to focus on here, is to understand the concepts behind your motivation. Because getting a clear understanding behind what fuels your motivation is what will support you, in building your Determination to achieve your Core Desires, Dreams and Goals.

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