What Influences your Motivation? Your Ability to Achieve!

What Influences your Motivation? Your Ability to Achieve!

There are many keys that influence your Motivation, but I am going to share with you the “Kiss” principle here! That is to “Keep it Simple St___d!”: So, I we are going to work through the 4 Key Motivational Influences that will fuel you for Success. Always to Remember, it is about the Success that “YOU” want to achieve.

Understanding these Key Influences will benefit you:

  • To understand the Why! Giving you a foundation to work from
  • Helps you to take the necessary action
  • Help with you bringing balance to your mind and your emotions
  • Help you to move away from negative harmful habits, to engaging in healthy, positive habits
  • Will give you more control with your life
  • Improve your mental and emotional health, that will provide improved physical health.

4 Key Influences:

  1. To Love and Be Loved: Whether people are aware of it or not this is a major key influence. When we are loved and can love back, this has a positive effect on your overall health and wellbeing. It is the motivation that keeps you wanting to learn and grow as a human being.
  2. To Add your Personal Imprint: Another phrase I used in my earlier day a lot was to – “Begin with the End in Mind”. How do you want to be remembered when you leave this earth, what footprint, difference do you want to make?
  3. To Connect with People: In saying this you are not going to connect with everyone, but there will be a few core people whom you will have a deep connection with, who will share your core desires, dreams and goals. Wanting you to be happy and live your life to your full potential. These people are a great influence on your motivation.
  4. To Make a Positive Difference: True success is and has never be built alone. Working with people to help solve problems and make a positive difference is the carrot that will fuel your motivation.

You are saying, “Julie that sounds great but what happens or better still what will “Kills” Motivation”. A major “killer” of motivation is when you work from your “Ego” and not from your “Heart”. Therefore, it is so important to get so, very clear about your Core Desires. Because when the Ego creeps in, a side of us comes out that is not very nice and will take you off course.

4 Scenarios that Kill Motivation

4 Scenarios that “Kill” Motivation

  1. Expecting Quick fixes or you want it All or Nothing. This will kill your motivation, if something does not happen, or changes immediately. Also, if all of your Core Desires and Dreams do not happen all at once, to then just give up, saying to yourself. “That you either want it all or nothing.” I want you to remember here that “nothing worthwhile” happens with ease or all at once. Plus, if it did, guess what you or I would not appreciate it.
  2. Thinking that what has worked for someone else will work for you:  Just because an approach or method worked for someone else does not mean that it will work for you. If something is not helping you reach your goals or is depleting your motivation, do some research, ask questions look for something that will fit in with you. It may be a different learning style. I remember when I was studying Naturopathic medicine. I struggled and everyone else did not seem to. So, to refuel my motivation I first went and did a speed-reading course, I learnt brain gym techniques, rewrote my notes and whilst I was rewriting them, I taped them. Playing them back when I went to sleep. Guess what not only to I learn, I graduated with distinctions. Not that my goal was to graduate with distinctions, my goal was to learn.
  3. Negative Mindset: One of the areas to become aware of when your motivation seems to be dying. Is to keep a positive mindset. It is so easy when something challenging occurs to focus on the negativity of the challenge. What is important here is to, see the challenge and slowly put steps into place to understand where the emotion is coming from, recalling positive, happy scenarios then to work through the presenting challenge. Keeping a positive mindset is about problem solving, understanding your emotions then to work through them.
  4. Chronic Busyness: It is important when you are working toward your goals and dreams to take a break. But more importantly to prioritize, letting go of the small stuff.
4 Ways to Boost your Motivation

Fuel your Motivation by Believing that "You Can"

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