Understanding - How Success: Goals: Determination Work Together

In this lesson you are going to develop a clear understanding of How Success, Goals and Determination work together.

Getting a Clear Picture of your Core Desires

I want you to Revisit & Rewrite your Core Desires, now with the intention of [Turning them into Goals]. This will cement your Core Desires more firmly into your subconscious mind, making it easier to implement the actions and activities needed to achieve your goals.

REVISITING AND REWRITING YOUR CORE DESIRES AND GOALS WILL HELP WITH YOU STAYING ON TRACK. Because you are continually re-programming your subconscious for WHAT YOU WANT! Helping you to remain focused on the Positive aspects.

Understanding your Core Desires, turning them into Goals. Make your First Core Desire your Health.

Get Specific

An example of this is that your core desire might be to eat healthy. In order to do this, you may want to start with eliminating “Junk and Processed Food”. You would need to make a list of fresh foods to shop for to replace these – such as apples, bananas, berries, vegetables, lean meat, fish and nuts. Then to clean out your cupboards getting brutal and throwing anything that isn’t in your eating plan.

What does Success mean for You. A Personal Journey of Discovery & Enlightment

Defining Success and What this means for You?

This is important for your mental health. The definition of the success for your physical health is determined by all organs functioning in unison together. Your level of success will be determined differently at each stage of your life and the challenges you have worked through to get to the next step or sometimes referred to as the next level. An example might be that yesterday you couldn’t stop eating potato crisps, but today you can because you have replaced these with healthy alternatives.

An initial level of Success for Optimal Health would be – Having your Mind, Emotions and Physical health working in unison. If you have worked through the Founding Membership you would insight into, What Success means for You. You can REVISIT NOW, to Get a Clear Picture. It is very important during this exercise, not to get caught up in looking outward or at what we think success to be in the eyes of other people. It is about your success, each goal, each step that make you make toward a healthier and happier life.

Setting separate Goals/Plans for each area of your Life

When you get specific with your goals and plans you will often find that they will overlap. In your realization of wanting to become healthier you may need to eliminate soft drink or give up smoking. It is always best when making these decisions to go cold turkey so to speak. Eliminating any evidence of the negative habits, not allowing them into your space is the first step. Replacing them with positive alternatives such as drinking water with a slice of lemon, going for a walk when you would normally have a cigarette is an action step in the right direction.

If you didn’t do the worksheet in the Founding Membership for Establishing your Goals

Small Steps lead to Big Results

It is so easy in seeing the big picture to become anxious and excited looking forward to the positive changes. However, to achieve long term success it is important that you focus on only one or two Core Desires at a time is important when it comes to maintaining your motivation and determination. Eliminating the overwhelm makes it easier to writing and achieving your goals.

Breaking Down your Goals into Bite sized Chunks

Break down your long-term Goals into achievable steps and processes. Once you have achieved some of your more prominent goals now is the time to decide on a few major goals. It is important now to break these down into steps.

For example, Your Core desire, goal is to write a book. Smaller steps will include to have a title, an outline. To begin writing the book other areas that will need to be broken down could be researching material, editing, learning about publishing agents, cover letters and promotion of the book.

When I began to follow through with one of my core desires, that was to learn how to age well, to have beauty that lasted a lifetime, there were some important steps that I had to implement. The first was to study, so I enquired about enrolling in a Beauty Therapy Course. This cost money, that I didn’t have and two young children at home. My motivation was from my core desire of wanting to learn more about ageing well and how to remain “beautiful” for your whole life. But not compromise your health, with harmful products, invasive and expensive treatments.

In order to follow through with this core desire, my goals were, that I first, needed to find a job. Believe it or not I found a job on a cucumber property. Planting, pruning, and harvesting cucumbers. That was how I earnt the money to pay to study Beauty Therapy.

Setting a Time Frame

This gives you and your mind a chance to put the necessary actions and activities into place that you need to accomplish to achieve your goal. Creating this time frame to achieve your goals is a powerful way to stay determined. When I first came home and spoke with my husband about doing the Beauty Therapy course, he said “that we didn’t have the money”. This is where my motivation and determination “Kicked in” and I said, if I wait until we have the money, I will be too old”. 😊 Hence, I went looking for work that I could do, where I could still care for my sons.

Prioritizing and Setting Tasks

In order to achieve success in any area of your life it takes drawing up a plan, prioritizing what needs to be learnt, changed, and implemented. A great way to do this is by setting up tasks to be followed through. Some of these tasks might be for each day, weekly, monthly, or even planning for the following year.

Prioritizing is about taking your core desires, your vision, and dreams from a vague commitment to becoming work in progress. Dedicate time each day to 2 – 3 tasks that are going to be instrumental in you achieving success with your core desires, ideas, and dreams.

For example, if your goal is to write a book, you will set a specific window of time in place such as I am going to write between 6 am and 8 am each day. You will have dedicated time each day to achieving your goal. The same will go if doing a course is a goal toward achieving a core desire, you would then need to dedicate time aside for study. Family, Health and Empowering Others has always been my core desire and priority.

Now is the time to get started Download your Task Schedule Timetable to begin making your plans

A Major Key to your Success lies in Building your Self-Confidence. Very few people automatically have self-confidence it has usually been dented somewhat over the years, in various ways.

Determination a Key to Making Positive Changes

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