Reward: Time Out: Re-Energize

Reward: Time Out & Re-energize – The Fuel for Keeping your Motivation and Determination Alive!

Neither man, woman nor child can thrive on work alone. It is totally necessary for emotional balance and emotional resilience to provide yourself with incremental rewards as you successfully achieve a task, positive change or outcome. It is also important to take time out from your work tasks and become a participant in other areas of life that you enjoy. By providing yourself with rewards and time out this will re-energize you, ready for the next step. Rewards, Taking Time Out and Re-energizing is the fuel for keeping your Motivation and Determination alive.

Reward Yourself - The Importance of Self-Rewards

7 Steps to Reward Yourself

It is important that along the way you give yourself incremental rewards. Rewards don’t have to be big or ostentatious. It can be something as simple as –

  1. Treating yourself to a movie night either at home or out.
  2. Visiting your best friend.
  3. Buying a new item of clothing, even new underwear. I love new underwear, so this has always been a simple, inexpensive yet great reward for me.
  4. Go somewhere with the family for a fun day out. Either a picnic, a day at the beach, engage with activities such as a game of tennis, visiting the zoo, an art gallery, museum or even just the local park can be a great day out. I love spending time with my family and friends. So, I will organize a dinner or catch-up once I have completed a certain area of my writing or work.
  5. Enroll for a class of something that you have been wanting to learn, not associated with your work. For many years I did dance roller skating and then on went on to do clogging, [a form of Irish dancing]. I commenced with the classes to learn then just continued, it was something that I did just for fun and to meet other people, not associated with my work.
  6. Organize a holiday. This will engage the three – being a Reward, Time Out and a time to Re-energize. Once again, it doesn’t have to be great expense. When our kids were young we would go camping, we had relatives that were in the country and interstate, they always loved us to come and stay.
  7. Dinner Dates. Something that became very important for me when I was working 12 hour days in my clinic, both as a reward, but also time out one on one with my husband. Once a week we would go out on a dinner date. Nothing too extravagant, just to the local hotel or restaurant.

Rewarding yourself helps to keep you on the desired path: Fuels and Sustains your Motivation Determination by Providing Emotional Balance & Resilience”

Taking Time Out – How it will Benefit You!

The importance of Taking Time Out, can never be underestimated. Taking time out not only benefits your motivation, determination it improves your productivity and efficiency. Taking time out is about self-care.

This is something that I have mastered quite well over the years. Mind you, it has taken me some time to realise the full potential of making this change had on improving productivity, not to mention efficiency and ability to achieve a greater level of satisfaction with my work.

It took me sometime to come to adjust to the change of taking time out. As over the years with studying, running a family, a clinic life became all so consuming on many levels and often quite overwhelming. There were times that I would wake up so tired, I would not know where to start or even put myself.

It seemed the harder and longer I worked, the less time, energy and somehow less money I seemed to have. Now I am not saying here that to achieve your core desires, goals and dreams that it does not take hard work, it certainly does. But the secret lies in balancing that hard work, with taking time out to “smell the roses”, as they say.

Once, you become physically and emotionally drained from working too hard and too many hours you become less productive, anxiety turns into overwhelm and the loving, kind person you are innately becomes lost. To a person whom you do not recognize who is unhappy, angry, at time nasty and rude. I did not like this person and knew that I had to implement some changes.

I began with setting time frames for my work, my personal life, my relationships, to have time out to rest and recuperate.

Time Out - Taking Time Each Day to Care for Yourself

6 Ways for you to Take Time Out Each Day!

  1. Before arising in the morning, take time to slowly wake. I usually pray and meditate giving thanks for my night’s sleep and asking for guidance for my day ahead.
  2. Do some gentle exercise such as yoga, stretching for about 15 minutes. Go for a 30 minute walk.
  3. Enjoy a lovely shower, taking time to dress and prepare for your day.
  4. Eat Breakfast. Breakfast and Dinner are my two main meals for the day. Lunch is usually just fruit and nuts with a herbal tea. Breakfast can be as simple as a banana with berries and yogurt, a smoothie or poached eggs with avocado of sour dough toast.
  5. Spend time in the middle of the day or mid-afternoon to reflect and make note of what you have achieved. This is great for keeping you focused and positive. No matter how small your achievement, embrace and acknowledge as a step forward in building your positive life.
  6. Take a half an hour to an hour before bedtime to prepare for bed. Turn off television, computers and phones. Do not have these in the bedroom. Engage in a shower or warm bubble bath, read a good book for a short time. This will help you to enjoy a great night’s sleep.
  7. There will be days that you will need to have a day of chilling out. Watching your favourite movies, detoxing from life. You can use this as a detox day by enjoying easy fresh meals such as fruit and cheese platters or some yummy, vegetable or chicken soup.


Take the steps to self-reward and for time out as outlined in this lesson. As this is the Fuel that will Re-energize you. So, what to do with this new, re-energized you.

Revisit your plans, your goals and core desires. Breaking them down into small steps and tasks that you can implement into your daily work schedule, living and lifestyle changes.

Wow! This has been a Huge course for Building a Brilliant Mind, the Building steps to Building your Strong Foundation. If you become overwhelmed just revisit the areas that you are struggling with, making incremental positive steps each day. Remember, you are in this for the long hall, not the short insignificant gains.

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