Recognize Fears when they Become Excuses.  Excuses can be Fear in Disguise

Recognize Fears when they Become Excuses

Excuses can be Fear in Disguise

In the Founding Membership you had the lesson Begone with Excuses. You can revisit it HERE! Fear can take charge of you, giving you an excuse to put things off, even to forget how important your core desires, dreams and goals are for you. Self talking by saying things like, “I’m really tired.” “I have other things to do.” “It’s not a great idea anyway.” I am sure these excuses sound familiar and you can come up with even more.

Always to remember that whatever you say is “RIGHT”, but what is important here, is that is it “RIGHT” for you in achieving your Core Desires and Dreams. And if it is not then, the excuses need to be turned around and the necessary active steps taken to being proactive in achieving your goal, not to allow the fear that is hiding behind the excuses to take over.

Excuses are Fear in Disguise

Excuses Can be Fear in Disguise

When the Fear takes control in stopping you from Taking Action, it can disguise itself as Excuses. You will procrastinate, find other activities to put your energy into, sometimes feelings of sadness, loneliness, not being good enough, intelligent enough and depression may come to the rise where you will use these as excuses. Allowing these excuses to take charge. This will prevent your business from growing, your health from flourishing, engagement with positive relationships will diminish. By confronting these excuses and false beliefs, you will begin to take back control of your life.

Excuses Begone- Enjoy your Best Life

10 Excuses: Fears in Disguise to Recognize to Overcome your Fears

 1: I Don’t have Enough Time”: This is a popular excuse and can be easily accepted with the busyness of life today. However, this excuse is one of “Fear” of moving out of your comfort zone. This is an easy and safe place to hide behind the concept of time as there is always something to do, that will warrant this excuse.

The truth is, that you will always have time, when you prioritize with the positive, necessary actions, activities that will be in alignment with your core desires, dreams and goals. Taking the time to eliminate the ones that will not get you there. For example: Watching too much television, Spending too much time on Facebook or Social media, saying yes to something that you really do not want to do, or you need this time to finish an assignment, study for an exam.

I have raised three sons, managed a home, studied, run a business and I am a Grandmother. If I can do it, so can you. There is always a way.

2: “I’m not smart or intelligent enough:” The fear behind this excuse is that you believe that you are not “good enough” to achieve the goals or that you deserve the life you desire. That you are going to fail because you are not smart or intelligent enough to learn what you need to learn.

Hiding behind these excuses: lack of intelligence and not being good enough. These thought processes, will definitely sabotage any possibility of success, ruining your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Failing and learning go hand in hand, without mistakes there would be no successes. Each and every day you have the opportunity to learn something new, so embrace this and allow success to enter your life. Each time you succeed even if it seems a small task, give yourself a big pat on the back. Because you are “Good Enough”, You are “Intelligent and Smart.” It is up to you to believe this by making positive changes. A person is only considered “dumb” when they do not learn from their mistakes.

3: Procrastination – “I will get there, but I just have to do this first”: If someone is having a heart attack, it is not going to work, by saying: “I just have to finish the vacuuming before I call an ambulance”. The person could end up dead.

The Fear behind this excuse is being afraid of taking the first step. You are aware that it is a priority but you are afraid that you will make a fool of yourself, or mess things up. Not taking action is the way to mediocrity, unhappiness, depleted quality of life and disappointment. This is where you go back to your “To Do List”, revisit your core desires and priorities, add the top priorities to your list. You will never regret the steps that you take, but you will run a risk with regretting the ones that you do not follow through with.

4: The Time isn’t Right: The timing being right is a “myth”. There is no such thing as the “Right Time”. The only way this will ring some sort of truth, is that some people find mornings the best time, to do tasks that are difficult because this is when there concentration is best. Afternoons better for implementing artist talents, writing skills and so on. It is important when implementing your task to bear this in mind. Other than implementing specific times, that suite you best to take action, let go of the excuses of waiting for the “Right Time”.

5: “I don’t have Enough Money:” This was something that presents itself as a “Fear” of loss. When I decided I wanted to study Beauty Therapy, there was not enough money. I overcame this excuse by going and getting a job, and saved the money so I could do the course. I had two young sons at the time. As a family we had a goal to have a holiday, going to the Gold Coast. I went and got a second job to save the money for the holiday. Remember these sayings and repeat it until they sink in – “There is always a way.” “I can do this.”

6: But I have a partner and family: This excuse is a belief that if you follow through with your desires and dreams that you are being selfish. The problem here is if you do not, you will lose all sense of who you are and yourself. As long as you are not doing anything that is detrimental or will bring harm to your partner or family, this is not an excuse. You will be carving out a life that you can be happy and proud of, as will they. If not immediately but in years to come.

7: The Right Opportunity has not come along: Opportunity does not always come along, sometimes you just have to make the opportunities happen in alignment with your tasks, goals and dreams. Accepting and making opportunities happen becomes easier as you build clarity and definition around your dreams and goals.

8: “I Don’t have the Right Connections”: The common saying for this excuse is – “It’s not what you know, but “who you know” when it comes to success. The Fear behind this is being afraid that you do not have the ability to get things done.

Not saying that your Network of Family, Friends and Colleagues are not an important facet to you Building a Healthy, Happy and Successful life because they most definitely are. But they are not what makes it happen, YOU ARE! The important thing here is to YES, engage with people whom are positive, have a genuine interest in you, your life and your goals. Some of these people will be able to help you, but first you have to develop the “Blueprint”, “Believe in yourself”, Follow through with your “Actions”. No-one else can do this for you.

9: My Age: An excuse often used is “I am too old”, “I am too young”, the fear is not believing in the fact that you can do this. There is enough evidence that people can achieve amazing results regardless of their age. Never lose sight of your core desires, dreams, and the belief that everything is achievable when you let go of the fear.

10: I am Just Not Ready: The fear of not being ready is in alignment with the fear of success. What will happen if I am successful? Will I lose my friends? Become distanced from my family? Lose track of who I am? Being ready comes with taking active steps as you complete each step toward your goals, you will be ready to tackle the next one.

As for losing who you are and I agree this is a big one, and one I definitely did not want to lose. But do not allow this to be an excuse because when your actions and goals are in alignment with your core desires you will not lose track of who you are. As for anyone who lets go of you along the way, they were not your true friends and did not have your best interest at heart.

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