Reality: Perception and Intuition Building Blocks of a Brilliant Mind - 3 Key Steps

Reality: Perception and Intuition Building Blocks of a Brilliant Mind

3 Key Steps to Balancing Reality: Perception & Intuition to Building a Brilliant Mind

Balancing-Reality-Perception-Intuition - Being True to Yourself
  1. Reality is something that there is an actual truth that something has been seen, an actual existence of an experience, event, activity, or person. “Straight from the horses’ mouth”, so to speak there is indisputable evidence.
  2. Perception is a visual of someone or something that comes from your subconscious mind of how you see it, not always as it really is. There are various explanations of perception and how it is formed. But for the exercises of working toward Building a Brilliant Mind: Bringing Clarity to your mind and thinking. I will be referring to the different mental processes that you use to form impressions of other people, events and activities. This includes not just how you form these impressions, but the different conclusions that are made about these people, events and activities based on your impressions, how you can bring them into a positive alignment with your Core Desires, Core Values, Dreams to want you want for yourself and your life.
  3. Intuition a very important part of your psychological well-being that part of you that is unfiltered, pure, soulful coming straight from your heart. The secret to balancing your mind and your emotions comes with bringing together – Reality, Perception and Intuition.
Reality - The ability to see things, how they are, and yet still see the Magic

1: Reality:  Something that actually that exists having been Experienced & Seen

Reality as mentioned is what is real, tried and test presenting itself right in front of you. Is reality always right and always good. The answer is No! It is in bringing to your awareness [your conscious mind] the thoughts from your Perception and Intuition that brings to YOUR WORLD – BALANCE. You might say Julie why did you say to Your World = My World. Because the work toward bringing about this balance is different for each person. What lies within each person’s Core Desires, Core Values and Dreams!

Touch, Sight, Sound, Smell, & Taste 
Manifesting Awareness via you Subconscious Mind

2: Perception: The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something via you Subconscious

Perception includes the five senses; touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste. It also includes what is known as proprioception, a set of senses involving the ability to detect changes in body positions and movements. It also involves the cognitive processes required to process information, such as recognizing the face of a friend or detecting a familiar scent. As you have learnt depending on your experiences your perception may not always be true or accurate. Learning to understand this and differentiate it what is important for you in building a brilliant mind.

Download Here! The Worksheet for Understanding Perception

Developing & Enhancing your Intuition. Trusting your Gut or Inner Feeling

3: Intuition Messages delivered via your Heart

Intuition feelings, messages that derive from your heart to your unconscious/subconscious mind. To understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. Intuition is very prominent in young children their openness, eagerness and willingness to learn and trust themselves is very strong. However, with the processes of life, maturity and becoming adults much of this process is swept under the carpet so to speak. As your mind becomes caught up with reality and experiences that have formulated in your subconscious mind, depleting you of your ability to trust and allow your intuition to flow.

Download Here! The Worksheet for Developing and Enhancing your Intuition

A Happy Heart is the Best Medicine to Develop and Enhance a Happy Mind. An unhappy mind will prevent you having any chance of Optimal Health, Happiness, Vitality to Live your Best Life

Benefits of Developing and Enhancing these three “Amazing Dimensions of your Mind”

Reprogramming your subconscious mind and changing your perceptions will renew your ability to trust and work with your intuition allowing it to flow easily once again.

Something to Think About: From the time you are born, “You knew what Right was” and “What was Wrong”. You have this inbuilt Barometer known as your Intuition. What happens is that your subconscious mind becomes filled with all these varied experiences that brings confusion and self-doubt to your intuition. It is by becoming mindful of this, doing the necessary work to reprogram your subconscious mind, eliminating negative habits and decoding negative experiences with reprograming your subconscious mind, understanding your core desires and changing your perception that you will bring life back to your intuition, helping you to rise above any fear that is blocking your path to a life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality.

I have given you a Simplistic” yet “Formative” way of Understanding Reality, Perception and your Intuition. What will help you with working through these lessons will be in Revisiting, Understanding, Getting Clarity about your Core Desires, Core Values. This is beneficial for success in Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind. This being the foundation for supporting you in the necessary Changes of your Perception.

Staying on the Path

Last But Not Least in Building a Brilliant Mind you will be Learning

The Keys to “Staying on the Path”