Overcome: Caress & Take Control of your Fears for Success

Overcome: Caress & Take Control of your Fears

Turning Goals of Desire into Goals of “I MUST DO THIS”!

There will be times that you will need to take action to overcome your fears and there will be times for reflection to understand what they mean and how to use them to your best advantage. Acting too quickly could give you the elusion that you have overcome your fear.

Acting too quickly to overcome your fear, can lead to behaviors that do more harm than good. For Example: like reaching for a drink, indulging in comfort food or even repressing the feeling entirely. These are negative actions that will not reduce your fears, or truly help you overcome them. But will allow them to take further control, blocking and disempowering you even further. This is a good exercise to caress and take control of your fear with positive outcomes.

Give yourself Space & Clarity

STOP! what you are doing, take a deep breath and allow your thoughts to focus on something pleasant. I focus on the view outside my office window, the sunshine, the gum trees, the birds and just the beauty of life itself. Now tap into your fear for a few minutes, it seems to have lost its power, where has it gone.

Overcome your fear by becoming clear about, what seems to be the root cause of the fear. What is the story you are going to tell yourself now, in order to overcome this fear. This is not that you, have not taken action, it is what I call passive action, letting go of the control that the fear had on you previously. Taking this moment of reflection will have a great effect on overcoming fear, releasing the tension, anxiety where you will be more productive, deliberate and effective with your positive actions.

Overcome your Fears – Turning your Goals of Desire in to Goals of Success

Is to give yourself no other choice than to say “I must Do this”

Overcoming your Fears - Turning your Goals of Desire in to Goals of Success is to give yourself no other choice than to say "I must Do this"

Turning Goals of Desire into Goals of “I MUST DO THIS!

Quite often in the process to overcome and rise above your fear. You feel blocked because the goals you have set seem to be uninspiring or elusive and not in alignment with your core desires. To turn the process of rising above your fears around, to being successful. It is important to ask yourself: “What does the life I desire, dream of and deserve look like? Is it just a “someday, maybe” plan or are you actively work toward it? You can go back to your Vision Board to get a clearer picture or add to your Vision Board. Here is the Link to the Vision Board Lesson.

Are you life plans, desires something that are attainable, with action, commitment and the work needed to implement them? Most importantly are you willing to commit to following through with your desires and goals? The first step in overcoming fear is identifying whether or not you are creating a compelling goal, something that your heart truly desires that is going to implement positive outcomes. That will give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement. And if you do not achieve these goals, what will be the soul destroying or negative outcomes or consequences.

Digging a little deeper into your goal will help you to understand what your ideal outcome will be. If you want financial growth, the action goal could be to have $50 a week, transferred to a separate bank account that you are not able to touch until you have reached your desired goal. For Example: Buying a house, going on a holiday, buying a new outfit or enrolling in a course.

How Achievement of One Goal can lead to Achievement of Another Goal

Optimal Health was always one of my deep goals so I began by eliminating my negative habit of smoking. By, achieving this goal, it did not just get me a step closer to my Optimal health goal. But also a financial one, as I had the money that I had been spending on cigarettes, transferred to a bank account. That gave me the opportunity of achieving another goal, of having a holiday. Once you make your goal essential, your fear will rise above your fear. This will give you satisfaction, build your self-confidence and will commence the positive journey in achieving the life that you truly desire.

When does your Fear become, not just a block for your achieving your desires, dreams and goals. But an excuse for not taking the next step, learning another skill and taking a leap of faith. Now you are going to learn How to STOP! your Fears from becoming Excuses.

Excuses Begone! Excuses are Self-Defeating thoughts that will deprive you of a life of success

Now Let’s Take a Look at –

How Recognize Fears when they Become Excuses to Blocking your Path for Future Success and Happiness