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Motivation the Stepping Stone to Developing you Determination

Julieanne April 21, 2021
Motivation the Stepping Stone to Developing you Determination

Great News I have for you in these lessons is helping you to use Motivation as your Stepping Stone to Developing your Determination

When it comes to achieving your Goals, you know that you are going to need more than Motivation. You may have been led to believe that Will power is the Key to Motivation. However, I have found this not to be true. And people that I have worked with were initially wrapping themselves over the knuckles, believing that they could not achieve their goals because they did not have the Will power.

Whether you goal is to lose 10 kg or 60 kg, you know that it is going to take more than Motivation. However, motivation is the willingness that you must act based on what you have discovered from your Core Desires.

Motivation your Willingness to Take Action

I like to think of motivation as a steppingstone to developing determination to enable success with building the life you want to live, achieving goals, visions, and dreams.

You have worked through UNDERSTANDING YOUR CORE DESIRES and writing them down. It is now about becoming passionate about these core desires that builds your motivation.

You have just completed BUILDING CLARITY OF MIND, giving you a clear picture of how your conscious and subconscious mind works to reprogram your subconscious mind with the information that you found from your getting a clear picture of your Core Desires.

It isn’t someone’s motivation that helps overcome hurdles, it is their willingness and desire to take the necessary actions. This builds your determination. Think of motivation like you can see the rainbow, but you don’t know how to get there yet.

Fuel your Motivation by Believing that "You Can"

Motivation is your fuel that you have developed by

Understanding and Clarifying your Core Desires

So, this exercise is SIMPLE: I want you to revisit your Core Desires, then work through the changes needed to bring CLARITY OF MIND!

An example: you might be wanting to lose weight before your wedding and that is great. However, if it doesn’t become one of your Core Desires and not just for your wedding but for a Healthier more Vital you. Guess what, after your Wedding that weight is just going to return.

By revisiting your Core Desires expand on your weight loss further as to making it a life-long goal and reprogram your subconscious mind to say that – “I am losing weight to be fit and healthy for my whole life”

Your mind must be strong when it comes to someone offering you food that your previous self would have jumped at: To now say, “NO THANK YOU”. The way to do this is to align your Core Desire [losing weight] with reprogramming your subconscious with the foods you want to eat, with who and how you want to be.

Motivation – “Developing the Ability to Believe You Can!”

The First lesson is to have a Clear Understanding of What is Motivation!