Making a Vision Board that Works for you

Making a Vision Board that Works for you Bringing into alignment your Core Desires [What you Truly Want] with your Values and Beliefs

Revisit these areas to get a clear picture as to what images you want for your Vision Board

Relationships: Love – so if you aren’t married and being married is a core desire, you would find a picture of a happy couple in love.

Family – a core desire may be to have a family one day, or to have a closer relationship with your current family. Then you would put an image of a happy, loving family.

Work, Career, Contribution: once again images of what you want this to look like for you. They might be images of working in a travel agent, veterinary clinic as you know the list is endless. Don’t worry if you aren’t perfectly clear, just dig in a little as to what you like or what triggers a gut interest or feeling. The same goes for contribution you may want to help in a school, homeless or community centre a few hours per week.

Travel: Add images of countries you would like to travel too, places you would like to see.

Recreation: Is about taking time out for leisurely activities that you find enjoyable, fun and pleasurable So you would put on images of recreational activities that you would like to participate in such as dancing, tennis, going on picnics, socializing with friends, bushwalking, bowling etc.

Hobbies: Are engaging in activities that empower your natural abilities, artistic or creativity abilities. Put up images of hobbies that you would like to do or take on board. This might include reading, dancing, singing, writing, artwork such as painting, crafts, watching a good movie, walking, spending time with family, bike riding, swimming, camping, fishing etc.

Finances: This is an area that needs focus without becoming the pivotable point of your life, but to take charge of your money management, this is an area where it is important to get professional support from a trusted source. But for the exercise of your vision board you might like to include a picture of you being financially independent.

Home: Buying your own home can be daunting, but as any financial person will tell you, it will be the best investment you ever make. Not to mention giving you a permanent source of residence with the ability to make it your own and the way you want it to be. A picture of a home that you would find applicable, achievable and something you can call your own.

Spiritual Connection: Let me make this clear, spiritual connection isn’t about religion. The birth of a newborn as you would be aware is a MIRACLE. As are you! Along with many other miracles in your daily life that come about without any intervention from mankind. Believing in this “HIGHER POWER” and source that surrounds you, is of vital importance for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Images of nature, the sky, the sun, the sea, a newborn baby, animals and nature will help with empowering your spiritual connection.

Getting Together Supplies for your Vision Board

The exact supplies you’ll need might vary for each individual person. In general, these are some of the items that will help you:

Something to attach images to, such as:

  • A blank art or scrap book [this is a great place to start getting your ideas onto paper (I Love doing this)
  • A white board or a cork board to pin, stick or glue your pictures to
  • Magazines, books with images of your visions that you can cut up, [bringing your visions closer to reality]
  • Something to affix the images such as glue, clips, or pins
  • Markers, pens, paint or pencils
  • You may want some colourful or plain paper for adding personal flair
  • Scissors

Creating a Happy Space to Build your Vision Board

Find a space that you feel comfortable in and that is large enough to spread out all your supplies. A large table or the floor are usually great choices. I like doing mine on our Dining room table.

You might light to add some ambiance a sense of atmosphere to enlighten your senses such as lighting a candle, playing your favourite music or you might like to sing. It’s all about creating an atmosphere where you feel comfortable, relaxed where your heartfelt, core desires will emerge.

You will see below I have an example of a Vision board for you. Depending what you are wanting to change and bring into reality for your life your vision board will be different. I have used a Vision board as I mention for my life and how I want that to be. I also use vision boards to outline the work that I do an example of this is in writing the content, modules etc for this membership program.

Choosing the Right Words

Now you are going to find images and words that resonate with your intention, not necessarily attaching them to anything just yet. Just find images, positive sayings, affirmations, poems anything that is going to support your visions. Flip through your magazines, books, articles cutting out what is resonating with your intentions.

Affirmations the Power of Words

If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, get creative either drawing pictures or writing your very own special sayings. Want some help with affirmations & inspirational guidance – Click Here!

Always to Remember: To Choose words, images, sayings that resonate with your Core Values and Intentions

How is your Vision Board beginning to Look & Feel?

Now that your vision board is beginning to come together how is it looking. When you look at it – How does it make you feel? Is it bringing about desired feelings of inspiration, balance, happiness and joy giving you a sense of wellbeing? If not step back to sense and feel the images or sayings that need to be changed to bring those desired feelings into play.

Once you find the images and sayings that create your desired feelings, then, and only then do you permanently attach them to your vision board.

Finding a Place for your Vision Board

Once your vision board is complete, it is now ready to be your visual reminder, planting the seeds in your mind, reassuring you of what your core desires, feelings, intentions and your personal core values. I have my Vision Board in my office as a constant reminder of my core desires, it helps me to stay balanced and not become a workaholic, to take time out for the other priorities in my life. Such as family, friends and social activities.

Your vision board needs to be somewhere that you will be looking at it every day and if possible as many times a day as possible. I also choose an affirmation that is appropriate for something specific I want implanted in my brain to change or adhere to and put this up as my screensaver on my computer

Allow yourself to connect with these feelings and thoughts, even allowing yourself to go into a meditative state [daydreaming]. This helps in keeping your imagination and creativity alive.

This is a primary tool that is purely yours and no-one else’s. “Own it: Feel it and Live it each day” – making incremental steps that align with your core desires, values and dreams.

With that in mind, choose the best place to put your vision board.

Getting “STUCK”

Whenever you feel stuck or not sure if something is RIGHT. Then revisit uncovering your core desires worksheet questions and look at your answers there to clarify and match your thoughts to your feelings.

  • How do I want to feel? ___________________________________________________________________________________
  • How do I want to be? ____________________________________________________________________________________
  • What do I want in the areas of my life? __________________________________________________________________
  • What do I need to do? ___________________________________________________________________________________
  • What changes do I need to make? ______________________________________________________________________
  • Aligning Actions with Intentions_________________________________________________________________________

Start right now aligning what actions will best support the intentions that you have on your vision board. What new ideas, thoughts, activities and changes can you begin to put into place RIGHT NOW!

If you have not done the Worksheet – Here is the Download

Overcoming Resistance and Blockages

We will be going into this deeper, later in Identifying and Overcoming Fears. Then learning how to change your perception will help you to overcome resistance and blockages.

There will always be hiccups, delays and events that will come into play along the way. The trick that you will be learning here is the importance of going with the flow, how becoming flexible will help support you, without losing focus. In the meantime, it is important to enjoy where you are RIGHT NOW! It is not beneficial for you to reach the road to success without enjoying the ride along the way. You may just miss out on many magical moments.

As you begin acting with your vision, bringing it into reality, you will start to notice blocks. This may be in the form of stories, limiting beliefs, deep emotional wounds, negative habits and unconscious thought patterns that are in the way. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong, it just means there is some mental and emotional work to be done.

I just want to clarify here in case you might be thinking how this is relevant to what you are working through. This is all relevant and important no matter whether you are just wanting to improve your health and your life. Working toward overcoming a diagnosed illness or disease. These steps are your Foundation.

Working through and healing any resistance and blockages together with your aligned actions: Is HOW you Build the Life you want and Deserve, by understanding your heartfelt/core desires and dreams you have envisioned. There is no way around that, my friend. But let me tell you it is WORTH IT!

Ask yourself what is causing your resistance or blockage as you begin putting the actions into place for your visions and dreams. Then having your clear plan of action to continue with the activities and work you have put into place. Step to step you will move forward, leaving the resistance and blockage as a thing of the past.


Creating your Vision board the Foundation for Achieving your Core Desires

This is your foundation for Understanding and Achieving your Core Desires, Dreams and Aspirations. It will not happen overnight. At times it will seem like you are taking 3 steps forward and 4 steps back, the importance here is to NEVER GIVE UP! Because with each step forward you are always learning, working toward the person you want to be and how you want your life to be.

Have Fun!

Go ahead and have some fun! 😊 Always to remember that the next step after your Vision board is then to TAKE ACTION! Because a Vision board without Action is only that a Vision, a Dream that won’t come true without the appropriate Actions Steps that you will be learning throughout your membership and in other areas of your life.

Next Key to Building a Brilliant Mind is Developing Clarity of Mind

Clarity of Mind to Sustain Positive Outcomes

Your Next Step – After creating your Vision board you may well feel a little confused and somewhat overwhelmed. Never to Fear you will be learning