How to Change your Perception to Build a Positive Life & your Reality

How to Change your Perception to Build a Positive Life & your Reality

Taking Charge of your Mind is about Taking Charge of the information that you allow into your mind that will provide the Best Fuel for a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality,

When are talking about the right fuel for your mind, this does encompass – The Books you Read: What you watch on Television: Magazines: Newspapers: People whom you talk and listen to: Last but not least the Food you EAT! All of this fuel MUST BE FUELLING YOUR MIND – with what you need to achieve Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality, not just for the moment but for a Lifetime.

Information going in: The Books you Read: What you watch on Television: Magazines: Newspapers: People whom you talk and listen to all will have an effect on your perception and reality to how you view life. Hence why it is so important to be very specific about these areas, only to engage with what is positive, constructive and optimistic. You need to filter it like you would the tea leaves from being in your cup of tea.

Changing your Perception from the Negative to the Positive

To support Changing your Perception for the positive begins with an exercise you that you may have already done Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind

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Changing your Perception to a Positive Reality
  1. Taking time out to Relax and Recover will support the effortless change of your perception. Engaging with negative habits such as smoking, consumption of drugs and excess alcohol distort positive perception, and this is a significant reason why many times these habits will continue because time isn’t taken to relax and recover from the negative effects of such habits with clarity of mind to eliminate them from your life. These habits deplete the body of essential nutrients necessary for optimal brain and nervous function. Continuing with these habits makes achieving a positive perception difficult to somewhat impossible to achieve.
  2. Visualization taking time to have some fun with understanding the importance of eliminating these habits. Allow yourself to sense how differently you would feel or react if negative habits weren’t a part of your life. Watch people who don’t engage in negative habits giving you a visual of happiness, sense of freedom to perceive situations differently without the confines of negative habits. How would you feel having a more positive perception of yourself where you let go of the need to engage in negative habits, embracing newfound happiness with more self-love, self-esteem, and self-confidence without any attachment from an external source but in the pureness of each day? When you change your perception, it changes the way you feel, the way you act and the way you engage each day with family, friends and work colleagues bringing together a happier, healthier life.
  3. Seeing is Believing as you work through reprogramming your subconscious mind by implementing new and positive thoughts to align with your core desires, core values and dreams to changing your perception. You will move from a sense of – How your experience changes from negative to positive – To that of disempowerment to feelings of empowerment of your beliefs – Rising above your fears to bringing balance to your perception.
  4. Loss of Power that your negative habits have had on you. The power that they once had on you will change because by reprogramming your subconscious mind, this will support your change of perception. With your negative habits losing their power and their ability to have a destructive influence on your life. Seeing is believing in conquering any negative habits, experiences and sometimes even people in your life, it is your realization and belief that these negative habits, experiences don’t have a firm hold on you or your emotions anymore. You now feel stronger for releasing and letting go of what will not have a positive or constructive influence on you or your life. Enjoy the lightness you feel as you mentally count the positive changes that you have made.

            A Message for You: To Change Perception is Not Denial: To change your perception of an experience, event or person does not mean you are denying any evidence. When you change your perception, you change your perspective which really means to “see” something from a different point of view that will be more advantageous to each person, situation, or circumstance.

Seeing it through different set of eyes. It is no different than becoming a more positive person, it doesn’t mean that you will see or know of something that is wrong or bad happening, that it isn’t happening. It is about looking for a positive outcome in that situation where possible or detachment or neutralization of an experience that you are powerless to change. Not allowing it to envelope you into feelings of despair, anger, bitterness, hurt or pain. But to that of enlightment, understanding that life isn’t perfect and all you can do or be is “YOUR BEST!”

Train your Mind to See the Good in Everything

Negative Thoughts, Feelings, Actions and Perception hold NO POSITIVE OUTCOME for anyone. A Problem can never be solved at the same level of thought or perception that it was created.

A Special Mention when it comes to Perception and Death: Dealing with death either in general or that of a loved one, though the principles that have been covered can generally be applied. Death can be an undeniably heart-wrenching and painful experience. It can be an inaccurate perception of death and the finality of life as you or I know it.

That is what is so acutely painful. Changing the perception and how you see death in a new scene from that of a physical plane to that of a Spiritual one will help to give rise to a new and more sequential meaning to death. If you have any doubts of the higher power and source of the world. I suggest a trip out in nature experiencing all that nature has to offer and the sequence and happenings of each day that happen regardless of what we as humans do the birth of a baby. Is truly amazing and a definite example of the higher power and miracles in life.

Bringing it all together

Reality: Perception and Intuition Building Blocks of a Brilliant Mind