Focus on the Process, Find Pleasure in the Journey and Enjoy Being present in the Moment. 5 Steps to your Successful Journey

Focus on the Process, Find Pleasure in the Journey

Enjoy Being present in the Moment

5 Steps to your Successful Journey

Why bringing your – Focus More On Processes and Being Present in the Moment, will make Staying on the Path a great deal easier. And achieving positive outcomes even better than you could have imagined.

It is easy to think that what you need to achieve considerable success in your life, it is important to focus on results and use these results to measure your progress. However, when you focus on results, you may never feel as though you are achieving any level of success. There is more to success than just looking at results. It is about learning to focus and understand the process of enjoying the consistency and the presence in the very moment. Enjoying the process of what you are actually achieving in any given moment, rather than focusing on the end result.

There are so many pleasures, moments of accomplishment, improvement that you will miss out on, along the way if you only focus on the results. When you start focusing your attention on the process and less on the results, you will begin to learn faster, you will feel more successful and happier with your outcome, gaining far more from your life than ever expected. That will be the positive keys necessary for staying on the path.

5 Steps to your Successful Journey and Staying on the Path

Never-to-Let-the-Mistakes-of-Yesterday-Stop-you-from making Positive Changes Today!
  1. Making your Mistakes Positive Moves Forward: Mistakes are part of your learning curve for life. Beginning from the time you were born. No one, nor is anything perfect. Perfection is a “myth”, is about learning the lessons to be the “Best You” to live your “Best Life”. Allow your Mistakes to help you learn and grow for positive, improved outcomes . When you are focused on a specific result, you are less willing to open your mind to positive changes that may just provide you with a better, more positive outcome than you actually imagined.
  2. Success is found in the Journey, Not the Destination: When you are focused on the process you really are excited about being in the present and enjoying it more fully. You are engaged and excited wanting to learn more, digging deep into the opportunities that lie ahead with the actions they you can implement to achieve them. There is nothing more powerful for achieving a Brilliant Mind than implementing actions to overcome your challenges.
  3. Eliminate Distractions: There will be certain areas of your activities that will come naturally and you won’t be easily distracted, But there will be times when you need to apply your full attention. For example: Studying for an exam, writing an article, book or a blog, when you are writing your plans, to-do-list, goals and also self-empowering, self-help activities. Allocate times during the day where you either eliminate or minimize your distractions. Placing a “Do Not Disturb Sign” on your forehead.
  4. You are In Charge: No-one can get you to do the things you need to do, even get you to the destination. Only you have the power to do this. The Power is within you – Learning to Trust your Inner Voice, Understanding that you are Enough, that you “Can do this” and there is always a way. So long as it is honest, ethical and in alignment with your core desires, core values and life’s moral compass.
  5. Derive Happiness from Being and Doing your Best: Bearing mind here it is about YOU! Not comparing yourself with anyone else or being Better than anyone else. As this builds discontentment, resentment, jealousy, sometimes even anger and last but not least. The biggest “Killer” to Staying on the Path “Disappointment”. Becoming happy with the positive changes, actions and input that you are giving to achieve your Best Life, is what brings True Happiness to your Life.
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