Find or Restore your Passion. Understanding the Footprint you want to Leave

Finding or Restoring your Passion:

Understanding the Footprint you want to Leave

Is the First Key Step to “Staying on the Path

Begins with knowing how you want to be, how you would like to be remembered, how you want to live your life and what is important for your a lifetime of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality.

The Question I have been asked over the years and it just came up again recently, “I don’t know how to find my passion or even where to start”? Asking me – “How did you find your passion Julie”? “How did you come to do the things you do”? After giving this a great deal of thought, I came to realize something that I learnt with Anthony Robbins, the importance of knowing what it is that you want. I realized how important knowing what I wanted had been, fortunately I was good at this.

As a kid knowing what you want just seems to come automatically, like you don’t like crawling around on the floor, seeing everyone else walking, so an automatic decision was made in your brain, let’s do this, let’s walk and guess what you walk. That is why and how most people learn how to walk. It becomes your passion something that you want, something that you feel deep inside that you MUST DO!

“Just Do It” – As when you were a child and you wanted to do something, you didn’t have to think about prioritizing, you just knew that if you wanted to play football, you had to learn to play football or say basketball, any other sport for that matter. If you want to read and write then you had to learn to read and write. You did whatever you had to, so as to learn these new skills.

Growing Up: Somehow as you have reached your teenage years, adult years and senior years. The further up the adult ladder you go, the less automatic this becomes. Forgetting these simple, yet important things about learning new skills, having to consciously think about prioritizing what you want, how you want to be, what you want to do, in order to build the life you want, by becoming the person you want to be. All of this as a kid came naturally because everything was new, but as you have become older, it just seems a little more difficult.

A major secret to finding your passion is to “Never Stop Learning” and “Never Put Limits on Yourself” unless it is something that you truly don’t want to do.

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Before you Find or Restore your Passion: 4 Important Keys you need to know!

Passion Does Not Always Come Easy. I am going to share with you here a little oxymoron; “Nothing worthwhile comes easy”.  What makes finding your passion difficult is not living in the moment, always looking behind or forward. An example of this is that you may well be a great writer, someone has mentioned how great your writing is and you should have it published. Instead of enjoying that moment you think back to when someone criticized your work previously or fear the future of having your work edited.

“Living in the Moment is the True Essence of Inner Peace & Passion”

Now you will be learning about the Importance of Acknowledging, Understanding the purpose and outcome that you are wanting to achieve. If you don’t acknowledge and understand the purpose in why you are doing something, with what the expected outcome will be. You will lose sight of achieving your long term goals.

Acknowledging: Understanding the Purpose and Outcome of your Actions

Next Lesson: Acknowledging: Understanding the Purpose and Outcome of your Actions

Always to Remember “Actions Speak Louder than Words”