6 Steps to Embrace Failure Making it your "Road to Success"

6 Steps to Embrace Failure Making it your “Road to Success”

The Key that makes Failure a positive asset to embrace is in developing your ability to continue moving forward in the face of failure, to grow and overcome failure by learning new skills, habits and taking full responsibility for your failures allowing them to pave the way to your “Road to Success”. Failure is merely, a reminder that there is still more to learn, this being a lifelong process. The only “True Failure” is not making positive changes in order to move from Failure to Success.

Most People Hate to Fail

Most people hate the thought of failing, seeing it as a negative to their level of intelligence. Allowing themselves to feel “stupid” and “dumb” because they have failed. This will consistently prevent you to take positive action to overcome the challenges, leaving you with feelings of disappointment, anger, frustration and at times jealousy, not opening your mind to see that failure is an experience of life for everyone. To reject failure is to reject the fact that you are human, to embrace failure you are embracing the fact that you are human.

Some people fail to succeed because they fail to try

Don’t get me wrong, failing is never a preferred choice when it comes to hours and hours of working on an assignment, work task, business or having experienced misfortune. Facing the inevitable challenges and mishaps that are thrown your way, experiencing feelings of defeat, despair. These feelings can make it hard to stay focused, and on the path. You can be led into disempowering beliefs that you are not good enough, you do not have what it takes, losing sight of your core desires and dreams.

To Embrace Failure as being a positive experience, that it has come about because you are doing something, that is worthwhile is a major key to your success and staying on the path. If you had not commenced this activity, assignment, life choice, you would not be needing to learn more, rethink your plans, to see your life grow into something that is meaningful with purpose.

Making Failure your Motivation and Determination your “Road to Success

You can make Failing one of the most incredible drivers to Success”

Failure Fuelling your Ability to Learn

Embrace Failure for Success Following these 6 Steps

  1. Acceptance and Recognition: At first it is upsetting and often traumatic when you have failed at something that is important and close to your heart. Accept these feelings as being “normal”, but not to take you away from your core desires and dreams. No matter what the reason is for you having failed it is an emotional time. It is important to take a little time to feel the loss, grief, embrace the failure and then to let it go. Allow yourself a day or even several to come to the realization that things are not going to work out as planned. Once you have grieved, released your painful emotions and you are now ready to take a look at how you can do things differently. If you do not take the time to grieve, this will leave you with emotional baggage that will hold you back from future success.
  2. Time to Evaluate: After giving yourself time to grieve, coming to a more balanced approach and attitude to the incidence of failure. It is time to think about how you can do things differently, in what areas were your strengths and what areas were your weaknesses. It is determining this that will give you a clearer picture of how to go about things differently, learn a new skill, maybe an apology is necessary, The important thing here is to “STOP: BREATHE: Bringing to your conscious mind positive solutions.
  3. Clearing the Road to Success: After your grieving and taking time to evaluate the situation, it is now time to make inroads to your road to success. Embrace your strengths and start working on an improved plan. This can mean going back to understanding what you want to achieve, your core desires, brainstorming solutions with trusted family, friends or work colleagues. It will be the action steps that you put into place for the positive change, that will renew your self-confidence, overriding the grief and emotion. Allowing for happy thoughts.
  4. Adjusting the Plan: Adjusting the plan does not mean you are giving up on your core desires, dreams or goals. Quite the opposite you are making adjustments that will bring you closer. It can be learning a new skill, doing some subject research, readjust your budget, financial goals, planning out a different course of action. Enrolling in a self development course, counselling or a coaching program.
  5. Releasing the Fear of Failure: Allowing failure to teach us without producing fear is the key. When you take actions to correct your failures as mentioned, this will help to eliminate fear of failure in the future, as you will see the positive outcome that you have achieved by taking positive steps to learn from your failure or should I say failures. Because I can personally say that there will be many, some more significant than others, but the key is to learn, embrace and rise above. “It is by overcoming your Failures that supports you in overcoming your Greatest Fears”. [Julie Doherty]
  6. Depersonalize your Failure: It can be so easy to blame yourself, someone else or even a situation in regards to failure. However, none of this will be constructive with moving forward. Depersonalize failureembrace it, by taking ownership, responsibility for your role, recognizing the errors made, learning from the errors, and then moving forward with positive, solutions.

Embrace Failure with the Intention that Nothing is Perfect and is always a Work in Progress

The Art of Patience is Being Kind

The Art of Patience

A Major Key to Achieving Success and Staying on the Path