Determination a Key to Making Positive Changes

Determination is that Key to Making Positive Changes


The Defining Moment Where your Core Desires, Clarity of Mind & Motivation Come into Action

Whether is be to earning a Degree, Succeeding in your Career, Establishing Positive Relationships with Family and Friends to Losing those extra Kilos or Overcoming a Tragedy or Trauma. Determination is the Key that will support you through making the necessary, Positive Changes and Staying on Track.

No matter what you goals are for your life, it important to know that they are your goals and that they are important to you. It is in learning these vital keys that will help you become a “Winner” in your eyes. To appreciate and take on the challenges that will lead to your success. “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. This does not mean that you will not make incremental changes along the way, to achieve your goals. Because you most definitely will. It means that whatever changes you make will be to achieving your goal. Making you a “Winner”.

Studies have shown that the importance of developing and building your “Determination” is more important that being “Smart”. It is in developing and building your determination that will make you “Smart”. Building not just your Intellectual intelligence also Lifeskills intelligence.

Review Adjust and Change Regularly to Fuel your Determination

Regularly review ensuring that your actions are meeting with your core desires, core values and dreams. Are there habits or behaviours that are preventing you from achieving your desired outcomes.

For example: you are working toward achieving Optimal Health and yet you are still smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Actions and tasks to put into place would be then to give up smoking, limit when and how much alcohol you are drinking. Another goal you are working toward is saving $10,000 for that holiday to Hawaii, yet you still are eating out every night. To optimize your saving, you would decide to cook at home, limiting eating out to once a week.

Take Charge of your Thinking

As you learnt in developing CLARITY OF MIND, the importance of changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts is necessary to implement as it will help you in staying determined and achieving your goals.

In the Building “CLARITY OF MIND” lesson you learnt to identify any negative thoughts, self-talk or behaviours changing these into the positive will give you the courage to persevere, also it helps in Building your Self-confidence.  

Focus on your Strengths

As mentioned it is important to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR THINKING AND HABITS that aren’t in alignment with your Core Desires, Core Values and Dreams. Eliminating the negative and reprogramming with the positive. It is important that throughout this process that you get a firm picture on your strengths. There are going to be areas that you aren’t strong and sometimes have no idea about, however if you are continually focusing on these areas, it will weaken your determination.

Let’s Recap on How to Fuel your Determination

  • Determination Is Transformative
    Your innate talents may create opportunities, but you have to put in the real work to make those opportunities a reality. Implementing the action and hard work is what will surpass any level of intelligence. It is in developing and building your determination that will support you in transforming your actions into success..
  • Determination is the Fuel that Keeps you making Progress
    Determination is about staying focused on a goal. As long as you have a clear picture of your goal, you then have the ability to create the paths to achieving that goal.
  • Determination Overcomes Failure
    What happens if you run into obstacles on the path to your goal? As I mentioned you will come across obstacles, that is what life and learning is all about. It will be your determination that will support you in finding other solutions. A favourite saying that I use during these times, when all seems to be too difficult, is “There is always a Way”. You may need to learn a new skill, stop and reflect, have a holiday to recharge your intuition and mind. But to always remember another important phrase – “I Can Do This!” The most gratifying thing about Determination is that Failure becomes a step forward and not a step backward.
  • Stay Focused on the Future but Remained Present in the Now
    The past is their to guide you, learn from what you want and how you want your life to be. Using the past not to define who you are, but to learn about who you want to become.
  • Believe in Yourself
    No matter how much someone else believes in you, this will not empower you unless you believe in yourself. You are in control of your life. No-one has the ability to take charge of your mind, even in the most difficult times. You are the only one who has the power to take charge of your thoughts, your emotions, your decisions and enabling yourself to reach your goals.
  • Celebrate Other People’s Victories
    As they say Jealousy is a curse and will disempower you from achieving your goals. Jealousy, resentment, anger and bitterness of other people’s success will deprive and debilitate you from achieving your core desires, goals and dreams. Instead of allowing these negative thoughts and emotions to enter your realm, embrace and celebrate with the people that are important to you their success. Remembering that each person’s level of success is different as is their goals and dreams. This is as it meant to be. Each time someone reaches their goal, it is evidence that goals are attainable. Allow your mind to see that you can achieve your goals as well, when you stay focused, positive and never give up.
  • Breaking Down the Big Picture
    This has always been a “tricky” area for me. I had no trouble visualizing the big picture of what I wanted for my life but breaking it down into smaller chunks, small goals from the larger goals was necessary to stop the feeling of overwhelm, procrastination and the feelings of that I wasn’t going to make it. It helps to keep you going, giving yourself small milestones to reach. In Building this membership site, the end result was to provide guidance and support for people to Master a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality. There were many goals and processes that had to go into place from developing the content that I had developed over my 30 plus years of practice into bite sized chunks, to implementing the necessary changes to my website. It was keeping the big picture in mind, with the understanding that it was a step by step process in building this.
  • Be Grateful
    This is oh so important. To take time to recognize what you have instead of obsessing about what you don’t have. To give yourself pats on the back regularly for the action, no matter how small that you are implementing toward your goal. This helps you to stay grounded, happy, less anxious and appreciating, remaining in the positive aspects.

As you see determination is a major key when it comes to making any advancement, positive change in reaching your goals whether it be with earning a degree at university, building positive, lasting relationships, being successful with both your personal and private life.

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