Determination vs Motivation Understanding the Difference

Determination vs Motivation: Understanding the Difference

The Defining Moment of Bringing your Dreams into Reality

In your previous lessons you have learnt about Motivation and how it is the Steppingstone to Developing your Determination. Determination on the other hand is bringing together your Clarity of Mind and Core Desires that have fuelled your Motivation to a place of determining the action needed to achieve these.

It can be easy to mistake motivation as being the same as determination. However, they are quite different with different meanings. But work together like a lock and a key. Motivation being the key to unlock and bring to life your determination.

4 Motivational Key Influences

Recap on Motivation

As I mentioned in your lessons on Motivation, there are key influences that vary for each of us, and they will be different. It is by looking at your perspective on these influences and to ensure that they are in alignment with your Core Desires, Dreams and Goals.

  • An example: You want to live a healthy life, this is your Core Desire: Yet you smoke, you do not want to end up with lung cancer, your Motivation: You get support on becoming a non-smoker, your decision: you eliminate all evidence of ever smoking, going to places where you are vulnerable to smoking. This is your determination.
Determination your Heart Felt Desires Coming to Reality Vs Motivation being to develop the Ability to Believe you Can

Determination vs Motivation

How often have you been incredibly motivated about changing an area of your life or developing a new project, when your motivation has taken a seat in the back row and your determination has disappeared.

During the process of writing and developing your membership courses I have experienced these moments. This is where my Core Desires and Passion came into play reminding me of the “Why”, this refreshes my motivation, supporting my determination.

What I have learnt during this time is that while motivation and determination are not the same, both are necessary to achieve success, but even more importantly to you “NEVER GIVING UP” and helping you to “STAY ON THE PATH”.

There have been many different perspectives over which is more powerful, motivation or determination? It is from both my personal and professional experience, that they work hand in hand, with motivation being the fuel for your determination.

It has been argued that determination is the starting point and motivation is the fuel that keeps you going. In my experience, as a major factor to succeeding with achieving your goals, is dependent on your motivation and determination working together with determination being your driving force.

5 Sparks that Fuel Motivation

Motivation is your ability to –

  • Develop Clarity of Mind by having a clear picture and understanding of your Core Desires
  • Being your driving factor to your core desires, dreams, goals
  • Providing the Foundations for where you need to take action
Determination your Defining Moment where your Core Desires, Clarity of Mind & Motivation come into Action

Determination is your ability to –

  • Develop a plan, Execute the plan to Achieve your Desired Result
  • Being Flexible and Adaptable along the Way to Learning & Constructing Positive Changes

Now that you have a clearer picture of Motivation being the Steppingstone to Determination. You will now learn the Art of Determination. Activating those positive feelings, you have established with your Core Desires, developing Clarity of Mind and Motivation. BELIEVING YOU CAN DO IT!

“Let Determination be your Guiding Light to the path of Building the Life you Desire”

Developing Determination is “Understanding what you Truly want”. This being the Key Step to Developing Healthy, Positive Habits. Giving you every opportunity to Build a Positive and Successful Life. By having these steps clearly in place, you will have the determination that will sustain you in the long term to overcome obstacles and life events that will keep your motivation strong.

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