Desires: Dreams: Goals - 8 Keys to Accountability: Staying on the Path

Desires: Dreams: Goals – Accountability

8 Keys to your Accountability and Staying on the Path

Staying on the Path can be “Tricky”, if you do not set up a formula that you are not going to back out of. As you begin to put the lessons you have been learning to Building a Brilliant Mind the Foundation you need to Build a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality. The main focus here is learning these 8 Keys that will help you to stay accountable, enabling you to achieve your Desires, Dreams and Goals.

8 Keys to Stay Accountable – Staying on the Path: Building Accountability

1: Recognizing your Skills/Talents and your Struggles

Being perfectly honest with yourself about what are your natural talents and what are the things that you struggle with. For example: you may have excellent skills with communicating through writing, but struggle with face-to-face communication with people. To be able to move forward with your desires, dreams and goals it is vital that you build your accountability skills. In order to accurately determine your goals,

it is important that you are brutally honest with the skills that you have and the ones that you struggle with and that need fine tuning or further knowledge to be learnt. By having a clear picture of the skills you have and the skills that still need to be learnt in order to reach your goals, will help to improve your focus and motivation to stay on track.

2: Committing to a Schedule

Developing and committing to a schedule is such an important key to staying on track. This is not about setting deadlines as this is a big mistake when it comes to accountability. When you focus solely on the Big Goal, it becomes overwhelming bringing about feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, sadness that you are never going to make it.

No matter how much you hope, wish or desire to (losing 20 pounds, writing a book, launching a business) chances are that you just might forget that any goal can only be accomplished through a step-by-step process. Unfortunately no goal will magically happen, you must actually commit to making small, daily incremental steps toward achievement.

3: Set Small Achievable Goals toward your Big Goal

Accountability is easier with small achievable goals. When too much focused is placed on the enjoyment and pleasure you will experience when you achieve your Big Goal, you will lose momentum, your motivation and determination. As these will be depleted with the feelings overwhelm and feelings of failure. To achieve consistent progress you need accountability, commitment and the belief that you can do this.

4: Get an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone who is committed to helping you reach your goals. This could be a close friend, a work colleague, or a spouse. Over the years I have had a few accountability partners, but the best one that is currently supporting me is a close friend.

The emphasis here is to find someone who is genuine, honest and is not afraid of commitment or hard work. In saying hard work, this is not always physical, it is also emotional and intellectual. Who is not just looking at the end result, but is prepared to join you with the journey, learning together along the way. It is easy to become overwhelmed when you do not have someone whom you are accountable to, who will work with you in breaking down the steps, your smaller goals. Who will push you, but not to the point where you are exhausted, with the process.

5: Stopping Self-Sabotage

Self-Sabotage is a subconscious way of preventing or limiting your success. You have been doing the work, you are clear about your core desires, dreams and goals, yet something still is not quite right. Self-Sabotage often comes from a fear of failure, success or what will happen when you go out of your comfort zone. Self-Sabotage is linked to self-destructive habits that will prevent you from achieving your core desires, dreams and goals. The first step to stop the progress of any self-sabotaging habits is to make yourself accountable, to understand and identify how they will impede your progress, should you allow them to continue. Break free from limiting, self-sabotaging habits with these easy steps:

  • Identify and Understand the Triggers – As with most self-destructive, damaging habits that will fuel your self-sabotage, they follow a predictable pattern. Identifying, Understanding and Becoming Aware of how these present themselves into your life will help to putting a STOP! and eliminating these habits.

Think back to previous times you’ve self-sabotaged in your life and business.

How do you self-sabotage?

At one point do you typically stop yourself from reaching the next level of success, happiness, or wealth?

What are your triggers?

  • Get Familiar with the Fear Link to your Destructive Habit: Negative habits that fuel your Self-sabotage are really misunderstood as self-love. The difficulty often with eliminating these negative, destructive habits lies in the fear of the unknown of what is to become of you, when you do not have this habit to rely on. You are experiencing a misconstrued sense of self, that is embodied in your ego, where your ego thinks it is protecting you from danger, but in reality is setting you up for failure of ever achieving a life of optimal health, happiness, vitality and quality. Fear is an emotion, that will cripple you from achieving the level of success that you desire. In lesson 5 you learnt the steps as to how to Embrace Fear & Overcome Blockages. Revisiting this lesson will be helpful for you, in understanding and overcoming your fears.
Identify and Overcome your Fear to Build Emotional Resilience for a Positive Life
  • Stay Committed Each Day to your Goals: Before going to bed that night revisit your goals, planning the tasks that you can implement the next day, that will get you closer to achieving your big or long term goals. When you flood your conscious thoughts with your positive plans and goals, it will be much more difficult to sabotage yourself.
  • Doing Less is often More: You may have heard this before. Over the years, my business coaches have instilled in me, that fact that “Simple”, keeping things simple takes away a lot of the agony, of believing that more is better. It will lessen the overwhelm, allowing you to focus only on the tasks that are in alignment with your core desires, dreams and moving your closer to achieving your goals. Keeping it Simple, doing less is important because the work that you do implement into your action and task schedule, you will do better. Create each day your top 3 to 5 priority tasks, estimating the length of time for each one. This will help to keep you focused and accountable. Allowing you to say NO! to anything that is not a priority and what I have found that when something out of the blue comes up for that day, you will still work toward achieve these tasks.
  • Accountability equates with being Responsible: You and you alone are accountable and responsible for the success that “YOU” and “YOU” alone want to achieve. This does not mean that you have to be anti-social, eliminate yourself from sound advice, asking for help when you need it. But to understand that success will not come by itself, it will take giving up the things that are not going to serve you well, will harm you, taking on positive action and implementing positive changes.

6: Never lose Sight of your Why

Keep your “why” at the forefront of your mind when working toward your goals. Embrace the habit of continual growth and learning. Educating yourself for each area of your life, to understand, overcome any objectives, challenges. Feed your mind with positive knowledge, inspiration for continual growth that will build your reasons why, helping you to remain focused and staying on the path.

7: Celebrate your Achievements

No matter how small or insignifant they may seem. A celebration is to bring to your conscious awareness the fact that you are constructively working toward living your best life and this deserves a “Pat on the Back”. That often you will not think to do for yourself. But please do, it is vital for you “Staying on the Path” .

8: Revise, Revisit and Never Stop Dreaming

One of the reasons I developed this Membership Site was so you could have access to all the necessary information and guidance to Master and Build a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality. So you could revise and revisit the Courses and Lessons any time you want and in the comfort of your own home. Enabling you to make your Dreams come True.

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