Building a Vision Board to unleash your Core Desires

Building a Vision Board to unleash your Core Desires

A vision board brings the pictures in your mind into alignment with your feelings and core/heart desires. The power of bringing your visualization/pictures into reality with a vision board help to motivate the emotional response necessary to implement positive changes towards achieving your goals.

I have found my vision board imperative for helping me to stay on track with my core desires. Not just for today, but for my whole life. It has helped me when overcoming tragedy, loss, trauma all the events that pop-up along the way that might otherwise knock you completely over.

It can be very difficult to achieve a major change, implement your goals or your dreams if you are struggling with picturing this in your mind. There are three ways to become a successful in making a positive change into a lifelong habit.

Designing the Life you want to Live
  1. Visualization – being able to visualize what it is that you want to learn and the ability to see the new changes. Let me keep it simple for you. A Vision board is a powerful tool that will support you mentally in manifesting your core desires and dreams, helping them to come true. They will help change your inner dialogue, helping your emotional healing from the inside/out. The underlying logic is that by visualizing how you want your life and yourself to be, it supports your mind to regain clarity, concentration, empowering you to focus and putting the actions into place of how you want your life to be.
  2. Auditory – Listening. The art of fine tuning your listening skills is the next powerful tool to making learning a new skill or way of living so much easier. This can be listening to trusted people whom have succeeded with the areas you want to learn, develop and change. Listening to subliminal auditory tapes to help build your confidence, change your perspective to the positive. I have listened to auditory tapes, CD’s all of my life and still do each day. Of course now there are many varied ways such as Podcasts, MP3, you get the message. Another powerful auditory avenue is movies, watching positive, constructive, loving, kind movies are a great way to help unleash your core desires.
  3. Kinaesthetic – Tactile. Being able to touch and feel bring action to your dream. Go back to how you feel when you have built something, finished a race, played a sport, finished a painting, it is the learning that takes place with physical activity.

Now before I share with you a step-by-step guide to creating your vision board let me quickly share the benefits that building a vision board will provide for you. Imagine the power of combining these three together this is how your vision board will work –

  • It will improve your auditory, listening skills starting with listening to your inner you, your core desires.
  • Kinaesthetic – Tactile – you will be actively engaged in researching finding visual pictures of your core desires.
  • Your Vision board will provide affirmation, a sense of commitment.
  • Your Vision board is a key to building your motivation as it creates an emotional connection. .
  • Your Vision board is your Foundation, your map that will support you achieving your goals and dreams.
Making a Vision Board That works for YOU

Next Step to Getting a Clear Picture of your Core Desires is

Making a Vision Board that Works for You!