Beliefs, Perception, and your Subconscious Mind - Achieving Balance for a Positive Life

Beliefs, Perception, and your Subconscious Mind –

Achieving Balance for a Positive Life

Your Beliefs, Perception and Subconscious Mind have a profound effect on your habits, relationships, your health and how every aspect of your life pans out. Many people are not aware of the significant role that these play in achieving your core desires, dreams and goals.

Your perceptions govern your patterns of thought, and the outcomes of your life choices, for better or for worse. The link between Changing your Perception, your Beliefs and Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind go hand in hand.

Positive change with your perceptions as you learnt when it came to taking charge of fear, begins with – Getting a clear “Understanding your Core Desires”: “Building Clarity of Mind”. “Changing your Perception”. This has direct Positive Link to Developing Positive Change within your Subconscious Mind. In turn having a positive effect on the health and function of every cell in your body

Think of your subconscious mind like the electrical switch board of your house where electrical wires lead to the lights and power points within your house. The quality and efficiency of the switch board has a direct effect on the quality and efficiency of your lighting and power. Your subconscious mind has a direct link sending messages to your nerve and hormonal pathways. So, the quality of the messages in your subconscious mind has a direct effect on the quality of your physical, mental and emotional health.

Misalignment with your Perception is triggered by your emotions. An example of this is that you may be feeling sad or having a not-so-good day. And someone will say something to you that normally you would not take untowardly, but today you have because emotionally you are feeling somewhat scattered and maybe vulnerable. It is best that on these days that you take a rain check and review the situation when you are feeling better when you will understand that nothing detrimental was meant or that maybe the person was just wanting to be helpful.

Another example of misalignment is – It could be that someone has asked you to do something or go somewhere and your perception is that you either you can’t do this or that it is somewhere that you don’t feel like going. By bringing your perception into a positive phase [changing your perception] and doing the activity or going on the outing will improve your feelings of self-doubt, depression, or sadness.

Beliefs and Perception

Not surprising that your beliefs as does your perception effects every area of your life. From the time you were born, beliefs begin to shape your perception of the world. And your perception is your reality.

That is why it is of the utmost importance to take notice of your beliefs, identify and understand their content. This will support your conscious mind, to understand how they affect your reality. It is only when you recognize, identify and understand your beliefs that you are able to change them to fit with your core desires, dreams and goals.

Each one of your beliefs affects your perception like a lens affecting the light passing through it. Just like when you put red sunglasses on, the world looks red, when you attach a belief to your perception the world will seem to be filled  with the reality of that belief. It is through the lens of belief you create and experience your reality. So, if this isn’t in alignment to how you want your reality to be, then you can change your reality by changing your beliefs that will give you positive reality.

An Example: If you believe that anxiety is something that you have no control over, classing it as severe anxiety, you will see, hear, feel, taste and smell the things that substantiate that belief.  No taking control of this belief changes your perception of the world so that you will see a world full of worries and stresses. Instead of opportunities, hope, love and joy.

Allowing this belief to continue will affect your life in a destructive and harmful way. As you see giving you a negative perception of the world, that will highlight the things that cause you to feel anxious. It will emphasize and create feelings of social anxiety, financial anxiety, and anything that is in your belief system, that believes it to cause upset or harm. I am sure that you do not want to feel like this, allowing your beliefs and perceptions to take control of you in a negative way.

  • People who believe they are depressed will find things to be depressed about.
  • People who believe they are happy will find things to be happy about.
  • People who believe they are successful will see all the successes they are achieving. 
Changing your Perception Changes your Reality

Now you are Going to Learn –

How to Change your Perception to Build a Positive Life & your Reality

Always to Remember – “That whatever you Believe is Right”

So make it “Right” for you – Aligning with your Core Desires, Dreams and Goals