Baby Steps Building a Brilliant Mind with Vision and Determination - 8 Keys to Success

Baby Steps Building a Brilliant Mind with Vision and Determination

8 Keys to Success

There is greater power to taking baby steps toward Building a Brilliant Mind with Vision and Determination. Remembering that Building a Brilliant Mind is the Core Foundation for Building and Mastering a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness, Vitality and with Great Quality.

It is not unusual for people to believe that a Brilliant Mind is something that only occurs with certain people, whom are born with an innate, natural intelligence. Yes, in some cases people can be born with a certain level of Brilliance, and intelligence. To be honest I think we all are.

However, to Build a Brilliant Mind and a level of intelligence that will stand you in Great Stead for you whole life, there is work that needs to be done to bring balance, harmony and true success to your life. If you jump ahead too quickly, making huge steps forward there will be areas of your mental and emotional health that will be missed and in missing these baby steps you may well lose achieving balance and sustainable success in your life.

5 Benefits of Baby Steps to Fuelling your Mind for Brilliance

  1. Develops Harmony and Balance – giving you the opportunity to make well thought out decisions, and actions for achieving your goals.
  2. Improves Cognitive Function – your brain is the huge library of experiences, imagination and knowledge. Taking baby steps improves your cognitive function by giving you a chance to tap into all of these experiences and build on them.
  3. Physical Health: Taking baby steps helps with building physical health and stamina by giving yourself time to think and apply healthy lifestyle and living habits. A Healthy Mind is a Major Step to Building a Healthy You.
  4. Mind Body Health: Reduces Anxiety, Stress, Decreases the effects of Trauma, Pain & Grief. Giving yourself time to heal.
  5. Reduces the risk of Degenerative Disease: As I have mentioned to you previously your Brain is like a computer that controls all your bodily functions. Working in conjunction with your nervous system that is like a network that relays messages to all the areas of your body.
8 Keys - Baby Steps to Building a Brilliant Mind with Vision and Determination

8 Keys – How to Take Baby Steps to Building a Brilliant Mind with Vision and Determination

Taking baby, small steps has power to build something Great. Ove time each baby, small step adds up to propel you forward to achieve your dreams and goals.

1. Develop a Plan of Action: Baby Steps toward your Success

Now that you have a clear picture of your core desires, fuelling your mind for success. Learning how to develop clarity of mind, overcoming fear, how motivation, determination and vision work together, supporting your dreams and goals. None of this is going to work without developing a plan.

Not unlike when you were a child and your dream or vision was to walk, you began with small steps such as crawling, then standing, taking a few steps with assistance, to being able to walk on your own.

Developing a plan of action is the most important step towards success. It is no secret that the simple truth of accomplishing your dreams, visions and goals is only achieved by taking action. No matter how much we would like someone to wave magic wand, and I can tell you there have been many times that I would have loved this, it just does not happen. While you are dreaming about the magic wand you are wasting precious time, that you can be implementing your plan.

Core Desires - Dreams - Vision - Thoughts - Plans - Action

Core Desires – Dreams – Vision – Thoughts – Plans – Action

2. Making a Start with the First Step

Making a start with implementing the first step is usually the most difficult part of the process. It is normal to not feel sure about the best direction to take to implement your core desires, dreams and goals. It can be tempting not to get started until you have a vision of the entire road map, waiting for the right moment in order to begin.

Instead of becoming an active process, the waiting game, procrastination begins. Waiting for the pieces to all fit together, for it to make sense, waiting for the right conditions, circumstances or people to come along. You begin over analyzing, your mind goes into overdrive, to believing that it is more difficult than it actually is. This is where the breaking down into baby steps becomes a “MUST” for you to achieve any level of success.

By overthinking, over analyzing, waiting for the right conditions, circumstances or people, will lead you to you not taking any action. Allowing self-doubt, fear and worry to creep back in, is a definite block to taking the action necessary.

It is a paralyzing thought to think that you have to take big steps in order to achieve your dreams and goals. The truth is that your success will be achieved by taking baby steps, much more efficiently. To build your self-confidence and self-esteem the secret is to see yourself making progress, the best way to do this is by making a plan, putting the plan into baby steps so you can take action.

The first step is always scary, but it must be done in order to begin releasing those feelings of fear and self-doubt.

Remember that no-one who has achieved true success has done it without overcoming their very own challenges, without taking that first step and without making a plan.

3. No Better Place to Begin than Right Now

There will be no better place or time to begin the journey to achieving your goals and dreams than “RIGHT NOW! Begin where you are right now, as you match your action with your plans will will grow, with each step you will improve your skills, your intelligence, brain power and you will be more productive with action. As a lack of planning and action will deprive you of achieving your dreams and goals. The reality is that if you do not take the time to plan and take action, no-one else is going to do it for you. Action simple means to begin implementing your desires, dreams and ideas by taking the plunge to Simply Start!

Nothing happens without making a start and taking action. The car will not move, if you do not turn on the ignition [action] to get it started. Taking Action with your core desires, dreams, ideas is about Turning them into Reality.

Baby Steps to Building a Brilliant Mind requiresVision, Determination and Action. This will strengthen you, improve your brain power, intelligence, self-esteem and self-confidence. The fuel needed for you to achieve the level of success that you desire.

It will not be all smooth sailing, you will stumble, make mistakes and at times you will seem to go backwards. This is normal the path to success where you will be constantly learning baby steps, that will help you in moving forward, remaining focused and achieving progress along the way.

4. Stay Consistent with Regular Baby Steps

There will be times of overwhelm this is normal. You may feel fearful, confused, paralyzed, overwhelmed, worried, anxious and even apprehensive. The key here is to remain consistent and this is where the baby steps become your life saver, to remember that each small, baby step is what will keep you moving forward.

5. Nothing Great was Achieved by Starting Big

When people start off big, over time this can lead to failure, disappointment, sadness and loss of identity of why they are doing what they are doing, losing a sense of themselves, their core desires, dreams and goals.

One step a a time is the key to successful and sustainable growth.

6. Pushing the Restart Button

There will be many times when you will push the restart button. It is important not to feel afraid or embarrassed about this, as it is the opportunity to refresh, restore and improve. Often to once again bring balance back into your plans and actions.

Do not be discouraged by how many times you have to push the restart button to restore your balance, clarity and mindfulness. It is a misconception and disempowering to believe that you have to do things all at once, all you need to do is to take one small, baby step at a time.

7. The Benefits of Baby Steps

  • Helps you to discover what works and what is not working.
  • Gives you the opportunity to evolve and grow at a pace that you are able to cope with.
  • Baby steps allow for gradual change, with change comes success.
  • Allows you to remain focused, on the path achieving incremental success along the way
  • Baby steps allows you to focus on detail, keeping your dreams and goals unique

8. Remember the Tortoise and the Hare – Slow and Steady wins the Race

The important thing to remember that really there is NO RACE! It is about enjoying your life in every aspect along the way. The is the True Secret of Success.

  • Take Breaks and have fun along the way
  • Avoid the urge to grow too quickly, taking time to breath
  • Make incremental changes and improvements along the way
  • Pace and prioritize not to give yourself too much to do
  • Success was not built over night, it takes time, work and commitment
  • Work on one area at a time improving and evolving as you go, and
  • Don’t be afraid to start small implementing small, baby steps.

Never Forget your Core Desires – Your Reasons for Success

Never to forget your Core Desires you reasons for Success

Important Keys to Remember in Conclusion

A. The Power of Small Steps

  • If you are you feeling overwhelmed about starting? Do not worry you are not alone, most people feel this way. They feel fearful, confused, paralyzed, overwhelmed, anxious and apprehensive when it comes time to start. It is by taking the first step that will help overcome these feelings.
  • There is great wisdom in starting with small, baby steps and allowing growth to be steady and well paced, is that great wisdom is learnt. This being a great key to sustainability, perseverance, and not losing sight of your core desires, dreams and goals.
  • As the baby steps build over time this forms the big picture of your dreams, vision that ignites your determination.

B. The Power of Taking Action

  • Baby steps are the key to Building a Brilliant mind allowing your true vision and determination to shine through.
  • Taking the first step is usually the hardest part of the journey. Start at where you are right now, this is how you will grow and improve your knowledge, productivity and determination.
  • Action improves your self-confidence enabling you to continue taking action. Taking action builds momentum the only way that you will get things done!

“The True Success of Life is Finding Joy in the Painful, Difficult Times

this being the Foundation to a Truly Happy Life”

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