3 Steps to Acknowledging: Understanding the Purpose and Outcome of your Actions

3 Steps to Acknowledging: Understanding the Purpose and Outcome of your Actions

Is about Understanding the Why!

Acknowledging, Understanding the purpose and outcome of your actions will help you to “Stay on Track”, because when you understand the “Why”, it helps with prioritizing your time and the tasks needed to be done to achieve the end result. It is also a human element that will best restore your motivation, Moving the motivation from outside of you to within you, fuelling your burning desire once again, getting you back on the path.

3 Steps to Acknowledging: Understanding the Purpose, Outcomes and Action

1: Acknowledge: Reconnect with your Goal – It can be difficult to Take Action, the necessary steps each day, if you are not clear about your goal, understanding its purpose and the outcome that you want to achieve.

  • What are you wanting to accomplish today. It is important to be specific. For example: To Eat Healthier, Begin writing a book, apply for a new job, learn a new skill, enroll for a course.
  • Take a moment to reflect and visualize your goal. See yourself accomplishing it, what you are going to gain, and how you are going to feel. Doing this exercise will help to bring clarity and ground you with understanding your purpose and outcome. Making it easier to implement the necessary actions.

2: Understanding the Purpose: your Why! What is the reason, purpose behind achieving your goal?  Identifying the “Big Why”, helps to you to understand the purpose behind the actions and work necessary that will refuel your motivation, getting you out of the feeling of being “stuck” or “blocked”, unlocking your ability to take action, to achieve your desired outcome.

3: Achieving the Outcome you Desire from your Actions – One small step of completion of a task from your actions, will begin an avalanche of momentum and energy to continue taking the action each day that will see you accomplishing your goals. Grab your calender and start planning your daily action tasks. Remember, to add some fun activities in there, that will also help you with staying on track.

Always to Remember

Core Desires, Dreams and Goals without action are just images of how you want your life to be. It can be difficult to take action if you are in a stuck, feeling blocked, lacking self-confidence. Especially if it feels like the whole world is in the same situation.

There are times when being in a “Stuck” isn’t so bad, it can be a time of reflection. Taking a closer look at what is working and what is not. Fortunately, there are ways of moving forward from this feeling of being in a stuck or blocked. To reconnect to your core desires, dreams and goals. Share your dreams and Goals. Talk to a trusted friend, get the help of someone whom will make you accountable, engage with cognitive counselling, take time out to have some fun, to reignite your passion and love for life.

Do Not be afraid of the feelings of being “Stuck” or “Blocked”, they are inevitable. Take a deep breath, believe in yourself, your strengths and abilities. Be brave and face these challenges one step at a time. Get strategic about your planning with the necessary actions you need to take. And Success does not come with just one plan, so have a – “Plan A”, “Plan B” and “Plan C”. Never allowing any plan to take you away from the things that you Truly Love, Care and Feel Passionate about, but to bring you closer.

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