The Final 3 Keys to Eliminating Fear & Excuses Forever

The Final 3 Keys to Eliminating Fear & Excuses Forever

Is that even possible, I can hear you saying, probably not. But I will tell you what is going to happen. When your Fearful thoughts, feelings and excuses crop up, you now have the ability to toss them aside. Because you now have the ability to identify, understand them, that will enable you to Take Control.

1: Surround yourself with a Strong, Supportive Network

They say you become whom and what you surround yourself with. I don’t believe this to be totally true when you become clear about the person you want to be and how you want your life to be. In saying that, though it is important to have a few, select, trusted people in your network of life. That are strong enough to support you building your desires and dreams, not afraid to help keep you on track, if you get out of sync. It certainly helps when you have people around you who are working constructively and positively to achieve their goals and dreams.

2: Understanding Life isn’t Perfect

Understanding that life is not Perfect and there will be times of hurt, pain and even what you may perceive as failure. When you look at these as opportunities of growth in becoming stronger, happier and healthier then achieving your goals becomes a great deal easier. Bearing in mind, if one of your number one fears is that of failure, understanding that there is no such thing as failure, it is only the opportunity to gain further clarity to living the life you want to live.

3: Baby Steps for Maximum Benefits

I know you want it yesterday, or if not tomorrow. Wow! wouldn’t that be great. But unfortunately not real. Life is all about learning and growing. Build into your mindset a growth mentality, as this is vital in staying on the path and not giving up. Patience is a virtue and is a must for achieving long term goals and desires.

Taking Charge of Fear is Vital for Growth As   Fear is where Nothing Grows

 Fear is the brings death to personal growth, enlightment and enjoyment of life. Little by little if you don’t Take Charge of Fear, you will lose faith in the wonderful person that you truly are and the wonderful life that you have the ability to live. Letting go of the past, identifying, understanding to rise above my fears where they no longer control me, is where I will remain. Julie Doherty

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Julie Doherty

This is life’s journey and one not to be taken lightly but enjoyed along the way. It is not a race as to who can get to the finishing line first, in fact I am dragging my feet. The true success lies in completing each step of the journey with love, kindness, commitment and faith.