The Power of Change begins in your Mind: 2 Ways to Open your Mind to New & Magical Experiences

The Power of Change begins in your Mind: 2 Ways to Open your Mind to New & Magical Experiences

The Power of Change begins in your Mind:

2 Ways to Open your Mind to New & Magical Experiences

By Changing your Thoughts, you will Change the way you Feel making for a Healthier, Happier & Brighter Day!

1: Changing your Thoughts from seeing the Negative to Finding the Positive

What you say to yourself is what you believe. What you believe you become. The first and most important aspect that gets tucked away in the filing cabinet of your subconscious mind is the daily dialogue that you speak to, about yourself and others.

By changing this daily dialogue and your thoughts from the negative to a positive aspect, this will have a profound positive effect, and will create positive changes in your health, your relationships, your home life and career. Every aspect of your life will improve for the better. When you are constantly telling yourself negativities, you are creating negative beliefs about yourself, your environment, and others.

The simplest and easiest way to change your autosuggestions is with the use of daily affirmations, quotes and inspirational guidance. Once again do this step by step choosing the affirmation, quote or inspiration guidance that is appropriate currently for you

2: Refuelling and Reprogramming your Mind with Inspirational Quotes & Guidance

LISTENING: SEEING AND TOUCH – Experience. To learn something new, bring in positive changes happens in these three ways.

An example I will use for you is when I was studying Naturopathic medicine as this was all quite overwhelming and I wanted to make sure that I would learn everything that I needed to know, which was a Lot ? So I went to every lecture [listening and seeing] taped all my notes and listened to them at night [listening] I would rewrite all of my notes and assignments [seeing] and the touch, experience came in our final two years of putting the listening and seeing into the practice of experience and touch. ?

Fuelling your Imagination: Your Imagination is another powerful tool that helps you to bring into reality your core desires and dreams. As a child I am sure that you had a vivid imagination that most likely was squashed along the way. With negative comments such as what a vivid imagination you have. Coming across as something quite negative and with some implication of you being stupid.

So, I would like you to imagine yourself being successful in the area that you are wanting to improve or change. When you use inspirational quotes and guidance these go into your subconscious mind to bring clarity and affirm [hence why they are also called affirmations], your desires, your dreams and your goals.

Subliminal Persuasion

Using affirmations to help change either to replace negative thoughts with positive ones or to plants seeds of growth for what you want to achieve either with your personal growth, relationships, work and so on. Once you have this image clear in your mind, do not let go of it! You will need to choose your affirmation of choice, then to read this as many times a day as possible to support the changes within your subconscious mind supporting your dreams coming to reality.

Subliminal Persuasion [Hypnosis] to transform the subconscious mind. Clinical hypnosis has been used for years to help support cognitive changes and processes. This has been found somewhat successful, but to a lesser degree than the implementation of subliminal tapes, CD’s, they can be downloaded and put onto your MP3 player. I began using the tapes ? many years ago now! I am still using the CD’s and play an appropriate one to support the changes I want to make. I do this every night for a month at least, sometimes longer if I am not quite happy with the outcome or I am transitioning back to some degree.

The beauty of using these mediums is that you can do this in the comfort of your own home and as often as you like. Seeing a clinical hypnotherapist may be helpful initially until you become used of the idea or build some confidence.

However, as you can imagine having your very own hypnotherapy available to use in your home, every day is going to bring much more positive and long-term results. Subliminal persuasion is a very positive tool when incorporated with your plan to build clarity of mind. Keeping the changes in alignment with your Core desires, Core values and Dreams. – What you really want!

Be Careful Though Subliminal Persuasion Messages are Everywhere! Become Selective!

Remembering that subliminal persuasion messages are used every day with the media, magazines, billboards, newspapers and social media to persuade you to buy that certain product, clothing, house, eat that certain food. These may not always be in your best interest but of that of the company who is trying to persuade you toward their product or service.

 By having a clear picture of your core desires, values and dreams this will also take the anxiety of making these choices. It is also useful when building positive thoughts for a brilliant mind to minimize as much of the media marketing as possible, allowing room in your subconscious mind for the things that you want, not what others want you to have or be. You can always ask a trusted friend advice rather than taking on board only what the media has to offer.

The Power Begins in your Believing that you can Change!

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