The Decision to Change Your Life is Only a Thought Away – 8 Easy Steps to Fuel your Mind & Body for Successful Change!

Fuelling-your-Mind-Body-for-Successful-Change begins with the Thoughts you Think

The Decision to Change Your Life is Only a Thought Away - 8 Easy Steps to Fuel your  Mind & Body for Successful Change!

The Decision to Change Your Life is Only a Thought Away – 8 Easy Steps to Fuel your Mind & Body for Successful Change!

Why can the Decision to Change be so Difficult? The Decision to Change any aspect of your life is “Only a Thought Away”. No matter how challenging it can be at times your health and well being are worth the effort. Something that is important for you to Believe is that –
You have a Choice: You always have a Choice. You May Not always have a Choice over What is Happening. But you always have a choice as to How you React!

Begin to Change your Life for the better by following the 8 Easy Steps in this article. They will fuel your mind and body for successful change.

Action or Reaction

Whether to Act upon something that will be Positive or Beneficial for You, Not Just in the Short Term but in the Long Term or whether something is Going to be Bad for YOU – Causing you Harm or Grief.

Choices come from the Decisions you make each moment of Everyday!

When making a Decision to change it is important to have clarity in your mind that the changes are provide the fuel you need to Building the Life you want, that are in alignment with your Core Desires, Core Values together with how you picture the way you want to be and how you want your life to be. This will guide you in making the right choices that will support bringing your dreams into reality., enabling you to take whatever action is necessary.

The Decision to Change or Not to Change – Being Stubborn to that of being Determined: Knowing the Difference

“There is a Major Difference to being STUBBORN to being DETERMINED
Being stubborn put simply means that you don’t want to be proven wrong
Being Determined means that you will do everything in your Power to make things right”

Change your Thoughts & Change your Life

8 Steps to Change Your Thinking – To Change Your Life

1. Taking Charge of Your Thinking  “Thoughts you choose to Think” are what will lead us to the decisions we make and whether we decide to make a positive or a negative choice. The exciting thing here is that whatever you think is right. So if you are having thoughts that are not serving you well, by changing these to thoughts that allow you to believe that you can do it. Guess what your subconscious brain believes you.

2. Stop! Breathe! – Taking time to get your thoughts into focus and decide that you want your Life to be Better! This is a major key to building positive relationships, reducing anxiety and stress. I remember as a kid when I began to get frustrated or angry about something my Mum would say “Stop” and count to 10. It worked but many times as an adult it might take counting to 100, whatever it takes to bring calmness back. Breathe deep while you are counting, this improves your lungs and your mind.

3. Belief in your ability to Change: How you’re living your life today doesn’t have to be the way you live your life for the next day, month, year or even your lifetime. Understand that each change you make toward the life you want is significant. Make sure that you make at least one of these changes each day.

4. Your First Thought: Each positive decision you allow into your thought processes. Then acting upon it with true commitment to keeping that decision in place. This will move you each day to your New Improved Life.

5. Allowing a Significant Event to give you the determination that you want your Life to be different. Then writing down how you want it to be different. Then what you need to do for this to happen.

 6. The Decision: It is in making the Decision that “My Life has to Change”. Learning to cope and manage your stress this is the most crucial thing you will ever do: 

7. Focus as if Nothing Else Matters other than your Improved Life: Learning to take control of our daily events at a pace that we can easily manage and that feels right for us is vitally important to staying focused.

8. Dealing with Stress: Stress will always be a part of your life to some degree. However stress can be managed in way that we are comfortable with when we understand that it is normal to go through difficult times, the importance comes in learning techniques, strategies how to best cope. So as not to bring us into a negative, downward spin.

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