Taking Charge of Facebook & Social Media Time – 4 Tips for Healthy Social Media Interaction


Taking Charge of Facebook & Social Media Time - 4 Tips for Healthy Social Media Interaction

Taking Charge of Facebook & Social Media Time 

4 Steps for Healthy Social Media Interaction

In this article I want to share with you the Importance of “Taking Charge of your Facebook and Social Media Time” so that it does not take over your life, that it can quite easily do without realizing that it is happening.  that if I was engaging with Facebook and other Social Media Posts, Reading Comments originally off and on all day. This had a very negative effect on my productivity not to mention touching base with my own intuition and thoughts.

I realized that I did not want to do away with my Social Media contact either personally or with my business, but I needed to make some changes.  The decision I made was to check-in first thing morning and again late in the afternoon. I also schedule a time frame allowing no more than 1 hour, but for the most part only need half an hour.

I also made a decision to block or unfollow anything that was negative and not in alignment with making positive changes or outcomes. As for my business posting support, I made a decision to schedule these posts one day a week, I check in on messages and feedback in the time I allocated to checking in, the morning and afternoon timeslot that I have previously mentioned.

 I love Facebook and social media for both interacting and communicating, both personally and professionally. Giving me the opportunity to connect with family, friends, providing support and building relationships that you otherwise may not have the opportunity. But it is important to “Take Control” of this marvellous technology and not allow it to take Control of you or replace the physical aspect of communicating and connecting with people. Embrace it, continue learning and understanding that it is a great avenue for connection and communication.

Whether we like it or not, Social Media is here to stay. Learning to Take Control of it, not allowing it to Take Control of us or our lives is the Key to Optimal Health, Mind and Body Balancing

4 Tips for Healthy Social Media Interaction

Whether we Love it or Hate it, Social Media is here to stay. Learning how to Take Control of it, so that it does not Take Control of us or our lives is the Key to Optimal Health, Emotional and Physical balance. These tips you will find  helpful whether you are interacting either personally or as a business or both.

  1. Add some kind of Value to the person’s day who is going to read your post. For example: It might be the picture of a beautiful day, nature, something you have enjoyed, sharing special moments.
  2. Keep your interaction positive and to think about the person or people who will see your post and would you like to hear about what you are saying.
  3. Never post when you are experiencing Negative thoughts or feelings of anger, jealousy, bitterness . This will have a contradictory effect and distance people from interacting from you. 
  4. Block or unfollow posts or advertisements that come up on your page that you find offensive or negative. If they are extremely offensive then report them. This helps everyone to stay in a better head space.

3 Tips for Posting for Business 

  1. It is important to know your purpose and to develop a plan. Social media is a great platform to position yourself, so use it to your benefit. An example: I have a great desire and passion to support people with achieving Optimal health, happiness and vitality. I began writing supportive blogs many years ago now from the experience of treating my clients and what their concerns and challenges were in regard with their health and their lives. Then I commenced posting links to these blogs through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  2. Write your blogs and posts in direct correlation in response to answering people’s concerns and questions this is a great place to start. Ensuring that you link this to your business website with your services, giving people the opportunity to contact you for further questions and advice. 
  3. How often should you write a blog – a good rule when getting started is at least once a week, twice if possible with your blog being between 800 – 1500 words. Then to get someone to read your blogs you use social media to promote. Using say the first paragraph of your blog, for the social media post then the link back to your blog on your website.

Social Media and online interactions are not going away, being honest, when integrated into daily life with balance, with you taking control and not allowing it to take control of you. To remain contact socializing with family, friends and meeting new people still face to face. It brings together a wonderful element to life. 

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