Renew your Body by Renewing your Mind: Understanding the Key Principles & Foundations of Achieving Optimal Health!

Renew your Body by Renewing your Mind

The Power of Change Begins in your Mind

Renew your Body by Renewing your Mind: Understanding the Key Principles & Foundations of Achieving Optimal Health!

It is with the Understanding that “There’s More to Achieving Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality than Meets the Eye”.

Are Your Beliefs shaped on your Perception or Reality?

Changing your Perception will help to Strengthen your Mind

Your Perception of the world of who you are is based on your experiences and how you have been drawn to see things in a variety of ways and is not always accurate or correct. Say for example – “for many of my teenage and young adult years, my perception of myself was that I was unattractive because I was made fun of my looks and the way I was dressed with children that I attended school with.”

Reality on the other hand is based on what is known, tried, tested and real.

Belief Systems - What you Believe is your Perception: But is it Real?

Are your Belief systems programmed from your perceptions? Are they holding you back from becoming well, making positive changes, living the life you want to live. You have a set of beliefs that you have about who you are, your feelings of self-worth, your confidence levels to how you feel about the way you look.

Are you allowing your perceived thoughts and patterns [Perception] to give you feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-care allowing this to stop you from making necessary changes to improve your health, your relationships or your environment. You may perceive yourself as lacking intelligence and ability. All of these mis-conceptions or perceptions and they lead to a lack of self-confidence, self-value and self-esteem.

In reality you are worthy of caring for yourself, you are good looking with the ability to achieve the level of intelligence that you desire. You are “Truly Amazing” the first “Miracle” in your life was the day you were born.

Your beliefs are based on your perceptions, not always what is true or real. For something to be “real” it doesn’t have to be seen or heard, it just has to be believed. I know that sounds confusing but how many times do you hear people say things like: “I do not believe in God”: or “I do not believe in Angels” or “I do not believe in Miracles” and yet here you are a true miracle along with millions of others that surround you and I in the world everyday.

Your beliefs and your perceptions shape your mind either in believing the “Best” or in believing the “Worst” and for many people when they have gone through a great deal of trauma, grief and loss their perception becomes somewhat distorted altering their beliefs from what is good, kind, positive and achievable to the opposite. Not allowing themselves to believe in anything that is good, being afraid that things just won’t get or be any better.

Can you see how by continuing with these distorted beliefs that have been brought about often by traumatic and sometimes only perceived traumatic and painful circumstances will make it difficult for you to take a stand and making the necessary changes to bring balance, health, happiness and a sense of vitality into your life.

It has been said that what you “Believe” you become. So in order to become the person you want to become, live the life you want to live, build the relationships that you want – You “MUST” first “BELIEVE”. Because whatever your Believe you are RIGHT!

Begin by changing your perceptions and your beliefs to what is Good, what is Positive and what will do No Harm to you or Others.

Release the Blockages of Your Mind for Optimal Health

Removing the Blockages to Becoming Well

To achieve Optimal Health, it is necessary to have your brain and body working together in sync. You might say WHY? Firstly, the brain and nervous system are highly communicative. So that your very thoughts will determine the messages that are sent from your brain throughout your body.

So not unlike our verbal communication if this is negative, angry, full of anxiety and stress. This is what will be communicated throughout your body, not to mention then how you will treat yourself and other people in your life. Whether the changes you wish to make involve healthy eating, improved relationships, being happier at work and so on. It all involves these three processes. Your Body, Mind and Soul your Inner YOU.

Your Body is Amazing Learning How to care for you Body
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Did you know that every cell in your body is replaced every seven years? It is true—at the cellular level, the oldest you get is about seven years old. I remember years ago hearing Deepak Chopra speak about this. He said that the only reason we keep creating the same body—or one that seems to deteriorate with age—is that we keep thinking the same thoughts repeatedly. That is because all biological systems operate according to what are called “premature cognitive commitments” to the way reality is.

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