Why Can’t I Give Up Smoking? – Quit Smoking & Become a Non-Smoker Today!


Many years ago, now, after a few attempts. I quit this “Disgusting Habit” and I have never looked back.

Now enjoying a life of Optimal Health from eliminating this habit and taking on Positive Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Changes.

Quality is the aim and to have Control of your Life, not to lose it. Smoking robs you of so much, don’t allow it to rob you of Living your Best Quality of Life.



Why Can’t I Give up Smoking? – Quit the Habit!

Becoming a Non-Smoker is Easier than you Think!


I wrote this book because I found after many years of coaching and counselling people with Quitting Smoking.

I found that to successfully support people to, “Quit the Habit”, it was necessary to uncover the hidden elements that made this decision such a difficult one.


Quitting the Smoking Habit

  • Subliminal Programming from the media, newspapers, magazines were programming people’s minds. Making what would seem a relatively easy habit to Quit. “Not so Easy”.

  • When I commenced working through this with my clients it made it so much easier for them to become lifelong “Non-Smokers”.

  • I have put this knowledge and experience into this eBook to make the Quitting Habit so much easier now for each of you.

  • Quitting smoking has numerous health benefits. It reduces the risk of various types of cancer, pulmonary emphysema, heart attack, and stroke.

  •  It improves blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, and diabetes mellitus.

  • Quitting smoking also reduces premature ageing of the skin, tooth loss, and bad breath.

  • An important consideration is that it saves money and protects those around you from the harmful effects of passive smoking.

6 Benefits to Quitting the Habit of Smoking

  1. Reduced risk of cancer: Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, many of which can cause cancer.

  2. Improved lung function: Your lung function will begin to improve as soon as you quit smoking.

  3. Decreased risk of heart disease: Within 2 to 12 weeks of quitting, your risk of heart attack is reduced, your circulation improves, and your lung function becomes more effective.

  4. Enhanced sense of taste and smell: After 1 week of quitting, your sense of taste and smell improves.

  5. Reduced risk of stroke: After 5 years of quitting, you have reduced your risk of having a stroke.

  6. Financial savings: Quitting smoking can save you a lot of money. For example, if you are currently smoking 20 cigarettes a day, quitting could save you thousands of dollars each year.

I know that for many of you, quitting smoking can be tough, but the health benefits and other positive changes make it worthwhile.


This Book has now gone on to help thousands of people to “Quit”

 A couple of “Success” stories


“I had, had many attempts to give up Smoking for years, really frustrated as to why I couldn’t until I read this book”. – Gunton

Such a great book covering all the hidden agendas that are out there, that was preventing me from giving up.

I have now given up smoking for 12 months and feel great.

Thank you, Julie, for such an easy to read, yet comprehensive book.”  (Phillip)

“My husband and I struggled for many years to give up smoking with many failed attempts until we read this book.

Thank you, Julie,” (Marie & Ken)

Julie I am so glad that you wrote the eBook – “Why can’t I give up Smoking”

You have explained the whole concept around the manipulation

and deceit that surrounds keeping people into the negative realm of additive behaviours.

I enjoyed the book it made giving up so easy. Thank you. In appreciation Amelia



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