Why Can’t I Give Up Smoking? – Becoming a Non-Smoker is Easier than you Think!



Why Can't I Give Up Smoking? - Becoming a Non-Smoker is Easier than you Think! Why Can’t I Give up Smoking? – Becoming a Non-Smoker is Easier than you Think!

I wrote this book because I found after many years of coaching and counselling people with Quitting Smoking. That it was necessary to uncover the hidden elements that made this decision such a difficult one. It was the subliminal programming from the media, newspapers, magazines that was still programming people’s minds that made this what would seem relatively easy habit to Quit. “Not so Easy”. When I commenced working through this with my clients it made it so much easier for them to become lifelong “Non-Smokers”. I have put this knowledge and experience into this eBook to make the Quitting Habit so much easier now for each of you.

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This Book has now gone on to help thousands of people to “Quit”

Here a just a couple of “Success” stories

“I had, had many attempts to give up Smoking for years, really frustrated as to why I couldn’t until I read this book. Such a great book covering all the hidden agendas that are out there, that was preventing me from giving up. I have now given up smoking for 12 months and feel great. Thank you Julie for such an easy to read, yet comprehensive book.”  (Phillip)

“My husband and I struggled for many years to give up smoking with many failed attempts until we read this book. Thank you Julie” (Marie & Ken)

Julie I am so glad that you wrote the eBook – “Why can’t I give up Smoking” you have explained the whole concept around the manipulation and deceit that surrounds keeping people into the negative realm of additive behaviours. I enjoyed the book it made giving up so easy. Thank you. In appreciation Amelia

About Julie 

Julie Doherty Recognized World Health Leader in Naturopathic Medicine, Health , Beauty and Life CoachingJulie has been helping people to Transform their Health, Happiness, Energy & Vitality for over 30 years. Guiding, Supporting and Empowering each person to overcome health problems, reunite with their inner selves to achieve their deep core desires, goals and dreams to Master a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality, to Live their Best Life.

Julie says, Nothing is more exhilarating or empowering than  “When people find the connection between their thoughts, beliefs, physical health, and life circumstances, they are excited to find themselves back in the driver’s seat of their life, making profound changes. ” During this time, I have come to understand that –

“There is “Much More to Health than meets the Eye

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