Men’s Regenerating & Refreshing Face & Body Scrub 500ml




Just for You by Julie’s Men’s Regenerating and Refreshing Face and Body Scrub is
A Deep but Gentle Cleanser & Scrub for both your Body & Face Cleanses & Removes environmental dirt and grime
Gently exfoliating, removing dead skin cells allowing skin to heal more efficiently, leaving it soft & smooth.
Feel the Difference and enjoy the hidden aromas of Pure essential oils spearmint, lime, mandarin, lemon, orange and tea tree.
In a Chemical, paraben and soap free base. using gentle wax beads to exfoliate and accelerate the renewal of healthy cells.
Leaving your skin looking healthy & feeling soft to touch.
After showering with your Face and Body Scrub – For additional protection, rejuvenation & restoration of your skin use our
Mens Face and Body Lotion
Add to your Order our Men’s Soothing Protective Face and Body Lotion by clicking on the image above

Just for You by Julie’s Men’s Face and Body Lotion, makes Caring for your Skin so much Easier

Give you skin the Ultimate experience to Feel and Look Better with Just for You by Julie. Men’s Face & Body Lotion

This easy to use lotion that will protect your skin and heal skin rashes, restore & rejuvenate leaving your skin feeling smooth. Keeping those wrinkles & fine lines away.

You will See and Feel the difference with Pure Essential Oils – Coconut, almond, argan, lime, rosehip, avocado, spearmint, mandarin, lemon, patchouli, lavender, lime and Mandarin.

In a Chemical and Paraben Free Lotion base

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Weight550 g