Balance Anxiety & Stress Massage Oil Blend: 200 ml




Enhance Balancing Thoughts and Feeling with your very own Day Spa Treatment at home
Balance Anxiety & Stress, Detoxify, Relax & Unwind with this Amazing Pure Essential Massage or Bath Oil Blend
Arnica, Hypericum (St Johns Wort), Chamomile,
Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Rose and Geranium

Balance & Soothe Massage Oil BlendSet the Scene your Detoxification & Relaxation Recipe

Run a warm bath with a cup of Epsom Salts – Detoxifies, Soothes aching muscles:
1 Tablespoon of Coconut oil: Add 5 ml or a capful of your Balance Anxiety and Stress Massage Oil Blend

A Simple effective face mask – 2 Nori (seaweed sheets) tear into 3 halves, then the last half into 3 pieces place small pieces on nose, above lips and below lips on chin.Seaweed-Mask-Treatment
The halves place on neck area up to chin, then either side of your face, lie back and relax for 15 – 30 mins
Complete your Treatment with a Self Massage with this Pure Essential Oil Blend




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