Online Consultations & Counselling – Transform your Health & your Life!

Online Consultations & Counselling Available with Julie: Transform your Health & your Life!

Online Consultations and Counselling are available with Julie

 Transform your Health & your Life!

Online Consultations are available in the Transformational Membership. I will explain here how your personal Online Consultation Process works and How to Book your consult. Pointing out that you will not be able to do this unless you are a Transformational Member. 

Join the Transformational Membership Here!

  Where you will receive personalized Naturopathic Treatments, Dietary and Lifestyle guidance supporting you on your journey to achieving Optimal Health, Happiness with a Lifetime of Vitality – Empowering you and your Body’s Unique Healing Abilities. Enjoy this opportunity to have  individual, personalized consultations and counselling in the comfort of your own home.

How  the Consultation Process Works!

On receiving your completed questionnaire I will look at what appears to be the underlying causative factors of your concerns. This will provide me with the necessary information that will best suite your treatment regime. If further information is necessary I will communicate with you via email.

I will provide you with –

  • Review and recommended changes to commence improving your Health immediately
  • Self-help strategies for improved nutrition
  • A Personalized Menu and Dietary plan to follow with links to recipes
  • Initial Steps for Lifestyle Changes
  • Consult review email with all the suggestions that have been during your consultation
  • Individual Herbal or Homeopathic medicines may be suggested. (These will be at an additional cost to your consultation fee)

What to do Now!

Click Here to Book your Email response consultation  AUD Member discounted price: $55 : Allowing 2 response emails to you

Click Here to Book your Email and Phone support consultation AUD Member discounted price $75: This includes a 30 minute phone call that can be organized by email:

I can be contacted via Direct email   julie @julie  

Transformational Membership: Access to Everything. To Transform your Health Transform your Life

On Joining the Transformational Membership you will have ‘Access to Everything” 

All the training, guidance and hands-on support you need to implement the Changes needed to Complete your Transformation to Living your Best Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality.

  • Naturopathic Online Consultations – Note: There is No Consultation Fee or cost associated with Prescriptions Herbal or Homeopathic medicines or supplements that are repeated within 6 months of Consultation  
  • Automatic access to all Courses, Guidance and Support to Build your Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality
  • Step by Step Guide, holistically how to build your life not just for Optimal Health, but Happiness and the Best Quality of Life.
  • Understand How to Build a Strong Foundation
  • To follow through with making Positive Changes
  • To Taking Charge of your health and your life
  • A clear understanding of Health issues and How Making Simple Lifestyle Changes will help prevent or overcome ill-health and disease

Personal Contact with Julie is Available via:

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