4 Keys Moving from Stubbornness to Determination!

Is Being Stubborn Preventing you from Becoming Well
Moving from Stubbornness to Determination! How to Overcome Barriers & Achieve Success

4 Keys: Moving from Stubbornness to Determination

How to Overcome Barriers & Achieve Success

Are you being Stubborn believing this to be Determination?

We can often be fooled that by being “Stubborn” that we are building “Determination”. In doing this it can be what is “Blocking” you from achieving the life and the health that you Truly Desire”. The Power of Change Begins in your Mind – Learn How!

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4 Keys to Moving from Stubbornness to


  1. Stubbornness’ vs Determination: Stubbornness indicates the resistance to change under any circumstances. Determination signifies a process of completing something by considering other people’s advice, research, or taking calculated risks that will enhance or benefit the positive outcome that you desire. It is within “Stubbornness” this being the Biggest Barrier to you achieving Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality. “The Refusal to Change”.
  2. The secret to moving away from the negativity of being “Stubborn” to becoming “Determined” lies in you improving your ability to listen and analyse other people’s opinion when it is different than what you have come to believe. Then to way up the benefits to you and achieving your core desires, dreams and goals.
  3. Living the life that you desire, letting go of feelings of inadequacy, defeat rising above the challenges by believing that you can. Life can throw you many curbs and it is human nature to stay in a set place or mind set, learning the ability to move from this mindset to a mindset of not allowing defeat to rob you of a healthy, happy and vital life.
  4. It is vital to fuel your mind with the positive changes and differences that you can put into place to move you away from being “Stubborn” to becoming “Determined” by understanding what will work and how it will work for you. I have found that this can be difficult unless you have a trusted and guided path. Within my memberships, I provide you with this together with my 30 plus years of clinical practice.

Build the Life you Desire by Changing the Way you think

To Build the Life You Deserve Begins with

Becoming the Master Your Health & Ultimately your Life

 Determining factor for Success is YOU and your MINDSET. It is important to learn the keys that will guide and support you in “Becoming the Master of your Health and your Life. Making the changes to a new level of thinking. To make positive changes that are permanent and that will last, it is necessary to uncover your core desires, this will establish your motivation and determination. 

Taking medicines, doing exercise, changing your diet, alone is not enough. To create lasting change, you must first change your limiting beliefs, that “YOU CAN DO THIS! Many people complain and say they don’t have enough money or time to optimize their health or their life. Yet, many of these people spend thousands of dollars per year, destroying their health and their life. 

Mastering a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality, requires a Roadmap to Guide you for Success. Beginning with these 3 Basic Keys - Building a Strong Foundation: Making Positive Changes: and Learning to Take Charge

The Key to Mastering a Life of Optimal Health:

Happiness & Vitality

Requires a Clear & Trusted Roadmap to Guide you! Beginning with these 3 Basic Keys!

1: How to Fuel your mind to make positive changes.

2: Understanding your Core Desires will help you with Changing your Priorities, Building Determination and a Strong Foundation. This being a crucial step to achieving success and enjoying the journey. 

3: Mastering your Health means changing your systems of beliefs and behaviours. It is easy to say, NOW IS NOT THE TIME!  What you need to ask yourself is, “IF NOT NOW WHEN?”  Well, THE TIME IS NOW. Spend the time NOW! To Enjoy a Healthy, Happy, Vital and Successful Future.

Other than buying your own home, your health is the next best investment you can make, for a Great Future. However, it is dependent on you Taking Charge and Making Positive Changes.

Master a Life of Optimal Health: Happiness & Vitality

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