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Julie is committed and a strong advocate, practitioner in the field of Naturopathic Medicine, Health, Beauty and Ageless Ageing, for over 30 years. Uncovering the hidden and causative factors to ill-health and disease assisting people to become well.

During this time, Julie soon discovered that “There’s more to Health than Meets the Eye”. The reason  for her creating Membership availability. Is how she is able to share with you her knowledge and experience that has helped her clients in becoming well.

Establishing the Membership also is a way of leaving a legacy to teach and provide people with the Key elements of how to Master a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality, having seen her teachings in her clinical practice empower people in restoring their health and vitality.

Julie has been working away in the background for  8 years to bring to you a the Membership Platform where you can become a Member at the Level that Best suites your needs and lifestyle.

Where you can have access to implement changes, to understand the core elements necessary to change unwanted habits, implement positive changes, understand the core elements necessary to achieve a lifetime of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality. To become the Master of your Life.

The Membership Uncovers for you the Hidden Elements & Causative Factors – To Ill-health, Sickness and Disease

A major benefit or component of Naturopathic Medicine and it’s ability to support the body in becoming well is with understanding the causative or underlying factors that have contributed to the disease or ill-ness. In Julie’s years of private practice as a Naturopathic Practitioner,  many traumatic and indescribable life events were discovered that effected each persons quality of health and quality of life.

It is by working through with various natural treatments, massage therapy, counselling and lifestyle coaching that enabled Julie to support each persons improved health status and quality of life. It was for this work and dedication that Julie has been Recognized as a World Health Leader in Naturopathic Medicine. 

Inside the Membership Areas you will learn Key Strategies for Rising above Trauma & Tragedy to Build Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality

Sharing with you some of her own traumatic and very difficult life experiences that she has worked through so as not to allow them to destroy her life, her core values, desires and dreams. Julie realized that it was through these events the first step was in order to heal, become well there needed to be a some ground work that needed to be done, a path to follow and to look at these events as to what could be learnt and shared in a positive way, not only to support her own healing and wellbeing but other people as well.  

Julie has helped to guide, support and treat people through their myriad of life events and health problems by sharing her own stories and case histories of her clients. This enabling, building courage and strength in each person with the belief that they can also overcome their challenges, difficult times and  tragedies. Not only to provide encouragement but that of building a sense of expectation of success. 

A Key Area of Focus within the Membership is Understanding – The Road to Success in Making Positive Changes Begins with Developing a Brilliant Mind

One of the key aspects of helping people to bring about positive changes and implementing positive coping mechanisms is in understanding the “Why”! That very core foundation of just being able to be happy with life’s simplicities, whilst understanding what they want for their life, their relationships and the art of understanding emotions. Being times of having to let go of emotional attachments that are harmful, that will bring down any quality of hope, life or health.

Developing a Brilliant Mind is the Key to Building a Strong Foundation for Health Optimization

The key elements of understanding, is that there are very few people who will not go through some form of trauma, heart-breaking events and drama within their lives. But it is in the understanding of this and that it is “Normal” not something that is being inflicted upon you or even your fault.

It is the moving past these moments in life, knowing what to do, who to turn to and most importantly how to move on with life allowing these experiences to have a positive impact that will enable strength and improvement within each individual’s life. Then there is the skittling effect that as each of us, learn to cope implementing positive lifestyle support, moving past these experiences. This will in turn have a great positive impact on the community and society at large..

Membership Focus – is Provide you Key Tools & Guidance To Master a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality


The Place to Start to Begin your Journey of Mastering a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality is by Becoming a Community Member

Master a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality is in essence is about providing you with a trusted and guided path to support you with understanding the concepts and changes necessary for taking charge of your health and ultimately your life. By Becoming a Community Member this is a Great Way to Get Started!

Julie is the Designer, Curator and Author of your Membership

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