How Massage Alleviates Harmful Effects of Stress: 8 Benefits of Self- Massage

Self Massage Alleviates Stress

How Massage Alleviates Harmful Effects of Stress:

8 Benefits of Self- Massage

Nurturing and Caring for Yourself will Help you to Manage & Cope with Stress. Providing you with a sense of self love and connectiveness with YOU! If this self-care gets taken over by stress, that can then lead to Chronic Stress that will have a negative effect on your endocrine system, hormone balance. Effecting the healthy function of your heart, emotions and mental health.
Understanding the elements of stress and being able to implement self-care techniques is Vitally Important for achieving Optimal Health, Emotional Balance & Well being. Learn how massage alleviates the harmful effects of stress and to include daily after your shower self- massage.

Understanding the Elements of Stress

Dont-Let-Stress-Get-the-Better-of-You. Begin with being Grateful for Every day

Stress  is something that we cannot and are not able to totally avoid. However by recognizing the triggers and elements associated with stress will help you to manage in a more effective and positive way. Learning and understanding the elements of stress will help you to feel happier and healthier.

Your body is hard-wired to react to stress in ways meant to protect you against threats from predators and other aggressors, so as to act in a fight or flight manner.

Threats from outside predators and aggressors are rare today, but that doesn’t mean that life is free of stress. On the contrary, the common elements of stress are obvious such as the death of a loved one, moving of a house, injury, work issues, finances, how people speak and treat us: personal fears and obstacles.

Your body does not recognize the difference between so-called minor stresses to major ones, so as a result you may well that you are feeling under pressure constantly even when you are not. To help to minimize the harmful effects of stress on your body it is vital that you don’t allow stress to control your life, but that you take control..

Taking control of the stress, therefore eliminating the harmful effects it has within your body. When you learn begin to put things into place to help you to cope and manage these stresses. This helps you not only to handle the stresses more effectively. Taking control of stress in positive ways, sends messages of comfort, confidence, love and self healing within your body. By allowing these feelings of comfort and care for yourself. It has a significant positive effect on your health.

7 Quick Self-Help Tips to Alleviate Stress

  1. Take time out to Relax and let your mind roam free
  2. Prioritize your time. Work out what the essentials are that have to be done Today! Then the other items prioritize in accordance to the effect they will have on you life and put a plan in place according to the absolute necessity or effect it will have when and how it gets done. The best way I look at this, is if I was to die tomorrow, would this matter.
  3. How will it make you feel? Taking your feelings into consideration because if it going to make you feel happy, confident, bringing about a sense of achievement then this will make something a priority.
  4. How will it effect my relationship? Either with me or the people in my life. Remembering that life without your loved ones or caring for you is a priority.
  5. Bathing – having a bath once or twice a week helps to alleviate stress. Add your favourite essential oils and a cup of Epsom Salts
  6. Daily walks in nature, especially first thing in the morning help to alleviate stress, giving you a fresh start to your day.
  7. Find the Funny side – keep your sense of humour and you will find there will always be a funny side. Even if sometimes it is a little difficult to find.
Massage for Emotional Mind Body Balance

8 Benefits of  Massage:
Reduces the Harmful Effects of Stress!

It is often difficult to manage a Professional Massage on a regular basis, but there is nothing to stop you after showering to give yourself a massage. It will support healthy skin, having positive effects in balancing your brain and nervous system, helping to detoxify, improve immune function, improving both agility and muscular function.

  1. It relaxes and reconnects the body and mind by increasing of endorphins your feel good hormones.
  2. When having a soothing and balancing massage it will help to regulate messages from your brain through to your nervous system.
  3. By soothing these nerve impulses and brain activity it will help to improve & restore many bodily functions that are affected by stress.
  4. The power of human touch is powerful and a highly sensitive form of communication, therefore massage is communicating to your body a sense of self-love and caring.
  5. By giving your body that sensitive form of communication it’s healing ability is activated allowing you to feel better not only about yourself, but also about life.
  6. Pressure points, trigger points also known as chakra or energy points these become blocked by stress. You don’t have to know where these points are to gain the benefits.
  7. When massaged there is a clearing of these energy centres therefore allowing improved energy and vitality that becomes depleted with ongoing stress.
  8. When having a Professional massage and becoming relaxed you will be more likely to talk about the things that are worrying you. Just having someone to listen and support you who is not emotionally involved is very balancing and healing.

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