Love the Woman You Are! To Become the Woman you Want to Be! 2 Major Steps to Begin Taking Charge of your Health & Life

Be The Woman You Want To Be_ Not a Lesser Version
Love the Woman You Are! To Become the Woman you Want to Be! 2 Major Steps to Begin Taking Charge of your Health & Life

Love the Woman You Are! To Become the Woman you Want to Be! 2 Major Steps to Begin Taking Charge of your Health & Life

How you want your Life to be, Who you want in your in your Life and Most Importantly – How you Want to Handle your Life and Experiences. Begins with 2 Major Steps to take charge of your health & your life

A Strong Woman believes that True Beauty comes from Within

Insight To Being a Woman

Your Health is of Optimal Importance: Long before becoming a wife and a mother, early into my adult life I realized the importance of how my life was to pan out was very dependant on my health: That my health was very dependant on my brain and my thinking. How I saw myself as a woman and what did I want for my life.

Media Representation: Woman were and still are a major subject of the media and the health system for the major part this was not positive or in alignment with thinking well about yourself as a woman. The role of media representing women in terms of our size, our role in life whether it be that of becoming a mother, a career woman or both: Married, unmarried, defacto.

Health and Lifestyle in regards to contraception, weight, fertility, HRT, and mental health issues. Treatments and treatment strategies are not always in line with what is best long term for optimal health and being able to live a vital balanced life.

Rising above Fear Tactics: So as I have said for the most part this is all brought to our attention, either in way in to bring about Fear within us, or negativity moving us away from feeling good about ourselves.

Men are Facing Similar Problems: I am not meaning to be sexist here because I know that men are facing similar problems as well: I am sure that you will also find what I am about to share beneficial for you as well.

Two Major Steps to Begin Taking Charge of your Life

1: Creating the Life your Heart Desires

This is the very foundation that you will be laying down to build you as a person and your life.
This is the cement the solid stuff, get this right and then we will go to the next step.
Here you will learn how your brain really works: how this affects your health: your lifelong success:
How to take charge of your thinking so as to support you in Creating the Life your heart desires.

2: Taking Charge of Your Mind and Your Thinking

Every thought lays down a foundation for: how you think about each moment and area of your life, these have been found to affect every area of your body every cell, every organ and every tissue. They affect how you feel towards yourself and other people. By taking control of your mind, you will be taking control of your  thinking and ultimately your brain.

This will bring your life into an optimal place of control for you. So for the most part this can sometimes be quite messed up because of the various experiences, people, circumstances that have been a part of your life. This also includes all forms of media, newsfeeds, movies, magazines and social media. For the most part this can be very daunting, not to mention negative. The effect therefore that this has on your physical body, your health is what can either have a constructive or destructive influence on your health.

The Truth Behind Finding the Right Guy!

He will be the person who supports your dreams and lifetime wishes, will stand strong in your defense when you are in the RIGHT! Will help guide you back onto the Right Path, if you get side-tracked.


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