Living a Life of Vigour & Vitality: 7 Empowering Life Changes to Bring out the Best in You!

Living a Life of Vigour & Vitality: 7 Empowering Life Changes to Bring out the Best in You!

Living a Life of Vigour & Vitality

Take Charge of Your Lifestyle Habits!

7 Empowering Life Changes to Bring out the Best in You!

Living a Life of Vigour and Vitality – Take Charge of your Lifestyle Habits, making living a life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality a “Natural” way of Life.

Today it is noted that at least 1 in 4 Australians are suffering from depleted Energy levels, Vigour and Vitality. Many of these people are engaging in Lifestyle habits that are depleting them of nourishment, motivation and most importantly happiness. Living a Life of Vigour and Vitality is to Take Charge of your Lifestyle Habits. Eliminating negative thoughts, foods anything that is going to cause you “Harm” depleting you of Enjoying a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality.

The concept of Ageless Aging is gaining widespread recognition today. It encompasses the New Science of Aging, emphasizing the importance of implementing optimal strategies to maintain high-quality physical and emotional health, without compromising overall quality of life.

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Getting Started with Inspirational Guidance

Do you sometimes have difficulty staying on track, I know I do. So for years, now I have used inspirational quotes on a daily or weekly basis.
Depending on my needs and the changes I want to implement at the time. I read the particular quote that is going to support my new way of thinking for the change I want to put into place.
I do this everyday, 3 – 4 times a day. If you have your own computer or phone, you can put the quote onto these as your screensaver.
I have written for Daily Inspirational Guidance and Quotes to help with the flow of each day.

7 Empowering Ways to Create Life Changes!

Your Fuel to Thrive!

By embracing these traits, you can cultivate a life filled with vitality, meaning, and purpose. As we discuss ageless aging, it becomes evident that those who thrive well into their 80s and beyond often share similar characteristics. Many of them are rebels, charting their own paths throughout their entire lives. Additionally, they diligently incorporate these straightforward steps into their daily routines, will be your fuel to Thrive, Living your Best and Happiest Life.

  1. They Prioritize pleasure into their day. For example, connect with a friendenjoy a meal outtake a leisurely walkengage in conversation with someone new, and indulge in your favourite hobby.
  2. Avoid Co-dependency: Refrain from becoming overly reliant on others. Healthy individuals don’t remain in relationships that are detrimental or dysfunctional, especially with those struggling with addictions. They recognize that each person possesses unique strength and the capacity to transform their own life when necessary. It’s essential to be aware that doing things for others that they can do for themselves is disempowering.
  3. They reside in communities and choose relationships that nurture their distinct talents and contributions. Additionally, they intentionally seek out environments where they receive genuine respect.
  4. They avoid doctors for several reasons: some have outlived their physicians, while others consider doctor visits a waste of time. Instead, they prioritize proactive steps to maintain their health and well-being, emphasizing productivity over potential health decline. Their focus is on contributing positively to the community. “However, it is important to seek Professional Health support, if you have a serious health concern. You can do so in different ways. Consider either attending your local hospital’s accident and emergency department or consulting an integrative health professional who specializes in a holistic health approach”.
  5. They are forward-thinking, strategically planning for the long term because they aspire to thrive in the future and create a positive impact on the world.
  6. Embracing a Connection with the Divine or Higher Power: I recognize that for many, this can be a challenging concept. We often fixate on the tangible aspects of life—the people around us and the world as it exists. However, there are those who direct their attention inward, toward their higher self and their vision for a better world. When you reestablish a bond with the higher power or spirit and honor your inner essence, you begin to perceive yourself and life as an extraordinary miracle. This newfound perspective empowers you, shaping your understanding of health, vitality, and overall well-being. You realize that there is a greater purpose to your existence.
  7. To proactively manage stress. It is essential to recognize that unmanaged stress can wreak havoc within your body, leading to a range of health issues. Effective stress management is crucial for maintaining overall health and happiness. Implement healthy stress coping strategies.

Keys to Ageing Well with Optimal Health,

Happiness, Vitality and Quality

Are You Aging or Sage-ing?  An interesting piece by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. One of my favourite people when it comes to the inspirations and aspirations of life

Often when people make it past 90, even 100, people often notice that their health actually improves. I believe this happens because they have time to do the things that actually are beneficial and supportive for their health. BMO report on Keys to having Optimal Health as you age.

In reality, you may well think now that you don’t want to live to be 90 or 100, but the question I put to you, is what if you do, how would you like to be? The positive changes you make today, will be what will make all the difference to your quality of life as you age.

Make time to rest and restore, eat foods that will nourish and restore your health such as fresh meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, salads and fruits. Evaluate your relationships so that you are not engaging on a regular basis people who are problem makers, not problem solvers.

We all go through tough times, relationships aren’t easy, but you need to be able to argue your point of view without feeling threatened or in fear: you need to be able to work your way through who you want to become without someone trying to make you something they want you to be: Overcoming problems constructively to build a positive future:

These people in your life should stand by you, so long as you don’t allow yourself to become a victim of your circumstances: For example- If you would like your home environment to improve then it is important to work through ways this can be done. Instead of just saying “Oh well, this is the way it is”: Never to put any positive actions into place.

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