Changing your Perception to Build a Positive Life

Changing your Perception to Build a Positive Life

Works hand in hand with Building a Brilliant Mind

“Balancing your thoughts, your feelings, emotions with your Physical self”

1: Mindsets and perceptions having such powerful effects on health. Perceptions can affect motivation, both positively and negatively. When you become aware of what you need to establish healthy activity levels, such as exercise, diet, drinking plenty of water and elimination of habits that do not align with healthy changes. Then you begin to incorporate these changes into your everyday life. Where they replace the old, negative habits with habits that will support your positive changes.

2: What happens when a person does not perceive themselves as being unfit or unhealthy. These people are more likely to remain inactive, fueling feelings of fear, stress or depression that negatively affect their health. With increasing feelings of overwhelm, loss of motivation, determination where their belief is saying “I can’t do this”, and their perception of themselves as being successful turns into a perception of failure. This is where extra support in the way of counselling, confiding with a friend you can trust, that will gently remind you, that you can do this, it might be hard and take time, but YOU CAN DO THIS!

3: When you have made becoming fit and healthy a “Must Do” on your priority list. These areas will become the focus point, where you will begin to apply changes and action steps toward becoming successful. As you are learning, it is going to be important to have a clear understanding of your core desires, clarity of mind, emotional balance to create motivation and determination to implement positive changes.

4: Often the struggle with implementing these changes, can be your previous perception of health and how you perceive yourself. So, it will be necessary to change your perception, of how you visualize and see health to be. By the way here I would like to mention that “Health and Fitness go together”. You can’t have one without the other. Finally, if you are struggling with implementing these changes, changing your perspective will be beneficial in achieving the positive outcome you so desire. To succeed with implementing these positive changes, changing your beliefs and perception, you – MUST! Make your Desire to Change, Greater than you Desire to Remain the Same.

“To Change your Life at any given moment is to Change your Perception”

Changing your Perception to Positive 7 Optimistic Views has Positive Benefits Balancing your Physical, Emotional & Mental Health. Building a Brilliant Mind to Build a Positive Life

The word perception comes from the Latin word “percipere” which means seize or understand information that is presented to you at any given moment. How you perceive events, people and experiences plays an active and significant role in how you organize and implement your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and routines that you activate to achieve a Positive, Healthy and Happy Life.

How many times have you perceived a task as being impossible, yet when you broke it down into bite size pieces it became not only possible, but achievable! Or a friend whom you may not have spoken to you in months. Where your perception here, maybe that you have done something wrong. Only to find out that they had been sick, busy with friends and so on, nothing to do with you personally at all.

Perceptions can either be negative or positive as you can see. It is in working through the lessons to follow that you will learn the difference and how to change the negative perceptions that you have encountered over time, implementing changes to bring about positive and more holistic outcomes. Meaning for the good of all.

Beliefs, Perception, and your Subconscious Mind - Achieving Balance for a Positive Life

Getting Started with Understanding the Link between

Beliefs, Perception and your Subconscious Mind

Achieving Balance for a Positive Life