“Just For You” Story: Where it Began

Just for You Story Where it Began

Just for You Story Where it began –

Over 30 years Ago Julie commenced making skin care formulas to support her clients return to health & it grew from there

Because Julie Believed that You and Your Family – Deserve the Best in Skin & Body Care Products to support a Healthier YOU!

Just for You by Julie Combining the Healing Power of Herbs and Essential oils
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Julie commenced her Professional studies in Beauty Therapy, then to study Massage Therapy, then wanting to learn and understand more about the body in helping it to Age Well, Free from Disease went on to study Naturopathic Medicine. In her clinical practice Julie commenced incorporating in her treatments individually formulated skin care products, now known as Just for You, an appropriate name as these products were initially formulated to treat a clients individual health needs.

Health and Beauty go hand in hand for a Lifetime of Healthy Skin and Ageless Ageing
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As Julie’s practice grew, she found in treating her clients with various areas of ill health, it became apparent that it was also necessary to treat also from the outside/in.

As commercial products had harmful chemicals. These harmful chemicals would be absorbed into the bloodstream being extremely toxic and harmful to one’s health.

I became apparent to Julie, that if she was going to provide an holistic approach for her clients to become well, it was important to use her knowledge of cosmetology with the health benefits of essential oils and herbs to successfully treat her clients return to health. Hence the birth of the Skin Care Range Just for You.

So not only was a positive difference noticed with her client’s health but also an improvement with the skin. Confirming Julie’s belief that Health and Beauty go Hand in Hand:

Just for You by Julie Specialized Treatment Range Caring for Your Health from the Outside/In

As the demand for these products grew, so did the range include skin care ranges to suite both men and women, body care, and a Specialized Treatment Range “Just for You” to treat specific skin ailments such as psoriasis, dermatitis eczema.

Even though now Julie is considered an expert in her field her Just for You products still remain exclusive to South Australia available through her online store.

In support of Optimal Health these products have the benefits of herbs and pure essential oils to heal, protect and restore healthy skin. Both safe and effective to support healthy skin – “Healing from the Outside/In”.


Julie believes that for Optimal Health to be achieved it is important that the underlying cause of any area of ill-health needs to be treated in order to be holistically well. Enabling each area of your body to be functioning well.

When a car ceases to run, your mechanic will look to see the reason why, not unlike your body, if you become unwell, the first question should be WHY?

Whenever there is a problem with your skin, hair or nails there will always be something going wrong internally. In order to have healthy skin, hair and nails you need to provide your body with the right fuel both inside and also with the products that you use on your skin.

Julie believes that Health, Beauty & Ageless Aging is the being able to do all the things you Love without the threat of disease or ill health

The Power of Natural forms of treatments never ceases to amaze Julie, these treatments involve Great Nutrition, Herbs and Homoeopathics, essential vitamins and minerals if need be whilst making Healthy Lifestyle changes.

Julie has seen over the years, what you call nothing short of a miracle with the people’s health turned around. “Miracles by Nature”.

Julie has found for continued compliancy by her clients that it is important that she gives them – Simple, inexpensive and effective ways to take care of their health each and every day.

“Ageless Aging” is about “Growing Older with Dignity: Health: Vibrancy & Vitality

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