Just for You – 3 Core Foundations & Guidance – To Master of your Health & your Life!

Just for You - Key Foundations & Guidance to Become the Master of Your Health & Life!

Just for You - 3 Core Foundations & Guidance - To Master of your Health & your Life!

Just for You – 3 Core Foundations & Guidance

To Master of your Health & your Life!

Because You Deserve the Opportunity to Live & Age Well!

 “Everyone deserves every opportunity to Enjoy and Achieve a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness, Vitality and Ageless ageing that matches their lifespan”. To achieve and maintain Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality is about learning that nourishing your body from the inside/out.

Where & I commenced my Journey

Guiding & Supporting People to Becoming Well!

Over 35 years ago, I opened my clinical practice where I commenced my journey to helping people to become well. I discovered that for their journey to restore health and stay well was dependent on me guiding on supporting them with the three Core Foundations. My soul intentions have always been to empower people with taking control of their health and life, empowering them with the necessary tools.

Becoming & Staying Well for a Lifetime

As I saw success with people becoming well and staying well throughout the years, I realized that before I stopped practicing that it was necessary to put all this experience and knowledge in a way that people could have access to anytime and anywhere. It has taken 9 years to build the website that would provide this.

The guidance, treatment and support that I provided was as individual as each person. Hence why the term “Just for You”. Having worked with people on such an individual base gave me the opportunity to learn firsthand and personally, the underlying causative factors of ill-health and disease. It was by learning this and with my clients, honesty, applying the treatments, support and lifestyle changes, that I saw the path that led to achieving and restoration of health.

"Just for You" Key Foundations & Guidance to Master of Your Health & Life!

How to Share all this Knowledge & Experience

Because I want you to Live your Healthiest & Best Life

It is now with this knowledge & experience that made such profound, positive differences to people’s lives that inspired me to Build and make available to you, this guidance and support throughout my Membership Programs.

After closing the doors of my Clinical practice, to be 100% committed to providing you with keys foundations, Guidance and Support that you can Trust with courses and eBooks in my Membership Programs.

Optimal Health is Achieved with Balance between your Mind and Body

Build the Life you want “Just for You” firstly, then of course embracing and loving the people who share it with you. Julie has created this site as a legacy and foundation to you, providing you with a trusted guided path to follow, empowering you to overcome ill-health, prevent disease, live your best quality of life.

I have provided for you three key foundationsOne: Building a Strong Mind that will then be instrumental to: Two: Build a Healthy and Strong Body: the third foundation is your Soul, that little voice inside you, that when you take time to listen will guide you in the right direction. I have written courses to empower you, helping you to heal from negative situations, take charge of your emotions, and most of all get to like you and be the best you, that you want to be.

Begin Building your Foundation for Optimal

Health, Happiness, Vitality to Live your Best Life


Transform your Health and Transform your Life

Transformational Membership is Access to Everything

Transformational Membership 

Is your “All Access Pass” As soon as you activate your membership, the whole site and all benefits unlock immediately. It is the “Transformational Building Block” necessary for making positive changes to every aspect of your life. 

Giving you the guidance and support to achieve the life you want, your dreams and inspirations. It also is about making health a natural part of your daily living. Not to be a chore or a challenge but to become a “Natural” way of Living.

“I think the best thing about the Transformational Membership is that Julie has broken down what I found quite overwhelming previously about getting a handle on my health, into small components, that I have found to be manageable, easy to understand, to work through at my own pace and in the comfort of my own home. I find myself feeling in control of my progress and confident of success without the feeling of overwhelm that I found previously, when it came to making health and lifestyle changes.” John D